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The four consistent oracle methods: What is an oracle really?

For thousands of years, people have been busy predicting the future and want to fathom it. Oracles of various forms act as predominant aids, although it is unclear where these actually originate. But, what is an oracle really, and why is there so much mysticism surrounding it?

After enjoying great popularity in past times, it seemed they vanished. How did this disappearance come about? And where did they come back from?

People do many things that they can experience on a daily basis. As a being with consciousness, cognition and the constant and immediate knowledge of his finiteness, the human is constantly confronted with challenges. These include the following at their core:


Our free will; time and again we deliberately decide to do or not to do anything without knowing the consequences and subsequent events

Fear of the future; what will be? Is what we imagine really what will happen? Will it be good for me and my loved ones?

The question of destiny; Where are we headed? Is what is happening already predetermined?

Powerlessness, almost being utterly at the mercy of nature; Natural disasters, and the impossibility of human influence, let us reach our limits repeatedly.

The will to survive, the protection and the existence of what we have. We always try to do the “right thing” without knowing what exactly that is.

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Making the correct decisions is something that man tries to do non-stop and every day, with different backgrounds for his actions.

The ancient Chinese oracle book “I Ching” gives exactly one answer: “If the right one does the right thing, in the right place, at the right time and in the right manner, then it is right.”

The harmony of man with nature, the internal and external tensions, gives security and protection and most people strive for it.

Some folks want to be certain about this protection, either because they do not trust what might happen, or because they already want to know what the future might look like.


For millennia, people consulted oracles for this purpose, although there are exactly four classic oracle models that work randomly. I would like to introduce them to you below.

As strange as oracles are for many today, people were dealing so familiar and intimate with them in the past.

The unpredictability of the oracle was recognized as something divine, while predictability was simply considered something human.

That is why the questioning of the accidental oracle is also called divining, which is derived from the Latin word divinitas (divinity).

The Four Classic Oracle Methods

‘Lot’ of Oracles

The most well-known oracle is the lot oracle: Throwing lots, which stand for a decision or answer. Most people know how to throw a coin to make a decision, which is the simplest form of the lot oracle.

A little more differentiated is the use of the Los Oracle with the traditional I Ching – here they throw six times three coins, based on the result of which becomes a hexagram. You can find the meaning of this hexagram in the time-honored oracle book.

Omen As Oracle

Already the founding of the ancient Rome began with a “bird’s eye view,” which should determine the exact location of the cornerstone of the city, from which it should ascend to the first world power.

They assume, with omen, that everything in the world is connected with each other, so that events can be concluded from each other’s occurrences. Omen is often perceived as alarming, and even our use of language suggests that it is only due to the word “ominous”.


Birds Represented Gods

The above-mentioned bird’s eye view is also called “auspicium” as a method of prediction and has always been a popular variant of recognizing and reading the omens. Generally, they believed that birds know the future, therefore, the feathered friends often represent seers and Gods.

In ancient Egypt, it was the God Thoth with an Ibis. In ancient Greece Apollon, the God of the famous oracle of Delphi was depicted with a crane, and in Germania the deity Odin with two ravens. By the way, they were called Hugin and Munin.

In order to look into the future and gain the vision, Odin had to sacrifice his own eye and the two ravens then described the world and what was happening in it.


One seeks further omens in the movement of smoke from a consecrated vessel.

During this procedure, they trickle hot wax into the water, in the structure of the ashes after passing fire and in the form of drops of oil on water.

It is similar to the lead casting, which they love to do in Europe on New Year’s Eve.

There, they melt pieces of lead on a spoon over a candle flame and pour it into cold water.

This creates some sort of figure from which they read their lucky omen for the coming year. They usually keep it as lucky charm until next New Year’s Eve.

Oracle: Spontaneous Divination

The questioning of an oracle is not as strange to most people as they have always thought. Already as children, most of us unconsciously sought advice from an oracle.



For an instant, when we plucked the leaves of a flower or counted the steps of a staircase and, depending on whether the number was even or odd, had a “yes” or “no” to a particular question.

Even opening a book and tapping on a word in which we seek meaning, as well as turning our eyes closed to a window and finding meaning in the first thing we see when we open our eyes, is similar to asking an oracle.

Oracle: Visions, Trance And Dream Interpretation

Unlike spontaneous divination, prophecy through trance, visions or the interpretation of dreams is not reserved for the laity but for the priesthood.

Even in pre – Christian times, the temples were often used as oracle sites, so even the word “Vatican” can be traced back to “vaticinium divination.” According to legend, St. Peter ‘s Basilica was built on a former Etruscan sanctuary.


Until the advent of patriarchy, it was up to the priestesses to make the predictions and guard the temples.

It was not until late that priests took over and taught the responsibility of sacrifice, calendaring, and writing.


An example of this is the oracle of Delphi, which was previously under the protection of Earth Goddess Gaia and the second wife of Zeus, Themis.

It was not until later that the Greek God Apollon became the patron, with the proclamation of the divine will, made exclusively by priestesses, until the end.

The prophets didn’t want the interpretation of them intellectually influenced since the importance-pregnant dimension should reveal only by the time elapsed.

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You Are The Master, The Oracle Thy Humble Servant

In the year 360 AD, when Emperor Julian wanted to seek the advice of the oracle, there was a prophecy made, stating that this was the last time that the oracle spoke; it came true.

The oracles were banned in AD 391, with the rise of Christianity and under Emperor Theodorus I. However, the oracle of Delphi had long since fallen silent.


This makes people wonder to what extent oracles are still contemporary today? After all, this is a question that depends on the individual, since there are two ways to ask an oracle: either from weakness or from strength.

If one asks for weakness, one submits to the oracle. In a nutshell, this means that you ask the oracle about all aspects of everyday life in order to make sure that the (supposed) happiness is always on your side.

One becomes dependent on the predictions of cards or stars and is unable to actually live his life. The questioning of the Tarot can be very helpful and useful, but if you consult it, if you should leave the house or not, it will become problematic.

White Magic And The Oracle

In order to decide what a proper ritual and the right course of action is, a white magician asks the oracle.

The correct decision is not just based on logical thinking, as we often work with limited information. A white magician, on the contrary, asks the Gods, ghosts and the subconscious. The Tarot, I-Ging, runes or the Voodoo Obi oracle serve as an oracle.


Oracle Of Voodoo

One can use many oracles in voodoo. For example, read the most famous tarot, hand-picked tea leaves, or simply with the pendulum.

Voodoo has the origin in the Obi Oracle, which already exists for eternity. About the fascination and precision of the Obi Oracle, I would like to write here shortly about it for those who are curious.

The Obi Oracle

The complete, yet complex, interpretation has a lot to do with the knowledge of LOA and the legends of voodoo. The four consisting stones/coins/plates or shells of the oracle should be very precisely distinguished at the top and bottom. Either by color, embossing or other differences.

Voodoo Obi Oracle

In the early days, people performed the Obi Oracle with cocoa beans or mussels. Priests broke these materials all too often, thus, they were replaced relatively quickly by harder objects, such as stones or coins.



The early ecclesiastics then took simple, wooden bowls that served as an oracle board.

Out of the simple bowls, gradually became very beautiful and much-decorated oracle boards.

The principle is simple: there is “yes, no, maybe, certainly and by no means.”


So how do I get an answer to my question? The objects each have a female and a male side, which should be determined beforehand. They distinguish them by colors, marks or the like.

They now take the four items between their cupped hands and shake the objects well before dropping them on the board.

OOOO = yes
OOOX = maybe
OOXX = Certainly
XXXX = Not under any circumstances

Where “O” stands for Female and X for Male.

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If you wish to try this out, then, by all means, have fun, never to forget to treat all matters with due respect, though. Also, remember the following:

One must keep in mind that oracles are very good servants, but bad lords.

What I mean to say is don’t lose yourself; know that you are the boss and not the oracle. Some people develop an addiction and dependency on oracle predictions. Thus, use it with proper care and mindfulness.

Personal note

My friends, I truly hope this was interesting and informative for you, and that I covered most of the questions regarding “What is an oracle” for you. It is a broad topic, so if you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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