What Is A Past Life Regression?


What is a past life regression & releasing soul particles to become truly free

Even if you understandably reject the thesis of rebirth and consider it absolutely unbelievable that you have ever, or even many times before, been born, grown up and died, it is still a demonstrable fact that your soul lived earlier in female as well as in male bodies in various parts of the world.

Perhaps you have wondered if there is a way to figure out the truth regarding the circling “myths” of some who are claiming to have lived lifetimes before.

If you’re asking yourself what is a past life regression and are curious to learn more about this topic, then keep on reading, as I will explain it to you below.


Have you not ever wondered why you feel an inexplicable aversion or dislike with strangers?

Do you have any fears that you cannot explain with your rational mind, such as in front of mice, spiders or snakes?

Do you avoid elevators because you feel like you have to suffocate in the narrow space?


Are you inexplicably afraid of water, fire or other elements? Do you have these phobias because in your current life you may have been almost tortured to death or bitten by an animal? Have you ever almost suffocated, drowned, or burned? Hopefully not!

Why, however, can merely the idea of ​​such occurrences produce an uncontrollable, panic-stricken feeling, even though you have never experienced any of these terrible feelings within this lifespan?

Certainly, one cannot trace all inexplicable behaviors or phobias back to events of previous lives, but the foundation of much that weighs on us today has been laid in our past lives.

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What is a Past Life Regression?

It’s a practice that brings our soul’s records back into our consciousness from our deepest subconscious and replays them (like a tape). It does not matter if the recording was made 100 or 1000 years ago. The name “repatriation” refers to the process of going back into former lives with the help of a guide.

Through the regression, the connections between our present behavior and the events in previous lives are revealed and processed. It is known from psychoanalysis, that it is precisely these unprocessed and repressed experiences that lead to permanent disability and behavioral disorders.


Therefore, it is important for the client to be able to experience these traumatic experiences close up, but from a “safe distance.”

He lives through these incidents. His consciousness repressing him over centuries. Although all seems very realistic, he finds himself at the same time as a neutral observer and commentator.


Now the patient can see for himself the cause of his present pain or problems, and his mind now understands where these unexplained feelings and fears come from, thus, he can assign them to a distant event.

 So, from that very moment on the following becomes clear for the mind and also for the subconscious:

1. The previously felt pain of a previous body

2. That which one is afraid of has long been over and done

3. While one remains cautious in panic-triggering situations, he knows exactly how to respond appropriately from now on, as well.

The liberating result of the above-described insights for the client means a rapid change of onerous anxiety to “normal” caution during appropriate situations. Along with anxiety, the pain often disappears spontaneously, too – or diminishes until it is completely gone in the following days and weeks.

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For Whom Is a Past Life Regression Recommended?

Of course, people who live fairly harmoniously and content with themselves and their environment, who can cope with their everyday problems, can try a repatriation session at any time, but it will not be existentially important for this group of people.

If you no longer feel comfortable in your skin, feel the desire to learn something more about yourself, to have reliable access to the spiritual world in order to be able to help yourself and others, a past life regression can be very helpful.

In problematic people with neurosis, inexplicable behavioral patterns, or in medical/psychic inexplicable findings, a return to a previous life can be a valuable aid and alternative to resignation, or a seemingly endless psychological, medical treatment.


Who Should Not Have a past Life Regression?

All those who are not able to live independently and make decisions independently.

Trance is still not a recognized method of established psychiatry. Nevertheless, many physicians are open to it and use it in part themselves (hypnotherapy). If you are not sure whether this method is suitable for you, always consult your doctor or psychologist.

Does It Work For Everyone?

A big YES and a little grin with it, though.

An acquaintance who practices past life regressions told me that it does work very well for hundreds of clients. Only a small proportion of people were unable to be put in a trance. Their consciousness (operating system) was not willing to give up control and did not want to entrust the guidance of this body to anyone else.

In short and without any offense intended: Control freaks are a little harder to get into a trance!

So, if you should happen to be a control freak:

The success of trance feedback is statistically not quite as ascertained for you as it is for the rest of the world 🙂

Methods for Past Life Regressions

There are a variety of techniques that allow clients to return to their past lives. The most common is under hypnosis. To do this, however, the therapist needs several sessions in order to come to a comprehensive conclusion and then to process these experiences.



Some therapists use suggestions or meditations to put the client in the necessary condition, others use a mix of different techniques.

Important for all methods is only the success and the effectiveness for the client.

I’m Afraid of What to Expect

You can be assured that only what is good and right for you and that which you can cope effortlessly physically and mentally in your present state of affairs will occur.

Often, clients approached the session with a certain expectation of experiencing this or that, or they had horror visions of what they could experience about themselves while they are in a trance.

Of course, even ugly things can appear.  Just know, however, that through the guided re-experience of such stressful situations, you are never alone. Therefore, you can feel safe and protected.

Your “inner helper” will stop the treatment in time. He will intervene before a physical weakness (heart problems, etc.) can occur, or the mental stress exceeds the recoverable. I have already seen this in several cases. However, these people were able to continue their session the next day without any problems.

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The reason why the client’s expectations are sometimes not even met is as follows:

The horizon of now-consciousness (with which one arrives at the treatment) compared with the eternal consciousness (with which one comes into contact during the trance) is as limited as the comparison of the needs and concerns of a four-year-old girl to the serene intellect of an experienced, wise woman.


Often, the clarification of other issues has been paramount and a prerequisite for clarifying the knowledge expected by the client.

Many people believe only experiences in former existences cause them troubles in life. They are unaware that foreign soul shares also trigger their fears and compulsive behaviors.

That is why a “clearing” that always precedes the actual repatriation is at least as important as a look into the past lives themselves.

In many stressful behavioral patterns, whether it was phobias, eating, sexual, or other stressful behavioral disorders, the clients wanted a disinterested, competent contact person and a helper.

Someone whom they can consult at any time of the day or night, and who is around accompanying and advising them around the clock.

At first glance, this understandable wish seems absolutely unworldly and unrealizable.


Not even close! During the trance, the client is in an extended state of perception that is not comparable to his daytime awareness.

He is able to experience images and events outside his usual perception. In this state, he also absorbs energies of otherwise invisible existences.


You can call them Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or even the “Higher Self.” One way or another, the client perceives energy that makes him feel a great attraction and intimacy.

This energy will accompany him as an internal helper throughout the regression as a contact person and consultant.

And Now the Most Essential Thing:

The inner helper stays with the client and from now on, even in his day consciousness, will be available to him 24 hours a day as a disinterested adviser.

This connection allows the client to have clear access to the spiritual world (channel) as long as he wants to maintain and nurture the contact.

The complete course of the session starta with the removal of disturbing influences (clearing). Then follows the recognition, processing and healing (feedback). This occurs combined with the subsequent “self-coaching” by the inner helper. You can rightfully call this a turbo therapy.


A Frequently Asked Question About Past Life Regression.

Why is it not Allowed for Escorts to Be Present During the Repatriation?

There Are Two Main Reasons:

1. A soul clearing often releases certain parts of the client’s soul. These, in turn, would immediately seek a new host.  They would attach themselves to the unprotected escort, realizing that they can no longer remain in the previously occupied body.

2. Any activities from the companion, such as coughing, sneezing, restlessness, etc., could cause interruptions and disturbances for the client.

Last but not least, let me quickly explain to you the practice of “Soul Clearing.”

Soul Clarification (Clearing)

Everyone knows the sentence: “Two souls live oh in my breast.”
Unfortunately, and contrary to the true meaning, this sentence is often true.

Stranger parts of the soul have crept into the body or settled into its aura. They try to continue the emotions of their past lives. Therefore, we also call these soul parts “attachments” or “occupants.”

As a result, these attachments may have such an influence on human beings that there is a change of nature, irrational actions or inability to make decisions.


For a variety of reasons, these parts of the soul did not want to go into the eternal light at the time of their former body’s death.

The idea of so-called “occupant” triggers negative ideas and emotions, even fear, in some cases.

It is important to know that foreign soul parts, that supposedly negatively influence us, are always helpful in our own development.

For the most part of our souls, we are accompanied only by care and love. Many are also only looking for protection and security with a familiar and beloved soul. Only a few want to intentionally harm, obstruct, or engage in hatred and revenge.

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But All these Soul Attachments have One Thing in Common:

Each has its raison d’être (the most important purpose for someone’s or something’s existence), and when a certain development is reached, the right time comes where it is more beneficial for both souls to re-establish this connection. This can be done, for example, with a soul clarification.

So it may well be that more soul parts may leave at a later time since it would not have been right for both souls to separate at the first clearing.


You can see from it that only what is good and right for the client and for the adorable soul always happens. All things happen only in accordance with the providence of the spiritual world.

I personally believe that clearing is the most beautiful element in repatriation. I rejoice with the lost souls whenever I hear that yet another one has made its way into eternal light. Plus, I am infinitely grateful to the Universe for this perfected cycle.

Only those who have ever experienced the redeemed souls in the light, and their gratitude, can understand why this task is so rewarding.

What Happens In a “Clearing”?

First of all: Forget all the horror stories you’ve heard, read or seen on this topic so far! A clearing has nothing in common with expulsion, exorcism or the likes. Quite the contrary! The procedure happens with lots of love, responsibility, and understanding for the adorable soul in mind. The main intention and focus are to heal the injuries.

In conversation, the guide makes the soul reconsider its current state. It can now revise the decision not to go into the light after physical death. Thus, today it has the opportunity to voluntarily detach itself from the occupied body.

Once the attachment has been released, it is led into the eternal light by the Elohims (a group of angels). There, it can recover from the rigors of the past earthly life and incarnate again into a new, own body.


The clearing is a guided, deep, trance-like meditation.  Hereby, the divine light of providence flows into the client like gleaming hot, molten gold. This fills the whole body and the surrounding aura.

It permeates and protects everything that is intended exclusively for the original soul of the client; everything else must give way. For the dissolved parts of the soul, it is just as important to go into the light at this time as it is for the client to let them go that very instant.

The clearing session also reveals the reasons why the particular soul parts attached themselves to this soul and body. Thus, one then can understand the deeper meaning of the occupation (“possession”).

Personal note

Did you ever make a past life regression, or do you know someone who has? If yes, then tell us all about it below. I truly hope I could answer the question of what is a past life regression for you. However, if you would like to learn even more, then leave a comment. I will be gladly helping you out.

Also, don’t forget to sign up on our website in order to claim your free ebook. Furthermore, please, follow, like and share us with your family and friends on social media.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you much love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow


  1. That’s good to know that the clearing would be nothing like an exorcism. I feel pretty creeped out by that kind of stuff. I’ll have to look into some past life healing if I start to feel like I have some issues from a previous life.

    1. Hi, Tyler Johnson. Fist of all, thank you for stopping by. Yes, I understand your disposition; it does sound creepy!

      However, I want you to think about it in this way: What’s creepier – Cleaning out and setting an entity free that’s trapped within you, thus, not beneficial for both, or knowing that a specific soul particle is residing within you, which doesn’t really belong to you and your current life; and, yet, you decide to keep it?

      Movies, such as “the Exorcist” were, of course, created based on practices like soul cleansing. However, don’t let them fear you, as they are purposely over-dramatized.

      If you feel that there’s something going on within you that needs attention, then I suggest you visit a trustworthy and recommended professional. You don’t need to commit to a clearing session; sometimes it helps to talk things through to find other options.

      I am wishing you the very best on your journey. Thanks, again, for stopping by and know that you are welcome to talk to me if you feel helpless, misunderstood or, worse, on your own.

      Much love 🙂

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