What’s The Placebo Effect – Condition Your Brain For Healing


What’s The Placebo Effect? Heal Yourself Through Your Mindpower

Have you ever heard that patients miraculously recover? In entirety and without any additional treatment from the doctor? Suddenly they can walk again immediately after a knee operation, a tumor vanishes or pregnancy is suddenly possible!

Today I want to give you a deep insight into what’s the placebo effect and show you what’s really behind it.

What Does the Placebo Effect mean?

Placebo effect means that an effect occurs, even though no medical intervention was done and no drugs were given (usually they are replaced with a sugar pill). This phenomena only happens because you expect it. How is that possible?


Did you know that our brain is conditioned to a certain thing, and you do not have to think about how it works?

For example, you have the flu, so you feel weak, drained and tired. But surely you know children who felt sick 5 minutes ago and are now jumping around healthy, again?

They forgot for a moment that they are ill, they have not developed any NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), or internal rules.

They decide for themselves – exaggerated formulated – when they feel sick and when not.

There you can see how much we can relearn from our kids. These conditioning processes are conscious and subconscious.

There are certain triggers, followed by a specific reaction. Have you ever done something “instinctively”? That’s exactly what it means: a trigger, a specific reaction.

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The Placebo Effect is a Conditioning

The placebo effect describes a combination of conscious awareness and automatically controlled response; conditioning effect. This is instinctive, automatic and inflexible. The experience effect, on the other hand, is deliberate, flexible and adaptive.

This means that you already expect a certain reaction from your experience so far.

An example: The classic pack of Ben & Jerry`s in front of the TV. Maybe you have already eaten ice cream as a child? Whenever the sun was shining and you played outside with your friends there was a big ice cream cone coming your way. And that’s precisely how conditioning of your mind works.


When you play with your friends, you experience fun, community and friendship. Today, in front of the TV, you want to feel that again. But your friends are not there right now.

The solution: a big ice cream. Since you were conditioned in your childhood already to connect community, friendship and fun with ice cream, you can now evoke the same feelings again. This is called conscious perception.

The problem with it: A pack of Ben $ Jerry’s every night definitely isn’t going to be beneficial to your health in the long run.

But what if I give you something that looks like Ben & Jerry’s now, tastes like Ben & Jerry’s, but really is just water? The effect would still be the same, right?

This outcome – this conditioning and the reaction even without a real trigger – is the placebo effect. It works with drugs just the same as it does with the ice cream. Let’s take a look at how diverse these effects can be.

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3 Incredible Examples of the Placebo Effect

Placebo and Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is one of the neurodegenerative diseases causing dopamine deficiency. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the transfer of information between the cells. When you are healthy, it is your driving hormone, a happiness hormone. Do you know the winged feeling while eating, gambling, engaging in sports or going shopping? That’s exactly what dopamine is.


If dopamine is missing, you are missing the mood and good vibes. In Parkinson’s much worse: typical symptoms are slow to no movement (akinesia), the rigidity of the muscles and trembling (tremor).

Now the placebo effect comes into play. In 1999, a meta-analysis found that in 9-59% of patients the apparent drugs improve symptoms. And all without any active ingredient!

How does it work? By the expectation that something will help you, dopamine is already released. Thus, it could be determined that the reward system is activated solely by the expectation that a drug is effective. A reward system, furthermore, signifies an automatic dopamine output.

In other words, the mere fact that the patients thought they would soon feel relief led to dopamine release. As a result, the dopamine counteracted the symptoms of the disease (dopamine deficiency) and the infirm people recovered.

Placebo in Sports

Now you’re thinking, “Wow, great thing that you can help Parkinson’s patients so easily.” It gets, however, even better: The placebo effect can even be utilized for healthy people. We encounter a good example of this in sports.

In the year 2000, a steroid was promised to powerlifters for improved performance, but they were only given a placebo. The result: All athletes improved their performance and were raising 1212.5 pounds with the placebo. Their performance dropped down again without placebo.


And not only competitive athletes are better off with the right expectation. Ordinary students received a lactose-based placebo tablet and they promised them that they can now bench-press a lot more.

And, indeed, the students were able to improve their performance significantly. What does this mean for you? You do not need expensive miracle remedies or even steroids, in order to become better at sports.

If you believe that something works, then In most cases it will work out that way, too. Incidentally, homeopathy is the same way.

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You Must Believe!

Most essential for the effect is the firm belief in the result. In another study, they gave seven professional cyclists either a carbohydrate preparation or a placebo during exercise.

One group was told that they got a placebo (although it was the carbohydrate preparation), the other group was made to believe that they received carbohydrates (although it was a placebo), a third group took whether a placebo or carbohydrate with a 50:50 chance.



As you may have guessed, the group that was told they got carbohydrates improved their performance by 4%, even though it was a placebo.

And the group that thought it was getting a placebo, but actually carbohydrates? No improvement – as expected!

The interesting part: The group that had a 50:50 chance for a placebo or carbohydrates showed no advancement at all. What does this signify for you? Simply, that insecurity is the direct way, not to reach your goals.

Placebo and Allergies

Just as you condition your brain to produce certain feelings, you also condition your immune system, because both interact with each other.

For instance, if you have a pollen allergy, your immune system will react when pollen is approaching. So you will catch a cold, develop a migraine or a cough.


If you repeat this “game” often enough, you may develop an allergic reaction even if there is no pollen nearby. A friend may say while walking that many pollens are on the way again (trigger).

On the same evening, you feel limp and have a cough. However, no pollen was measurable in the air.

A study of cancer patients has shown that the hospital environment causes typical symptoms of vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy.

As a patient, one is conditioned beforehand to develop the symptoms. In a comparison group that was treated at home, it could be shown that the symptoms do not occur (no conditioning).

Thus, there are many ways to integrate the placebo effect for future medical applications. This could reduce the use of partially harmful pharmaceuticals.

In homeopathy, practitioners used the placebo effect already for a long time to allow the human immune system to react accordingly.

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How to Condition your Brain for Healing

Now you are thinking: “Very exciting, how can I utilize the knowledge about the placebo effect now for myself?”

First, and foremost, it’s about introducing you to each day in detail. You need to learn to imagine vividly how you feel healthier and even more powerful by the day.

In addition, you should analyze your own thought: If you always told yourself with a minor cold: “Oh man, I get the flu,” then, how many times did you, indeed, develop the flu?


My guess is almost every single time, as you have already conditioned your brain and prepared it for the impending illness. You have to change your own rules!

If you modify the rules that you set for yourself, you also change your immune reaction. That indicates more health, more joy, more performance.

Another useful tool besides new rules: meditation. Learning how to meditate is simple and anyone can do it. If you can visualize your health, your body will react to it. Your brain cannot distinguish between what you visualize and what really happens.

One of the best experts in the field of self-healing is Dr. Joe Dispenza. With the following meditation, you get a good start to “heal” yourself. My entire body reacted and every cell vibrated. It’s worth trying out!

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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Tips and Tricks of a Placebo Professional

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an American scientist, consultant, author, self-healing coach and influencer of our brain. With the combination of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics, Dispenza and his colleagues use state-of-the-art scientific methods to examine the connections between the mind, brain, and immune system.


In his book, “You’re the Placebo,” he impressively describes the experiences people have made with his methods and the incredible healing that has been achieved.

Thus, tumors disappeared in cancer patients, paraplegics could run again and a trainer could look around her with closed eyes 360 degrees.

If you want to learn more about the topic, I highly recommend the book

*“You Are The Placebo - Making Your Mind Matter.” ~ by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Conclusion – The Placebo Effect is Powerful …

I find the placebo effect very interesting and use it myself in my everyday life. At the age of twelve, I developed a wart on the sole of my right foot and no medication helped.


The mother of a friend then “discussed” the growth and the only thing I had to do was to sit 20 minutes at my home on the couch.

Did my friend’s mother really do something? No idea. In any case, the wart disappeared after two weeks.


I believe that we are on the right path with the scientific exploration of the contexts and through people like Dr. Joe Dispenza, and the meditations, many people can find a cure without pharmaceuticals.

The Most Important Points Today:

1 -Placebo effect means a certain brain or immune reaction to a particular trigger without the presence of the original reason.
2 -Dozens of studies have shown that placebo supplements can both cure disease and improve athletic performance
3 -To begin meditating, it’s best to start by believing in the effect of the method that works for you, and use more information like the book *“You’re The Placebo – Making Your Mind Matter” from Dr. Joe Dispenza,

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