What Are The Options For Treatment Of Depression?


The different forms of treatment of depression available to patients

The usual treatment of depression consists of three main pillars, which we should clarify first:

1- Pharmacotherapy with drugs
2- Psychotherapeutic procedures
3- Additional measures such as movement therapy, occupational therapy and social pedagogy

Furthermore, the necessity for a stay in a clinic for psychosomatic or psychotherapy may arise in case of severe depression.

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Pharmacotherapy for depression – antidepressants

The following is a small list of common types of medications for depression. These have the purpose and the goal of reversing the body’s own imbalances of messenger substances, which can promote depression.

They were designed to re-establish the patient’s psychological well-being. Furthermore, practitioners use them especially for moderate to severe depression.

However, nowadays these drugs receive some cautious views, as they only address symptoms and not always the causes. These include:

MAO inhibitors that slow down the breakdown of the body’s happiness hormone dopamine. They have an irreversible effect on the enzyme MAO and doctors rarely use them today.

RIMA, selective and reversible inhibitors of the enzyme MAO, but also used less and less common today.

SSRI: This abbreviation stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and works by prolonging the time of action of the body’s own messenger serotonin.

Serotonin, unlike dopamine, is a happiness hormone that provides long-lasting satisfaction and is often deficient in those affected by depression.

This type of drug net causes an increase in the body’s serotonin and, thus, a higher level of satisfaction and well-being.

TZA and TeZA: These drug classes interfere with several hormone systems and inhibit the uptake of various messenger substances such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, acetylcholine.

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What to think of medications for depression?

Medications can make a valuable contribution to improving well-being and happiness and boosting the quality of life of those affected by depression.

Nonetheless, please note that these are medicines that, in addition to their effects, which may diminish over time, also have side effects.

The aim should be to use medicines only for a short time, but specifically, in order to improve the quality of life of those affected.

In the longer term, to identify and eliminate the causes behind depression as much as possible should be the main goal. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics with their various methods are a valuable companion for this.

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Medication for bipolar depression

Here, lithium in the higher milligram range is a common preparation. Lithium is a nutrient that already contributes to the stabilization of emotions in doses of 1 mg or more (higher than food and drinking water). Doctors, therefore, use it increasingly for bipolar depression and other bipolar disorders.

Also common in bipolar depression: the combination of valproic acid and carbamazepine.

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This particular type of treatment is a second important pillar in the fight against depression. Psychotherapy is an established and centuries-old science that has made it its goal to help those affected.

Two important pillars of psychotherapy are behavioral therapy and depth psychology:

Behavioral therapy aims to significantly change and improve bad behavior, negative thinking patterns and self-perception.

One should strengthen a patient’s self-confidence and train his mindfulness. These are skills that could be beneficial not only to those affected by depression but to most people. However, they have proven to be very effective, especially in those affected by depression.

Deep psychology aims at the subconscious. That’s 90% of brainpower that you can’t actively influence. It is extremely critical to inner thinking patterns and emotions.

With depth psychology, practitioners can address traumas, as well as internal conflicts, which can go back far into childhood.

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Additional measures

Self-help groups enable interaction with like-minded people who can exchange and support each other about their daily problems, but also about their successes. It is a great help to meet people who have the same problems and understand you.

Coping with everyday life

Therapists can give affected persons important tips and tricks for everyday life in order to overcome everyday hurdles and make daily life better and more joyful.

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Promoting creative achievements

This is an insider’s tip in the treatment of depression and gives sufferers more sense of life and quality of life.

Promoting creativity has been shown to have long-lasting positive effects on body, mind and soul. What exactly is implemented is irrelevant, as long as the patient can live out creativity to the fullest.

There are no limits to craftsmanship when it comes to carpentering, painting or crafting, but also in designing new games, making music or writing stories.

Here, sufferers can focus on what they “always wanted to do” and enjoy. Often success shows even in hobbies that have not been pursued since childhood.

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Exercise therapy

Exercise and fresh air are among the most successful treatments for depression with a high success rate.

Just as patients often lack certain nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc or magnesium, it can also be a lack of exercise and fresh air that triggers or promotes depression.

Exercise therapy is, thus, also an important part of the treatment. Exercise in the fresh air is a proven and very cost-effective treatment option for depression.

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Meeting depression with a healthy lifestyle

In most cases, only classical methods of psychotherapy and psychosomatics are discussed in relevant counselors and books in order to treat depression. What is neglected there are the organic causes of depression, which consist of the way of life.

Why this is so important: The way of life is something highly individual, as every person is unique. Due to the modern lifestyle and the usually extremely unhealthy diet, however, there are important causes of depression, which can be identified and eliminated with sometimes simple changes in the way of life.

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Dear co-creators

In the following article, I will share a small list of dietary and lifestyle factors, including individual foods and nutrients, which can make a significant contribution to the development of therapies for depression.

I hope this will even further the beneficial impact of your newly-gained knowledge regarding the treatment of depression.

Besides the elimination of the root cause for depression, a combination of several measurements is the main key to success.

If you need any further advice, or just want to rant or talk, then please contact me. I have created this website to help people regaining their lives, health and happiness again. And, together we will find a solution.

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