What Is Reincarnation About – Follow The Trace Of Your Soul


What is reincarnation about: Past Life Regressions, Sudden Memories, NDE’s and Quantum Physics make Us Wonder

Today, we are focusing on what is reincarnation about. It’s a profound topic where opinions differ. The recent findings of quantum physics, however, also make many scientists believe in the existence of a soul. Confrontations with near-death experiences, furthermore, give some unquestionable certainty.

Are you, too, wondering what is behind reincarnation, and if it truly exists?  Good, then keep on reading, and join me on the journey of discovery to the source of our souls.

Soul and Psyche

In modern language, the soul is often understood synonymously with the term psyche. Here, the soul simply stands for spiritual matters and emotional parts of human beings.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) understood by the term “soul” an inner personality, which we are not normally aware of. Examples are Animus and Anima. They are important archetypes of the collective subconscious and also represent elements of the soul.

The Soul in Spiritual Understanding

In religious, spiritual and also in many philosophical considerations, the term soul always refers to a non-material principle. It is, here, assumed that the soul also exists outside the body and independent from physical death, i.e. is immortal. Human death is then the process in which the soul separates from the body.

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Most spiritual people assume that there is a soul migration, the so-called reincarnation. They, therefore, live in the conviction that the soul lives through several or even very numerous earthly lives in different bodies.

The soul, our true existence, our true being, is immortal in this view. The more earthly life a soul experiences, the more knowledgeable and mature it has become. According to this assessment, the soul is, thus, shaped by the life of the earth.

The doctrine of today’s Christian churches excludes the possibility of a rebirth of man. Nevertheless, trace seekers can find evidence of reincarnation even in the Bible. An example could be the “law of seed and harvest”, in the context of which Jesus said, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”


Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality

Do we live in different worlds at the same time?

According to Plato, we live both in the world of matter and on a universal level. According to his idea, the soul before our lives already existed in a world that he called the realm of ideas. In the human body, she then forgot her perfect ideas.

But above all, through the sight of nature, a longing for its origin awakens in the soul of man. Then she wants to go back to this world of ideas. But not all people aspired to reconnect with this world.

Many felt satisfied with the “shadow images” they encounter here in their lives on Earth.
A very similar topic can be found in Plato’s famous cave parable: The Allegory of the Cave.

Is there Evidence of the Existence of the soul?

“The first drink from the cup of science makes you disbelieve, but God awaits you at the bottom of the cup.”

~Werner Heisenberg~

Physics Provides Answers

Spiritual people find many answers in physics, one of the most exact sciences ever. Above all, the recent findings of quantum physics provide the opportunity for a combination of science and spiritual ideas.

The research of quantum physicists showed results that were completely incompatible with traditional laws of nature. Since then, many scientists have assumed the existence of a soul, if they were not already religious people before.

What are Quantums?

Quantums are indivisible, so-called elementary particles or even the smallest energy units that can be transferred from one system to another. Quantum physics succeeded in the following realization:

Every matter, i.e. also atoms, electrons or protons, possesses both its so-called particle property and the property of a wave. It, therefore, has both particle and wave character.


What Can be Insinuated from the Experiments of Quantum Physicists?

I’m not giving an introduction to quantum physics in this article. However, the profound insight from the physicists’ experiments is that the observer influences and shapes what he is looking at. As soon as a human being, as a gifted being of consciousness, observes a quantum physics experiment, the results change.

The question alone can influence the course of an experiment. The inquiry, therefore, decides the answer. This knowledge, as physicists already know, can be transferred to everything else in the world.

From the experiments, one could conclude that knowledge is always subjective, namely the knowledge of the observer. It always depends on the awareness with which the course of action is influenced.

What Philosophical Conclusions Can be Drawn from This?

In quantum philosophy, the results of quantum physicists are incorporated into a philosophical concept. The researchers ask themselves whether one can still distinguish between mind and matter.

They came to the groundbreaking conclusion that the mind can also influence the plane of subjects. Thus, the mind ultimately forms the experience. Mind and consciousness affect everything that exists. Objective reality can, therefore, not exist.

Where Does this Leave the Soul?

Nowadays, there are a number of serious physicists who claim that there is a physically writable soul. In other words, there is clear evidence of the presence of brain-independent consciousness. And also clues for its continued existence in another dimension after death.

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The So-Called Entanglement

Physicists rely on the quantum physical phenomenon of entanglement. The so-called entanglement is a strange effect that Albert Einstein has already become aware of in the past.


And today, quantum physicists were able to prove the existence of this effect. This involves the “intertwining” of two quantum mechanical particles after an interaction.

These two particles remain connected in a mysterious way. They have become a unit. And this even if the two particles are very far apart. Plus, they also act synchronously.

If one changes, the other does, too. The physicists were able to show that this dualism of the smallest particles is not limited to the subatomic world, i.e. to the proportions smaller than atoms.

Dualism Between Body and Soul

According to quantum physical knowledge, light can not only appear in two almost opposite forms: as a particle or as a wave. Some physicists postulate the existence of a unique, universal quantum code.

In this, the dualism between body and soul is as real as the dual properties of light. In this view, the soul truly exists, and our immortal consciousness, like space, matter, time, and energy, is a fundamental part of our world.

Near-Death Experiences, further evidence of the Existence of a Soul?

There are a large number of everyday people who have been on the brink of death. They often had absolutely fantastic experiences. In numerous instances, for example, they went into a tunnel at the end of which a magnificent light shone.


They felt a complete detachment and unprecedented peace. They also looked back at their previous lives, which replayed like a short movie in front of them.

Many met relatives who had already passed in this world. These were often led by a kind of higher being. Before they returned to Earth, they sometimes received advice from these spirit beings.

Even Ancient Christians believed in Reincarnation

Reincarnations actually mean that the soul leaves the body after our physical death, and then, whether instantly or after some time, gets reborn within a new body.

Most religions, as well as oral and written records, agree upon one thing: No human soul ever reincarnates into an animal’s body.

The Bible says that God created man after his own likeness. The human soul seems, therefore, to differ from the animal soul. All known cases that deal with memories of past lives seem to prove this matter.

The concept of transmigration of the soul is, however, nothing new, and it seems to escort the human from the beginning on.

The Purpose Of Reincarnation

To fully understand what is reincarnation about, we also must take a closer look at the Hermetics. Even though the Hermetic of ancient Egypt believed that all souls were born of the divine primordial ocean (the source), they were also convinced that no soul had an understanding of “good” and “evil”.

That’s why the human soul has to be reborn a multitude of times in order to collect and unfold the “I am” consciousness, discipline and moral before truly becoming God-like.

The Hermetic believes that human souls, when in its first incarnation phases, acts very raw, egoistic and violent. It will only learn empathy, compassion, and ethics in subsequent lives, so as not to hurt or harm others anymore.

After all, they have by then already experienced the consequences of their previous wrongdoings in many past lives.

We can also find traces of reincarnation and rebirth in the Bible. Jesus of Nazareth and the first Christians knew about the “law of sowing and reaping.” Of course, this implied that life before life on Earth must exist, as well as a life thereafter.

This opened up a path to obtain further knowledge regarding the possibilities of reincarnation, and whoever followed the traces will eventually discover the secret of life in its entirety.

Everything is of the essence: Each action, word, thought and feeling, because everything that we do, speak, think and feel is the seed from our life’s fields. During this time no energy will be wasted or lost, either.

Meaning, that whichever seed of corn will not ripen within this lifespan will do so whether in the afterlife or during a new life cycle on Earth. If we have sown something positive, good things will be coming back to us.

In case we have planted negative seeds, it will not return to us instantaneously. Instead, we will always receive help to turn around and clear this dirty part of our field. So it happens that each individual gets signs and warnings which shall aid him to prevent a stroke of fate.

If we don’t heed the signs and warnings, then Karma will come forth and pay back what we neglected to correct.

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The Existence of the Soul Becomes a Certainty

Of the people who had a near-death experience, many are no longer the same when they return to life. They have gained a different attitude towards life. Some now want to make the most of it.

They value love, wisdom and experience as the highest goods of our earthly existence. For many of them, the existence of an immortal soul has become an undoubted certainty.

What is reincarnation about: Everyone Gets the Death They Expect

Some people, however, experienced these near-death experiences not peacefully, but rather terrifyingly. It has been found that this was mainly the case with religious people with pronounced fears of hell and damnation.

Suicidal people, or folks who had previously lived fearfully and hatefully, went through scary and terror evoking near-death experiences, as well. This leads to the presumption that man experiences his death exactly as he imagines it to be.

As I mentioned in other articles before, I do infer that it is of the essence that we are practicing mindfulness and are cautious with our thoughts. We should, furthermore, examine our beliefs, and if we are truly standing behind them one hundred percent.

You see, often third parties, such as family, friends, religious communities, etc., alter our beliefe systems from our childhood on.

I firmly believe that we all receive exactly that which we visualize and create within our minds – from the beginning of each individual life until our death.

Elisabeth Kübler- Ross, a pioneer in the study of near-death experiences, said:
“Everyone gets the heaven they imagine.”


The Arguments of the Other Side

The school medicine argues that these fantastic feelings during a near-death experience (NDE) in people stem from a lack of oxygen in the brain alone. Such a lack of oxygen, as we know, leads to hallucinations.

These are due to a simultaneous sharp increase in the carbon dioxide content in the blood. In addition, this process can also lead to an increased release of the so-called endorphins in the brain.

Personal note: If endorphins ( the happy hormones) support the formation of nightmarish NDEs is extremely questionable to me. They’re supposed to make you feel content, right? Nevertheless, let’s continue with the article…

Are these Arguments Valid?

Are these arguments an explanation for why people have such vivid and true perceptions in their experiences of death? How come that they are quite clear about being outside their bodies? For what other reasons do they sometimes remember in detail conversations that took place in the adjoining room of the hospital room?

Why do blind people have near-death experiences where they can suddenly see?
How can such a thing be possible in the case of temporary brain death, i.e. a condition without the living brain activities?

What Do Consciousness Researchers say About This?

The consciousness researchers explain these phenomena with the body-soul dualism described above. They show us that we human beings literally lead a double life. One life we lead in the world of matter and another in the immaterial, transcendent world or, better formulated, at the level of our soul.


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I almost wanted to write for you to leave a comment below with your reincarnation experiences (not that it’s impossible) but…

I will rephrase it into: Do you believe in reincarnation, are you having Deja Vu’s or any other encounter regarding what is reincarnation about, soul traveling or even a near-death experience you’d like to share with us?

If so, then please leave a message below. I’m sure that, besides me, many others within our community here would love to hear it, as well. Also, we are always happy about seeing your comments.

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  1. Thank you for your post! I really appreciate how you can be so tactful with a very tender subject. I can tell this means a lot for you. I hear that people who do have near death experiences go on to live life in a totally different way than previous. I also appreciate you talking about the immortal soul and how that relates to our lives now and what it could mean in the future. Thank you again sharing your convictions! I learned a great deal from you today.

    1. Hi, Bobby. I’m so happy that you liked my post and that it was helpful for you. I got interested in NDEs during my lowest point when I was suffering from panic disorder. I got involved with NDE groups and communities, met a few people who truly experience an NDE, and I began gathering stories and facts regarding this phenomena.

      I’m still on it because I want to write a book about it in the hopes that it will help to take people’s fear of death just like it did with me. And, yes, Bobby, your soul is immortal. I actually have a personal proof for this, and I’m thinking about sharing this happening with all of you here in the near future.

      I hope to see you back within our community soon. You’re always welcome here.

      I’m sending you lots of blessings and happiness.


  2. Hi Alexandra,

    I actually do experience deja vu from time to time, and it comes very subtle, when in a particular moment, before performing some task, I would get this feeling as though I’ve already done this before, in someway, or somewhere, but I can’t remember how, or where – if this makes sense. I never knew how to react to these moments, and they’re rare in my life – yet I still recognize them when they come for those brief seconds. My natural instinct has always been to just flow with it in that moment – not knowing what else to do.

    Thanks for the insightful article. There’s much in here that I’ve pondered about.

    1. Hi, Isaiah.

      Deja Vus are a sign that you are spiritually awakening and developing your psychic abilities. We all have them but need to rediscover them first in order to understand our full potentials. This is why we decided to come to Earth: to grow, collect experiences and find our soul’s true purpose.

      Anyway, I’m very glad that my post spoke to you and that you found it helpful. This is exactly what I’m aiming for: Guiding and helping others to find their paths in life and to reconnect with their true selves.

      I hope to welcome you back here with us sometime soon again. There will be more similar posts following this topic.

      Meanwhile, I’m sending you many blessings and much happiness.



  3. Interestingly, I 100% believe in reincarnation. 5 years ago I met someone who I knew for sure I had a karmic loop to close with, and we did close it – it was a wild experience. I also know that my daughter and I have lived previous lives in different roles together – it is hard to explain if you haven’t lived it. Your article leaves me wondering – do you believe in reincarnation?

    1. Hi, Kendra.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. The Universe speaks to all of us, showing us in different ways that we are much more than solely flesh and bones. The problem here is that most people are using the left side of their brains too much. Meaning that they mainly use their logic and reasoning, thus, the spiritual abilities remain dormant.

      If people would begin to listen deeper within themselves, then they would eventually also recognize and perceive the signs that they have already lived and walked this planet lifetimes before. To answer your question: Yes, I do firmly believe in reincarnation. It’s not only a personal belief, but I actually received proof from my own sister.

      We lost her to cancer at her young age of 24, and she appeared to me a few times. What you need to know regarding this story is that we’ve made a promise to one another long time ago that whoever of us would pass on first will come back to confirm life after death for the one left behind. And that she did.

      Kendra, I hope you’ll read this reply one day and that it finds you in happy and fulfilled circumstances. Meanwhile, I send you many warm wishes and much love.



  4. I love the idea of reincarnation and having a soul. I’m a big believer in our human bodies having a soul. I haven’t had any near death experiences, however I have had extremely intense dreams, one in which my grandfather spoke to me after he passed as I was deeply saddened by his passing. I have also had images of people after they have crossed over (assuming it was their soul) and I saw what them dressed in clothes that they had been buried in. When I described to my friend what her mum was wearing in my vision, she cried as I confirmed that I was describing exactly what she had dressed her in. I love this post, thanks for an interesting topic.

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