A Life Without Television – Getting Rid Of The Negativity Box


Living without television: freedom from the telly

The media influence the lives of many people without noticing how television and the like impose a preconceived world view on them. Find out here how the media box wants to influence you, what effects this influence can have and the advantages of living without television.

Your TV can control your worldview!

Whenever you turn on the television, you expose yourself to a constructed form of the world that is usually far from what real world experiences would show you.

For example:

1- Violence often finds acceptance as a solution.

2- The media depicts lowest human traits such as greed, hatred, hostility and stupidity as normal social behavior.

3- They create a worldview in which it is normal to experience drama permanently for yourself and your fellow human beings.

4- very often they breed enemy images in the news to justify wars.

5- Industries use advertising to generate specific wishes and give the fatal idea that happiness remains something that we can buy.

If these ideas are impressed with enough repetitions, they can have far-reaching consequences.

The effects of television on your life

The world views that the television shows do not occur without repercussions. Here are some examples of how television can, and most likely does, affect your life:

Your decisions lose consciousness. Meaning, that the unconscious behavior exemplified on TV often becomes a model for your own decisions, without you noticing it.

Suddenly, for example, the memory from the television, which shows how normal it is to eat meat, gets mixed in with your decision about whether you should become a vegetarian or not.

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This usually happens without you being able to tell consciously where you got this input from.

The exchange with your fellow human beings happens on a low level.

If you experience on TV how normal it is to just talk to your fellow humans about problems and other people, you will sooner or later see such harmful behavior as normal.

Your expression deteriorates! They often use an extremely limited vocabulary on television, which affects your ability to express yourself.

You become more dissatisfied in your daily life. Since the television stations live from advertising, they have a natural interest in using them as effectively as possible.

In the actual program, they introduce discontented dissatisfaction and fear. This enables them to present a supposed solution in advertising.

You start despising people without knowing them. The news keeps splitting people into different camps.

As a result, you starts to see the people on the opposite side according to the television as different from yourself. Contempt for this “opponent” creates an outlet for your own dissatisfaction.

These examples should clearly show that if you choose to live your life without a television, you can spare yourself a lot. But now to the real advantages of not using a television.

This is how a life without a television can enrich you

In addition to the effect of preventing the aforementioned harmful influences if you choose to live without a television,  you will receive several other advantages that this decision brings.

1- You have more time at your disposal. Every minute that you do not spend in front of the TV turns into precious time that you can use to shape your life.

2- Your life design becomes more creative. As soon as the influence of the impressions that you have recorded on the television diminishes, your idea of ​​how your life should be changed.

3- You become more frugal. The regular time in front of the television breeds to consume impulses. Your decision to refrain from this will also weaken these impulses.

Find out more about the benefits of frugality and tips on how to be frugal in the article below.

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Your personal view of the world will change, as well. As a matter of fact, you will no longer get permanently flooded with ready-made opinions. This gives you the opportunity to better recognize which values ​​are really important to you.

Living without a telly has many advantages for your quality of life and your view of life. Give it a try, you will quickly notice how good it is for you!

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