Who Benefits From The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & What Is It?


What is the Paleo autoimmune protocol and who benefits from it?

Introduction to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, or just called AIP, is an adaptation of the Paleo diet, specially designed for autoimmune patients.

The Paleo diet is probably the most nutritious diet available. However, the Paleo diet still contains a few foods that autoimmune sufferers do not always cope with well.

In addition, autoimmune sufferers have special needs that Paleo does not fully meet.

Therefore, I particularly recommend the autoimmune protocol to people with autoimmune diseases if they want to go one step further based on the Paleo diet.

Who developed the Paleo autoimmune protocol?

Sarah Ballantyne wrote about the autoimmune protocol in her book “The Paleo-Therapy”. The author herself is affected by an autoimmune disease, has a scientific education, is a mother and an entrepreneur.

In her book, she researched the real causes and backgrounds of autoimmune diseases in great detail and established the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to develop a variant of the Paleo diet for autoimmune patients.

Scientific studies on the AIP are already in progress and the first experience reports with autoimmune sufferers are sometimes phenomenal.

The AIP works, and it is a good countermeasure and treatment component for autoimmune diseases. Today you will learn how exactly the AIP works.

What is the big difference between the Paleo diet and AIP?

The diet plan is a little more limited compared to Paleo. The food selection is still very large, but there are some potential irritants that are part of the Paleo diet.

These are usually healthy food ingredients, but autoimmune sufferers do not always tolerate them well. These are in detail: eggs, nuts and seeds, spices based on seeds, butter, and natural yogurt, as well as nightshade plants such as potatoes, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes, etc.

Also, beware of foods that you should avoid (AIP-No-Go-Foods).

Paleo autoimmune protocol food list

For a full list of foods compatible with autoimmune protocol foods, click here (Autoimmune Protocol Foods). There you will find all the foods you should pay attention to, which are healthy and nutritious and which do not cause complications in autoimmune patients.

For a complete list of foods for the autoimmune protocol, click on the link below. It will guide you to a specified PDF on foods for the autoimmune protocol.

PDF - Foods For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol 

Is the AIP Suitable for Vegans?

Theoretically yes, but the author of the autoimmune protocol expressly points out that healthy, animal-friendly products – meat, such as offal, lard, fish and seafood, are very important and the body absolutely needs them for regeneration. So she does not recommend performing the autoimmune protocol vegan.

Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Pillar – Instructions

I should mention a few basics of the AIP.  What characterizes the AIP, and which things you should pay special attention to? What is striking?


Avoiding foods that irritate the intestine, immune system and body is very important in the autoimmune protocol. You can find out exactly which foods to avoid in the article on Paleo nutrition.


The absolute focus is on the absence of irritants on the right nutrients. Nutrients are essential for the body, immune system and intestines to recover from an autoimmune disease and to actively counter it.

The nourishing ingredients and the right foods address the causes of the autoimmune disease and, thus, increase the chance of regeneration and remission many times over.

Intestinal health

How healthy and functional the immune system is, depends on the gut. A healthy intestine is, therefore, the absolute basis for dealing with an autoimmune disease.

The recovery of the intestine must be one of the core goals. The elimination of leaky gut syndrome is particularly important, as is the restoration of healthy intestinal flora through foods for a healthy intestine.

Immune system

In addition to the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract, the immune system has to be calmed and balanced.

Because autoimmune diseases are based on misdirection, chronic activation and an imbalance in the immune system, that, too, needs to be corrected.


The most important food group in the AIP is vegetables: fresh, unprocessed, seasonal, regional and as colorful as possible!

Healthy/organic animal foods

In addition to vegetables, healthy, fat-rich, protein-rich, nutrient-rich animal products from species-appropriate husbandry and wild catch (fish) are very important.

Don’t be afraid of fat and cholesterol, because as long as these foods come from animal welfare, you have nothing to fear.

Fatty acid ratio

Reducing inflammation in the body is also a key concept of the autoimmune protocol. Choosing the right fats and oils is just as essential as choosing the correct animal products.

Relieve inflammation

Autoimmune reactions, spleen and liver irritations, broken intestine – we can develop and encounter inflammation everywhere.

The autoimmune protocol aims at a far-reaching reduction of the inflammation in the whole body, so that the immune system can calm down again.


It should not only be the right food, but also of high quality. Thus, as fresh as can be, and if possible – organic.

Way of life

The autoimmune protocol does not only aim at the right nutrition but also at a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Coping with stress, a good day-night rhythm, restful and healthy sleep, and more, are part of it. You can find more information about this in our following article.

Get support

You are not alone with your problem! And you’re not the first person to try the Paleo autoimmune protocol. So get support from various Facebook groups, friends, family, like-minded people and a good doctor.

These were the cornerstones of the AIP. The most important questions should now be clarified. In conclusion, we go into a little more detail in the next post.

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