Why Food Combos Of Fat, Sugar & Starch Cause Obesity And Illnesses


Why do food combos of fat, sugar & starch make us not only overweight but also sick?

Today, I would like to answer the question of why do food combos of fat, sugar and starch make us not only gain weight but, furthermore, promote illnesses? Natural foods differ clearly from today’s mixed foods, because in nature the macronutrients seldom occur together.

Fruit mainly contains fructose (fruit sugar) and fruit acids. Fat and protein are completely absent. Vegetables and cereals consist primarily of starch. Fats and oils dominate in grain seeds such as sesame. And meat is actually only protein with fat.

This separate occurrence of the macros makes them easily digestible for us, because our body’s sensors can adjust the digestion to the particular food.

When we eat a steak, we see the meat, smell and taste the aroma typical of meat. Our digestion can react accordingly: the stomach forms acid and the body automatically provides protease enzymes for protein digestion.

The same naturally applies to other foods. We activate our amylases (enzymes particularly encountered in pancreatic fluid and salvia) with starchy foods such as bread and potatoes. And in the case of fats, we secrete bile juice and lipases.

Our digestive tract, thus, controls the perception of our food. And if this sensor system gets disturbed, our digestion has a serious problem.

What Meal Combos Can Disrupt Chemistry & Create Digestive Issues

Deceiving, camouflaging, combined foods

In everyday life, our sensors fail when we no longer recognize what we are eating. Also, when taste and optics pretend that the digestion is misleading.

Example: I am eating a burger. From the outside a bun with sesame seeds. Tasty fruity-sweet-sour through ketchup and cucumber. In the middle a bit of crumbly-soft consistency.

How is our sensor technology supposed to recognize that we are eating a piece of meat? Completely impossible.

Accordingly, the normal reaction to meat consumption does not occur and our body hardly provides any stomach acid or new proteases.

The result: we don’t digest the burger meat properly. And that is what the intestinal bacteria take over and use to make digestive substances and fats.

Instead of a source of protein, the burger now lies heavily in the stomach and becomes a fattening agent.

Unfortunately, most of our mixed foods today have this effect of a misled sensor system when eating. Burger, pizza, hot dogs all alike. With sweet dressings and fruit on meat dishes, we make the meat invisible to our sensors.

The same thing happens with the combination of sugar and fat in dairy products, chocolate or cheesecake.

Due to sheer sweetness, we hardly notice the high-fat content and there is no release of bile and lipase for fat digestion. Outcome: the food remains heavily in the stomach for a long time.

Food combos out of control

Have you ever tried eating pure sugar? How many teaspoons could you take? Three, four? And how about butter: How many teaspoons of butter could you eat before you get sick? Two or three? The reason is simple: we have a built-in appetite brake that signals us: stop, that’s enough!

However, this principle of the emergency brake no longer works if we combine the sugar with the butter.

The following taste explosion triggers a firework of happiness hormones in our brain, which overruns all stop signals and lets us continue to eat.

The combination of sugar and fat in a ratio of 1: 1 is particularly effective, and this corresponds almost exactly to the situation in cakes, cookies, donuts, chocolate or ice cream.

This explains why we can rarely stop with a piece of chocolate: our combined appetite control is switched off!

List Of Meal Combinations That Can Cause Intestinal Imbalance And Disease

And what applies to cakes naturally also applies to other modern mixed foods

In the currywurst, we mix the mashed meat with fat and a fruity-sweet tomato sauce.

On the pizza, we cover the dough with a variety of tasty toppings. From hearty cheese, hot pepperoni, fruity tomatoes to sweet pineapples, everything goes.

Coke consists of hidden sugars mixed in under carbonation and dark aromas. And in the ketchup, vinegar and tomato conceal the high sugar content.

Basically, we combine natural foods with other ingredients that override our natural appetite regulation. By doing so, we eat more than we want or should and carry this excessive amount with us as extra weight.

Biology of macronutrients

The basic principle of our digestion is the splitting of long molecular chains into their basic building blocks. We then incorporate these basic building blocks and use them to form our own new molecular chains as required.

This process starts in the mouth and we can test it easily. If you chew a wafer, it will become sweeter over time, because the saliva enzyme ptyalin splits the wafer starch into sugar.

The ideal case of successful digestion lies in the complete breakdown of the macromolecules into building blocks that we can use.

However, the normal case is different, because our digestion often runs incompletely due to unfavorable conditions. And so, in addition to the desired end products, our bodies create a large number of medium-sized food fragments.

This leads to putrefactive processes and poisoning in the intestine. Poisons that we take up together with the nutrients in the intestine.

On the one hand, the reasons for this incomplete digestion lie in our eating habits. When we eat standing, in a hurry, or don’t focus on our meal, our digestion suffers.

We do not form enough digestive juices and enzymes. To make matters worse, we usually chew too little.

Unfortunately, we often underestimate the efficiency of the chemical players and the interaction of the enzymes involved.

Eat Simple Foods To Avoid Digestive Problems, Obesity & Chronic Disease 

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In the next article, we will discuss the (disrupted) chemistry of combined foods, and what enzymes work best together for smooth and healthy digestion.

I hope this post offered some more clarity, and you do understand now why do food combos of fat, sugar & starch cause obesity and illnesses.

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