Your Start In The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & Common Problems


The most common problems during your start in the Paleo autoimmune protocol

Everything does not always run optimally and glides smoothly from the hand. Here are some common issues that can occur during your start in the Paleo autoimmune protocol.

These problems may have existed in your body before. The autoimmune protocol and we from lovebodyfatsolutions would like to support you.

What Is The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & Whom Is It Beneficial For?


Infections in the stomach, small intestine (SIBO), colon or systemic in the body hinder the regeneration of the body.

Stomach problems

Regardless of whether it is gastritis, over-acidification of the stomach (irritable bowel syndrome) or another problem – if the stomach does not work properly, it does not digest the food porridge well enough. Then the intestine cannot do much either.

Irritable bowel

Between 25 to 45 million people in America suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, which is manifested by constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Proper nutrition is the best intervention for irritable bowel syndrome.


The autoimmune protocol is, of course, quite the opposite of what you are probably used to. After a while, you will long for certain, familiar foods.

Mostly they are unhealthy foods like cakes, sodas, hot dogs or pizza. Here the exchange and motivation with like-minded people as well as really good and tasty recipes from the autoimmune protocol help.

Lack of support

Nothing can be as demotivating as lack of support from friends, families and from the doctor. It is all the more important that you exchange ideas with like-minded people on social media or in life.

Your start in the Paleo autoimmune protocol

The best solution is to give the autoimmune protocol a realistic 30-day chance. Try to follow the protocol as correctly as possible for a month and only eat healthy, nutrient-rich and natural foods.

After the 30 days, you can still decide whether the autoimmune protocol is worth trying in the long run or not. During this time, you should notice an improvement.

The most important factor in the treatment of autoimmune diseases is you: Only with a good combination of conventional medical therapy and lifestyle, which also includes the right nutrition, you have a real chance of remission and regeneration of your disease.

The Paleo autoimmune protocol is an important part of it!

To start with, you can check here in the article on foods for the autoimmune protocol (AIP), which foods are allowed with the AIP. If you need inspiration for cooking with it, follow the link at the end of this post.

>>To the PDF For Foods For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol<<

AIP in Leaky Gut and Leaky Gut Barrier

You can read more about Leaky Gut Syndrome in the attached article. Leaky gut refers to damaged intestines.

Therefore, toxins and pathogens can get into the bloodstream unfiltered. Leaky gut is a major trigger for autoimmune diseases, but it is reversible.

The AIP is an ideal basis for the treatment of leaky gut syndrome.

All About Leaky Gut Syndrome & Best Nutrition/Lifestyle To Combat The Disease

Paleo autoimmune protocol in Hashimoto and other autoimmune diseases

The autoimmune protocol has proven itself very well in the treatment of many autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, antiphospholipid syndrome, lupus erythematosus and type 1 diabetes.

With the right nutrition, the relief of inflammation, the regeneration of the intestine and the elimination of nutrient deficiencies, many causes of autoimmune diseases improve dramatically. This makes successful treatment more likely.

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Book

The book on which the autoimmune protocol is based is Sarah Balantyne’s ‘The Paleo Approach’. You can buy the book in major bookstores or on Amazon:

*The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body 

Paleo autoimmune protocol cookbook

If you want to give the autoimmune protocol a real chance and want to try it out for a while, you need one or more good cookbooks with good and tried, tasty recipes. These books could help you:

*Sarah Balantyne's: The Paleo Approach Cookbook: A Detailed Guide to Heal Your Body 
*Mickey Trescott: The AIP Cookbook: Managing Chronic Illness Allergen-Free (US Version)

Conclusion – The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol for Autoimmune Diseases

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol is a special adaptation of the Paleo diet for autoimmune diseases. It aims for a maximum of nutrients, a minimum of irritants and a relief of all inflammations in the body.

It is the form of nutrition that specialists use in autoimmune patients, and that gives the most promising results.

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol “No-Go” Foods To Avoid 

Dear co-creators

I truly hope this post and the available tools can help to facilitate your start in the Paleo autoimmune protocol.

The eating plan is not as limited as it appears at first glance. In fact, the selection of foods is extremely diverse and very healthy.

If you are in doubt, have some questions or just need some pep talk and encouragement, then, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me here at any time.

Also, please, do help and spread the word about our website with your family and friends on social media. This way, I can continue writing informative articles, share tips and free ebooks.

This allows me to hold personalized talk sessions with those of you who are in need of an open ear, are desperate for advice and could use encouragement during their spiritual awakening phases and other tying times.

I’m sending you lots of love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and help to uplift this world into a higher dimension.

So, ‘thank you’ for your patience, devotion and existence, and know that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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