What Is The Paleo Nutrition? All Advantages At A Glance


The Paleo nutrition – all benefits at a glance

Hardly any other form of nutrition is so healthy and beneficial for people, especially for people with autoimmune diseases, like the Paleo nutrition.

It provides a maximum of nutrients, a minimum of irritants and enables the user to live a healthier and more natural life.

Find out more about the Paleo diet, what it is, what advantages it has over other diets and how you can implement it.

Your Start In The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & Common Problems 

What is the Paleo diet (Stone Age diet)?

Put simply, the Paleo diet is a nutrition form that mimics the diet of our ancestors from the Stone Age (Paleolithic).

It corresponds to the natural form of human nutrition, appropriate diet, so to speak. It consists of the only food that was naturally available in the Stone Age.

Only foods that our ancestors were able to hunt and collect, ends up on your plate.

What sounds esoteric at first is actually the most wholesome form of nutrition available. The focus remains on hunted and collected foods.

The Paleo diet eliminates all unhealthy, low-nutrient and immune-irritating foods get eliminated.

Below you will find more information about the allowed and not allowed foods, as well as the historical and scientific background behind the Paleo diet.

Let us first come to the advantages of the Paleo diet compared to other diets that make Paleo interesting for the general public, but especially for those with chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases.

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Paleo – the natural form of human nutrition

You give your body the foods it has been used to for millions of years. Our modern food list consists of approximately seventy percent of industrially processed edibles.

These, also, include artificially enhanced, or foods that society introduced only recently to our dinner plates (Cordain et al., 2005). Grains, sugar and dairy products are the main items.

I would like to explain the point with species-appropriate nutrition. If you give gorillas biscuits (artificial food) in the zoo with all the vitamins and nutrients that the gorilla theoretically needs, they develop diabetes, high blood pressure and get infectious diseases in no time. Does this seem familiar to you?

If you give the gorilla its natural nutrition, i.e. leaves, beetles and other food sources, he is completely healthy and happy again. It is his species-appropriate diet.

Paleo is a species-appropriate diet for humans and, thus, a valuable intervention for more health in general and an effective remedy for chronic diseases.

The most nutritious form of alimentation there is?

Find a diet that is even more nutritious than paleo. This is at most the Paleo autoimmune protocol. T

he Paleo nutrition deletes cereals, sugar, legumes, processed foods, dairy products, and other foods poor in or without any nourishing effects.

You can read in various specialist literature, or in books referring to nutrition, that the most wholesome foods consist of the following:

Herbs, vegetables, berries, fish, seafood, offal – these are the foods that makeup Paleo. This makes Paleo the most nutritious form of nourishment available and an ideal basis for a healthy lifestyle.

*Sarah Balantyne's: The Paleo Approach Cookbook - A Detailed Guide To Heal Your Body

Varied and delicious

Fruit and vegetables are the absolute focus at Paleo, plus various types of meat, fish, probiotic foods, nuts, seeds and herbs.

The focus is on diversity, because there are countless types of vegetables that you have definitely not yet prepared.

The focus is also on delicious preparation. There are already numerous great cookery books on Paleo with many tried and tested recipes.

No calorie counting

You don’t need to count calories, points, or anything else in order to lose weight or become healthier. The Paleo nutrition solely focuses on fresh, healthy and high-quality food.

Stop Counting Calories! It's Useless And A Thing Of The Past

Sustainable weight loss

The most important fatteners in the diet, such as grain, sugar, processed foods and fast food, are deleted from Paleo.

The Stone Age diet focuses on foods that are recommended for weight loss in most good nutrition guides: rich in fiber, protein, nutrients and water.

So with Paleo, a healthy and sustainable weight loss is automatically possible.

Better sleep

With the introduction of fewer irritants and toxins, the body has more nutrients available. More care for a healthy lifestyle, furthermore, results in that most Paleo users sleep better.

The body can regenerate itself better at night, the immune system gets calmer and you wake up earlier, recovered. Read more about healthy sleep:

Adopt Better Sleep Hygiene With These Simple And Effective Tips

Intestine and immune system

We can find the majority of our immune system in the gastrointestinal tract, or, to be more precise, within our intestines. From there, all nutrients get distributed into the body, while toxins and pathogens get forced to remain outside.

Those affected by irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO, gastritis, leaky gut syndrome, and other chronic problems, in the gastrointestinal tract (including autoimmune diseases), can expect improvement with Paleo.

The Paleo nutrition avoids irritants and aggressive substances from entering, and its main focus is on foods for a healthy intestine.

There are many other benefits to the Paleo diet, whole books have been written about it. You can learn more about suitable and not appropriate foods for the Paleo diet in the following article, which also contains a link to a complete list of Foods for Paleo.

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