What Helps With Eczema – Effective Tips To Control Outbreaks


Asking yourself what helps with eczema?  Here are seven tips to keep flare-ups at bay

A good friend of mine suffered from eczema during her entire childhood and teenage years. She sill struggled with the ailment in her early twenties, always asking herself  ‘what helps with eczema?’ A question she asked herself far too late in her own medical history.

It is all the better that you take this step now and want to actively take care of a solution to your problem. The most important thing for my friend to realize was that she has the solution in her hands and it’s not her genes or the doctor’s fault.

In this article, I would like to give you the seven tips that have helped her the most to become neurodermatitis/eczema free.


In brief: What is neurodermatitis?

Atopic eczema is also known as neurodermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis is an allergic, chronic inflammatory, skin disease that occurs in episodes. It is an allergic illness and in many respects corresponds to an autoimmune disorder, but it is not one.

Eczema and inflammatory skin changes occur everywhere on the skin of neurodermatitis sufferers. These express themselves differently depending on the severity. Red, flaky, oozing eczema and rashes usually appear, combined with severe itching. This is the easiest way to recognize neurodermatitis.

There are allergic reactions along with an immune response and structural weakness of the skin.

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Causes of eczema

The causes of neurodermatitis vary and often involve a collection of several lifestyle factors that lead to the development of the disease.

A genetic predisposition to the disease is possible, but one should not consider this causally as the cause. Epigenetics teaches us that certain genes can switch on or off depending on lifestyle.

If you want to start at the root of the problem, first look for causes in the following fields of action that relate to lifestyle:

1- Psychological stress (see CBD oil for stress & pain relief & better well-being)
2- Problems with the intestine or liver (see Natural liver detox)
3- Poor nutrition (lack of nutrients)
4- Allergens and irritants
5- High hygiene requirements

Special causes:

1- Too thin horny layer (stratum corneum)
2- Antioxidant deficiency in the horny layer
3- Lack of essential fatty acids in the stratum corneum

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What helps with eczema?

For the treatment of neurodermatitis, we recommend to carry out four steps systematically that bring the greatest and most sustainable success:

1: Get to know and reset provocation factors
2: Repair skin and relieve itching (PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil* aids with this)
3: Strengthen body systems from the inside
4: Build the foundation for sustainable health

These are the four steps that, along with firm belief and the activation of your own self-healing powers, can cure you of this annoying ailment.

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Seven effective tips to combat eczema effectively

1 – Avoid foods that could favor eczema

Neurodermatitis sufferers should be careful with these foods as they can promote the development of eczema:

1- Ready-made foods and junk food (all foods that have been industrially modified or processed – this includes fast food)

2- Dairy products (exception: natural yogurt and organic butter)

3- All industrial sugars (maple syrup and organic honey allowed for sweetening)

4- Industrial edible oils (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil)

5- Gluten and cereals containing gluten (see 7 easy, gluten-free recipes)

6- Nightshade family fruits and veggies (test tomatoes, eggplants, chilli, citrus and tropical fruits, most sufferers do not tolerate these).

7- Sulfurized nuts and dried fruit (only unprocessed products are allowed)

8- Hot spices

9- Alcohol

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2 – Skin protection for neurodermatitis: use natural cosmetics

Not only our intestines can absorb pollutants and other substances, our skin also has the capacity to do so. The skin is a breathable organ that communicates with the environment.

Many classic skincare products usually have a whole list of chemical additives. Bulk cosmetics are one reason why chronic inflammatory skin diseases are becoming increasingly common.

The only explanation why they are so inexpensive is that they get by with the cheapest chemical additives.

In exchange for chemical products, natural cosmetic products contain valuable essential oils and regenerating ingredients such as aloe vera, rosehip or argan oil.

There are now many good manufacturers of natural cosmetics. Common drugstore chains also have a good range of inexpensive natural cosmetic products.

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3 – Reduce/avoid provocation factors: house dust, pollen and animal hair/fur

As a result of a weakened immune system, allergies arise against various environmental stimuli. Antibody reactions to house dust, animal hair or pollen often present themselves. The immune system’s response to these triggers can also make your eczema worse.

The irritated skin areas are an open door for pathogens since the skin barrier in these areas no longer offers reliable protection. The immune system will become more active in these areas and the itching and redness will increase.

Ask your dermatologist about possible tests – prick tests and provocation tests are recommended, which provide very quick information.

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4 – Gut relief: Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a good way to temporarily relieve your body and especially the intestines. This helps especially in the acute phase of neurodermatitis.

Science associates digestive processes with a lot of effort and our intestines are usually in permanent use due to the constant availability of food. This can further promote the development of intestinal problems and, thus, indirectly increase the problem of neurodermatitis.

Experience reports from those affected show that fasting periods of up to a week lead to significant relief from symptoms. A week of fasting can be a good reset and free you from provocation factors.

Method 16: 8 fasting is well suited to everyday life, in which you do not consume any food for 16 hours, followed by an 8-hour window in which you can eat.

This is not that difficult if the night is already in between and you only miss breakfast or dinner.

So you give your body (especially the liver and intestines) the chance to regenerate a little bit every day.

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5 – Regenerate skin: collagen & vitamin C

The main argument for collagen: Its effect on skin health, which among other things consists of supporting the regeneration of the skin (layers). This is particularly important if you are predisposed to neurodermatitis.

Collagenic building blocks also support the build-up of the horny layer, which is a weak point in neurodermatitis. Collagen has an indirect positive impact on intestinal health, as well.

Neurodermatitis often arises from problems in the intestine (e.g. leaky gut) and associated disorders of the immune system. I recommend an intake of 15 g of high-quality collagen every day.

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6 – Zinc as a dietary supplement and zinc oxide paste

Zinc is very important for a functioning immune system. An increased level of inflammation in the body, e.g. colds or neurodermatitis causes the blood values ​​in the body to drop quickly. A sufficient supply of this mineral is, therefore, essential.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the surface renewal of a skin wound with a new epithelium. You can supply your body with zinc via zinc-rich foods, zinc supplements or as an ointment (zinc oxide paste).

We mainly find zinc in seafood, liver, beef or walnuts. If you consume foods that are low in zinc, 10 mg extra via dietary supplements is recommended.

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# 7 – Light helps with eczema: UV radiation, sunlight and infrared sauna

The sun has so many important effects on the human body that sunlight can almost be called a vitamin by itself.

The effects lie in better blood circulation, a stronger immune system, vitamin D formation, antibacterial properties and the establishment of the hormonal balance. (see how to eliminate vitamin D deficiency)

The sun regulates hormones and metabolism more than we think. It’s just a shame that people are moving away from the sun more and more.

Important light frequencies of the sun are the UV radiation and the infrared range. UV radiation seems to be very effective for skin diseases and strengthens the immune system well.

UV-A radiation at 311 nm and UV-B1 at 50 J / cm2 is an established method in relation to the question regarding what can aid with neurodermatitis.

In addition, there is, of course, the importance of spending sufficient time in the sun. You can also buy suitable light sources for at home. In cooler zones, you can use this especially in winter, which also helps to lift the mood and prevents neurodermatitis flare-ups.

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Neurodermatitis cases have quintupled in the past 100 years

Our everyday life is becoming more and more unnatural, we live under increasingly hygienic conditions on the one hand, with an abundance of toxins and irritant factors on the other.

That is why it is all the more important to become active yourself and to deal with recovery.

A neighbor of mine also had neurodermatitis for most of his life. For a long time, he had to deal with the consequences of the illness. Like many neurodermatitis sufferers, he was in a cycle of frustrating treatments with endless hours in the doctor’s waiting room.

The annoying itching and burning skin areas were not only unattractive, but the disgust of fellow human beings was also a punishment for him. This also robbed him of lots of sleep.

Too late he asked himself the question “What helps with neurodermatitis?” At that time it was the most important step for him to recognize that he held his own health in his hands.

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Dear co-creators

So you can see that not the doctor nor the genes are to blame, and a successful cure is possible with the right mindset, faith and natural treatment options mentioned above.

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