What’s The Beer Diet About? Debunking Myths and Clarifying Benefits Of Beer


What’s The Beer Diet About And Is It Healthy? Let’s Find Out.

Did you know that beer has many health benefits? What’s the beer diet all about? Does it have any benefits at all, or is it, yet, another fashion fad? This and more, I will explain to you within the following article.

Like all alcoholic beverages, beer has a bad reputation in terms of health, which is to a large extent unwarranted. In fact, beer can have a positive effect on our bodies. In this article, I would like to find out whether the so-called beer diet is healthy.

Since beer contains alcohol, it is recommended not to consume too much of it. Moderate consumption, however, is acceptable. Nevertheless, in order for the beer diet to be healthy, you should rather resort to the non-alcoholic version of this popular drink.




First of all, because of the addictive and health-damaging properties of liquor, and secondly because non-alcoholic beer contains a bounty of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, which the alcohol destroys.



Because it’s still odd to talk about a diet based on this famous drink, it should be mentioned that beer has a bad reputation because it’s associated with alcoholism. Scientific research has shown, however,  that beer also offers many health benefits. And, I would like to explain them to you within this post.

The Beer Belly is Just a Myth

Around the world, consumption of beer is associated with an increase in abdominal circumference, popularly known as “beer belly.”

Recently conducted studies, however, have shown that beer contains few calories and is not directly related to the increase in abdominal circumference.

This leads to the idea that the so-called beer belly is more likely to arise as a result of high-fat consumption as well as the retention of liquids.

The beer belly is, therefore, not caused by the beer, but by other unhealthy habits. If there is already a beer belly, however, the further consumption of beer increases the formation of gas and bloating.

Beer Does Not lead to Being Overweight

The fact that someone suffering from being overweight is drinking beer doesn’t mean that this beverage triggers the weight issue.


Several investigations have been carried out to establish a link between obesity and beer. As the findings have shown, there is no evidence that consuming beer promotes weight gain.

Of course, a person who drinks beer may be overweight, but this problem is more related to a slow metabolism or increased calorie intake. The latter debunks the myth that beer makes you fat, as it contains very few calories.

The Beer Diet

This is the ideal moment to clarify something: When I introduced you to the notion of beer diet, I didn’t mean you should just drink beer. This rather means that beer is allowed when you already are on a diet to lose some weight. Always in moderation, however, and best in the alcohol-free version.

beer is allowed when you already are on a diet to lose some weight. Always in moderation, however, and best in the alcohol-free version. I mentioned drinking beer in smaller amounts if you want to lose weight. This is due to the following benefits:

Beer contains low calories

First of all, you can drink beer during a diet without fear that you will gain weight from it. A beer contains only 148 calories by default of (11.2 oz). If you opt for the alcohol-free version, it’s only 68 calories per beer.

The latter is more recommended. Not only because it has fewer calories, but also to restrict the intake of alcohol, which is actually responsible for the bad reputation of “the golden juice.”

Beer Contains Essential Nutrients  Beer-And-Belly-Fat

Beer also supplies your body with minerals, vitamins (especially B vitamins) and has a diuretic effect.

What to Watch out for, so the Beer Diet remains Healthy?

It’s Actually not a Proper Diet!

It’s recommended that you drink beer if you are currently on a diet to lose weight. Although beer does keep you satiated longer during your meals, it does not replace certain foods; nor should it be used as a substitute.

Just keep in mind that the drink is not only low in calories, but also nourishes your system with nutrients.

Watch your Sugar Consumption – FYI: Sugar is Your Worst Enemy!

For example, if you fancy a drink, beer affects your body much more positively and has far fewer calories than a soft drink or pasteurized juice. Even if you were opting for a diet soda, it still wouldn’t offer you all the vitamins and minerals the beer holds in store for you.

And, regular soft drinks contain far too much sugar. Did you know that in a 12 Fl oz can of coke you consume 33 grams of sugar? Are you aware of the fact that this equals a little over 8 teaspoons? Now, that only in one small can of soda. No wonder diabetes and obesity rates are climbing.


By the way: Men shouldn’t be consuming more than 37.5 (9 tsp) of sugar per day, according to the American Heart Association. Women only 25 grams (6 tsp). Thus, you’re, as a woman, over your limit with this one can, and as a man pretty close to it.

Here is my article concerning the negative effects of sugar on your health:

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Don’t forget the rest of the day, and hidden sugars, etc. Try to be more mindful regarding your sugar intake from now on. Industrial sugar is the worse thing you can do to your body. Take care of yourself, please.  Back to the beer: That’s one dang good reason why you’d better stick to the non-alcoholic beer.

Never combine carbs with high-fatty foods

Even though the following should be logical, I’d better point it out: Never consume beer in combination with high-fatty products. Why?

Because foods with a huge percentage of fat and mixed with high-carb foods are a ticking weight-gain bomb! Why is it, do you think, that fast food causes such drastic weight gain in everyone?

This is always and inevitably the case if someone is eating junk food regularly.  More in-depth information about the link between obesity, fats and carbs, I’ll share with you in an upcoming article.

Instead of eating foods that are rich in carbohydrate and fat, you should add more protein to your diet. Protein keeps you satiated for a longer amount of time and builds and strengthens your muscles as well.

If you’re a sedentary man you will need 56 grams of protein per day, whereas an active man requires between 64 grams and  82 grams of protein for each pound of bodyweight. These are the essential numbers to target if you want to build and keep a nice muscle tone.

You may not get enough protein out of your diet alone, thus a high-quality protein powder will help you to reach your goal. Here’s my article with more tips on how to get rid of belly fat.

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Also, let me make clear that moderate beer consumption is equivalent to 2 to 3 beers per day in men, and for women, it’s 1 to 2. More is definitely unhealthy!

Beer After the Sport

Did you know that beer is a great option to provide the body with minerals after exercise? Yes, beer can make folks loaded, but it’s also loaded itself – with powerful nutrients, such as potassium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, Biotin and the entire vitamin B complex.



I believe it’s time to mention here why it truly is better to stay with the non-alcoholic version of the beer.

The alcohol does eliminate all nourishing substances, thus, you’d get none of the above-mentioned goodness.


Beer also contains maltodextrin, a carbohydrate that helps to regulate the fluid balance after physical activity. And, these are all the reasons why the beer diet is healthy.

As research has shown, that the micronutrients contained in beer promote cardiovascular health as they have a healing effect on the heart. Beer also supplies your system with polyphenols, silicon and flavonoids, which are good for the bones.

Also, who would have ever thought that the beer diet is especially healthy for women, too? The golden juice is rich in anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants and improves estrogen activity. So what are you waiting for…Cheers!

By the way, for those who still are not convinced about the benefits of drinking beer but want your nurturing, chronic disease-fighting and  rejuvenating effects, I suggest my go-to health elixir:

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Personal Note

Thank you so much for reading my article, and I truly hope you enjoyed it and that it’s been helpful for you. What’s the beer diet about, has hopefully given you all the needed insight regarding beer consumption and weight loss.

Please, do leave your comment below with suggestions, questions or your experiences. We’re always eager to hear from you. Also, do follow, like and share us on social media to keep in touch and updated. Don’t forget to subscribe here and grab your free ebook, either.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love, light, harmony, joy and an abundance of all good things. Never forget: You are beautiful, precious and unique regardless of what others might say. Always keep on shining.


3 thoughts on “What’s The Beer Diet About? Debunking Myths and Clarifying Benefits Of Beer

  1. Daniel D.

    As someone who enjoys beer, a lot, this article is reassuring, haha! I wasn’t aware beer had that much nutritional content in it, so that was interesting to read! There does seem to be a bad stigma associated with beer, so it was cool to see you address those stigmas as well. I enjoyed this read! Thanks

    1. Daniel D, you’re very welcome. I always say that most things are good when enjoyed with moderation. Remember, though, in case you’d like to try the Beer diet, stick to the beer light in color and of course alcohol-free. I, personally, never liked the taste of beer, but a neighbor of ours did implement beer into his diet.

      When I saw him slowly but steadily losing weight, I asked his wife if he was on a diet. When she said that he made a beer diet, I was laughing at first. It turned out to be a fact, though, thus, I decided to write about it.

      Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to welcome you back soon.


      Alexandra (aka admin)

  2. Scott

    Woah, I always thought of beer as just the odd treat when chilling with friends and family, the fact that it doesn’t do that much to you and doesn’t affect you getting a beer belly as much as you think, is quite eye-opening. Not that I’m saying you should drink it as part of a regime, but it’s cool to know it’s not as horrendous as claimed to be, we just got to watch that sugar intake. Great post!

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