What Is Clean Eating – How It Can Help Saving Our Rainforest


What Is Clean Eating? – Ultimate Nourishment For Body And Soul

Are you curious about what is clean eating? In this post, I want to explain to you the details regarding this new trend. However, first and foremost, I must set a couple of things straight. Clean eating is not a new diet wave, and it also isn’t designed to lose weight in a jiffy.

Clean eating involves conscious eating habits, where you think clearly about what you put on your plate. Furthermore, it already starts in the grocery store while you are choosing your products.


Thus, I do not observe clean eating as a diet or simply a preferred form of nutrition. On the contrary, it is rather a lifestyle, which you should adapt to and then maintain forever.

This means a healthy enjoyment of foods made with natural, raw and organic materials. A little later, I will show you some tips and nourishing clean-eating recipes.

The modern whole-food kitchen relies on natural, largely unprocessed products and dispenses with industrially manufactured foods. A healthy nutritional philosophy that fits in perfectly with today’s lifestyle.

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What is the definition of clean eating?

Clean eating is a modern form of nutrition. Brightly colored vegetables and fruits are a big hit and number one on the menu list. Although neither meat nor fish is taboo, they solely play a supporting role, however. Omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike can, therefore, enjoy and lead the clean eating lifestyle.

Those who implement the principles of clean eating refrain from fast food and ready meals. Also banished are white flour or granulated sugar. This diet is based on natural and unprocessed foods, where the nutrients are still fully available and intact.


The most essential foods include:

1. Vegetables
2. Fruit
3. Legumes
4. Whole grains
5. Superfood
6. High-quality oils (organic tree nut, sesame, coconut or olive oil)
7. Nuts

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There is a countless number of vegetables. From everyday varieties such as carrots, potatoes and tomatoes to exotic choices, such as avocados, artichokes and truffles, you can implement many recipes with vegetables.


When cooking with veggies, you should always pay attention to certain types of processing. In that way, you ascertain that you don’t lose the valuable vitamins and minerals.

It is most beneficial when stewing vegetables, as it preserves most of the ingredients.


Naturally, the most beneficial way to consume vegetables and fruits is raw, but we’re talking about cooking at the moment.

You should purchase the ingredients for your vegetable dishes always from the market. Here you can count on getting really fresh goods. The vegetables from the grocery store often come from abroad and have already traveled a long way; thus, lost essential nutrients.


We can subdivide fruit into the categories stone, pome, berry and peel fruit. The variety is huge, from apples, pears and bananas to strawberries, oranges and melons.


Fruit recipes, therefore, allow for many variations. When you think of fruit, of course, first of all, a refreshing fruit smoothie or salad comes to mind.

Fruit, however, is also extremely important in the art of baking. Just imagine, what would be an apple pie without apples or a peach cobbler without peaches? But fruit plays now an essential role in the kitchen, as well.

With apricots, you can make sweet sauces, refine leeks with apples, sweeten your carrot cake with Medjool dates, or spice up boring salads with strawberries, etc.

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The legume category includes peas, corn, beans and lentils. You can buy them fresh in the trade, but they can also be dried, frozen or canned. However, the fresh and dried legumes have the disadvantage that you need to cook them for a long time before you can consume them.


Legumes Recipes often have a stew to their destination. This is due to the fact that in a stew, you achieve the long cooking time without any problems.

If you want to boil legume recipes a bit faster, you should use frozen or preserved legumes.

In this form, they are already pre-cooked and you can utilize them quickly. Just make sure to check the labels for unwanted ingredients.

A clean canned bean product, for example, should contain nothing more than two ingredients: water, beans.


When you think of whole grain recipes, do you lose your appetite? Unfortunately, this is the case with many people, since very few know that whole grain recipes do not necessarily have to be dry. Depending on the type of preparation, wholegrain dishes can be very juicy and delicious – and on the other hand, they are still healthy and filling.


The whole grain recipes include lots of bread. If you bake it yourself, at least you can be sure that it is really a whole-grain product.

You can provide vegetables with a filling of whole grains. If you cook a suitable sauce, the whole thing becomes a juicy culinary delight.


As an example, the quinoa seeds already triumphed. Now they are booming in our regions as a “power food” and rightly so. Because the seed is rich in iron, magnesium, protein and some other important nutrients. Quinoa may help with migraines and supports a weight loss diet, as it has a particular satiating effect.

One cannot consume the quinoa seeds raw, and they must be cooked first. You can then use the prepared seeds in salads, cereals, bread dough, as well as side dishes.

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The world of nuts is extensive because there are many different varieties, e.g. cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, coconuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts or pistachios. You can use them for many nut recipes. Just think about the Christmas time when baking cookies and biscuits – yummy!


Nevertheless, even when baking regular cakes, you will find many nut recipes in the dessert section. And who would have thought that there are even main courses with nuts?

In Chinese cuisine, for example, we find peanuts in many wok dishes. In many leaf salads, on the other hand, they provide a healthy dose of fatty acids and add that extra touch of ‘something else’.

Always read the ingredient label before purchase

To cook clean-eating dishes, we rely on organic or kosher food. Logically, this entails that we try to purchase seasonal and organic vegetables and fruits as often as possible. Conventional agriculture still uses many toxic pesticides and, thus, does not produce “clean” foods.


We also need to read the labels and study the content of packaged products before we buy them. Dyes, flavor enhancers, bad fatty acids, sugars, emulsifiers and various additives are a no-go.

As a guideline, if a food contains more than five ingredients, it no longer counts as a clean-eating product.

By the way, sweets are allowed. Just make sure your baked goods are sweetened with dates, apples, honey or coconut blossom sugar – and that, too, very reservedly.

Clean Eating – Not only for your body, but also for your soul

In my humble opinion, real clean eating does not include meat and dairy product consumption. Do you know, my dear co-creators, that your true health starts within your soul?


For me, as a plant-based eater, peace, for example, begins on my dinner plate.

You cannot deny that most livestock is not raised under humane standards and qualities. Let alone the killing process.

My conscious does not support the fact that I was part of this torture.

In addition, you are consuming the fear hormones, dear friends, that these poor creatures are shedding at the moment of their deaths.

This ultimately leads mostly to chronic illnesses in the long run, along with spiritual disturbances and negative vibrations.

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They’re burning down our rainforest for livestock!

At the very moment that I am typing these words, our rainforest is burning; it’s on fire! You should ask yourself:” Did this happen on its own?”


I can tell you that it didn’t. It was people starting the fires – and why? To make space to grow more livestock! To feed their insatiable greed for the materialistic things, power and money!

Little do they care about the fact that by doing so they are shutting down over 20 percent of oxygen supply for the entire planet; thus for their own kids and following generations.

But, dear co-creators, there is light on the horizon, because we can make a difference and stop this insanity before it’s too late for us.

It’s never going to be too late for mother Earth. She can sustain herself – but we cannot! There is still some time, however, to make a change by spreading awareness in any way we can.

We can do this together

And, most importantly, by eating clean and if possible, with time weaning off the meat consumption altogether. That way, we’re switching off their customer supply and demand; thus they’ll see it pointless to raise more livestock.


I just wanted to get this out into the open for once, in the hopes that some of you will understand, agree and act accordingly. now, back to our main topic.

Clean food fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle. It is far more experimental than many other cuisines, which can become extremely one-sided.


Green smoothies, for example, which started through successfully not too long ago, are one of the most versatile bonuses of the clean eating lifestyle.

Also, clean eating knows no fear of contact with superfoods, such as chia seeds or goji berries – foods that are indispensable to contemporary nutrition.

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Losing weight with clean eating?

This is not a diet, but a healthy, modern way of living. By focusing on vegetables, fruits, reducing sugar intake and avoiding ready meals, we automatically save calories.


As a bonus, we can easily enjoy two to three clean eating snacks in between without having to worry about our weight. So hunger attacks do not even come up, and with the snacks, we keep our blood sugar constant.

Therefore, it is extremely likely that we lose a few pounds in the long run. What’s the best part of it is that we do so in a natural way, without any force attached.

No starvation and deprivation at all; simply balancing out the body weight in an innate, healthy and automatic manner.

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Clean-food recipes – an easy find

You do not have to look far for clean eating recipes. There are so many, which are not even recognized or declared as such, yet. Anyway, who consciously looks around in the vegetable kitchen, will soon find some foods to prepare wonderful clean eating dishes with. Some examples?

We highly recommend our pumpkin soup with pistachio pesto. Zucchini boats with quinoa or the vegetarian goulash with chickpeas fit perfectly into the clean eating concept, as well.

For a snack, I recommend vegetable crisps. The refreshing mango ice cream with chia seeds crowns every meal; You should absolutely try it out, as these all are uncomplicated dishes that fit well into the philosophy of pure food.

Dear co-creators, what are your thoughts on and experiences with clean eating? Are you doing it or would you like to try it out? Did I answer all questions regarding what is clean eating, or is there something else you’d like to know? Share your request, opinion and story with the rest of us. we are always happy to hear from you.

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