Weight Loss Motivation – 5 Powerful Motivation Tips & 1 Marvelous Story


Real Weight Loss Motivation  Starts Within You

Many people are wondering how motivation to lose weight and muscle building actually works. 

“In my career, I have fired more than 9. 000 shots. I lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I was the one who could have won the game, but I missed the net. I have failed again and again. And that’s exactly why I am successful. “

~ Michael Jordan

Did you know that most people fail to manifest their intentions because:

Lack of Stamina (43%)

Will is missing (40%)

Only 19% think they need more knowledge.

Most fitness guides provide knowledge and entice their readers into a psychological trap. Knowing what to do and doing what you know – these are two different pairs of shoes.

The following 5-step formula will help you stay tuned and program your thinking for a true weight loss motivation and success.

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Motivation # 1 – Find a Goal That Excites You

Set Smart Goals

“People are not lazy. They just have no goals worth pursuing.”

~ Anthony Robbins



If you want to change your body, this could be the most important element – although it has nothing to do with calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, cardio or weights.


There is a simple but fundamental step. You have to do that before you begin touching a weight, running a mile or planning what you want to be eating the next day.

If you take this step correctly, then the right diet and the right training follow naturally. And soon you will have a body that is slimmer, stronger and more defined.

If you skip this step, as most people do, chances are high that you will fail. No matter how hard you try.

The first step is to set yourself a goal that really excites you.

Motivation # 2 – Recognize Your Invisible SCRIPTS

Mental Strength in Sport

“Anyone who thinks he is something has stopped becoming something.”

~ Philip Rosenthal

Maybe you know the situation: While you’re driving home, you’re thinking of being somewhere else. Once you arrive at your destiny, you realize that you cannot remember the ride itself.

What you think or do regularly becomes a habit.

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Some habits are hidden so deep in your subconscious that you no longer consciously perceive them. These are the invisible scripts. While some of them help you achieve your goals, others are slowing you down or blocking you altogether.

As you learn to uncover your invisible scripts and replace them with new habits, you are programming yourself to succeed. Weight loss motivation, or whatever your goal is, is an automatism you can develop.

The “Invisible Scripts” for your life (and your fitness)

Anyone wearing headphones during their workout at the gym might as well wear a motto T-shirt saying “Let me train in peace”. That would clarify everything for those who might not have gotten the meaning of the headphones.

Obviously, other people are acting on a different script. Yesterday, for example, I was – despite wearing my headphones – involved in a conversation. Recklessly? 


He: “What are you training today?”

Me: “Legs, I’m just doing deep squats.”

The guy is here regularly and we know each other by sight. He will do strength training for a while now. Lots of muscle, but also a lot of fat.


We talk about the best muscle building exercises, then about nutrition. “I pay close attention to my diet,” he confesses. “Little fat, because you know… fat makes you fat!”

I wonder if I should explain this fatal error. Maybe this nutritional mistake is just the tip of the iceberg? He may be wasting his willpower on many things he believes are helping him – but which are counterproductive …? I interrupted my thoughts.

My time was short, so I decided on the small talk variant. Smiled, nodded, and continued with my training.

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What are “Invisible Scripts”?

In moments like this, it always becomes clear to me how many subconscious assumptions define our lives. I call them “invisible scripts”.

When I cycle home on a bike, I think about the headphone thing. For me, it is completely clear what I signal with it. My interlocutor was aware of this supposedly “universal law.” He acted upon his own invisible script without even being aware of it.

Invisible scripts are so deeply buried in our subconscious that we do not even realize how much they control our attitudes and behavior.

Such subconscious directives can become a serious deterrent if they are misdirecting us and preventing us from doing the right thing.

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How Invisible Scripts Create Your Success – or Failure.

What invisible scripts determine your life? Would you even be able to recognize them?

For example. “The easiest way to lose weight is to do more exercise.” That’s not true, but we hear it so often that it becomes an invisible script.

After all, there’s a reason they’re called “invisible scripts.” They can let you run into traps that you cannot get out of with positive thinking alone. In fact, these scripts are often so subtle that they often happen to your mind completely undetected.

And, they influence how you think, what you say and what you do. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

Maybe you can imagine that each of your invisible scripts can write the story of your life – especially when it comes to your appearance, your body and your fitness. Over time, some negative scripts turn into traps and real failures.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve probably immediately recognized the following two scripts as wrong:

Fat makes fat ==> No, the opposite is true. Conscious handling of carbohydrates is much more important.

The easiest way to lose weight is to do more sport. ==> No, it’s much easier, and time-saving, to adjust your diet.

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Which 3 Invisible Scripts Determine Your Life?

Do you see the hidden scripts that determine your life?

Here are a few examples:

“If my training partner does not have time, I can not do any sports.”

“I trained hard, so I earn this bar of chocolate.”

“In the rain, I do not walk, otherwise I catch a cold (and the hair does not sit …).”

“If I eat a healthy diet, my partner will feel guilty.”

“Traveling makes it difficult to eat healthily.”

“I do not have enough time to cook /exercise/sleep enough / …”

Tip: If you cannot remember, then answer this question for yourself: What are the top three invisible scripts that affect your friends?

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Motivation # 3 – Take Control of your Thinking.

“Never look back. Unless you want to go in that direction”.

~ Henry David Thoreau

What happens if something happens? You start to think, right? And if something bad happened, then you are thinking badly, right?



This process is usually completely subconscious.

The good news: If you know your invisible scripts, it’s always easier for you to take control of your thoughts. You replace destructive thoughts with thought patterns that catapult you forward.

Motivation # 4 – Look for Companions

Check Your Social Environment when Losing Weight

“When, if not now?

Where, if not here?

Who, if not we?”

~ John F. Kennedy

No one who has achieved something really significant has walked this path to victory entirely by himself.

Remember the five people you spend most of your time with and answer the following question: Do these people support you on your way to your weight loss goal?

If not, another question arises: Who is it that truly supports you?

Taking the lead is easier than you think. You probably already do it in many areas of life, without consciously thinking about it.

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Motivation # 5 – Seek Mentors

Why is it so difficult for many people to find a mentor? I, personally, think it’s because they take the term “mentor” too narrowly.

They are looking for someone to support them in a one-on-one interview, such as a personal fitness coach and mentor.

It will be difficult. After all, demand generally exceeds supply by far, a good mentor, therefore, has its price. It is easier if you take the term more openly.

A few suggestions on how to find people who motivate you:

In blogs and podcasts Mentor

In books,

In courses,

In clubs, communities and member areas

One on one with coaches and personal trainers

One on one by a true mentor

If you are unable to find a mentor for yourself, then don’t worry, either. My following four tips will make you stronger than you believe you ever could be.

Here are Four Steps so YOU can Take the Lead Today

Take the lead # 1 – Make good Decisions, even if Your Environment does the Opposite.

By that, I do not mean that fun goes into your passive vocabulary from today on – quite the contrary.

Enjoy the beer among friends and treat yourself to your favorite food. Remember, you’re sitting at the wheel, thus, you’re deciding where you’re headed to and how fast you’re going.

Always keep in mind, however, that in most cases you are from now on the role model. You are the one who leads by a good example.

Taking the lead means that you make a suggestion yourself when the others ask: “Where are we going to eat?”

Then you do not suggest the fast food joint around the corner, but a restaurant that will stay tuned to automatism.

You order the healthy version of the menu, even if the others choose the French fries plate.

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Take the lead # 2 – Get to know your Body and make Sport a Habit.

Discover why proper weight training and cardio training does to you and your body what it does. It does not matter if you like running, climbing, swimming or dumbbells. Exercise is from today on a daily habit for you.

Make yourself available as an informant. Become the person in your friend circle who helps others out with advice and suggestions if they want to know more about fitness.

That’s probably easier than you think.

If you know how to do squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, pushups, and other muscle-building exercises properly, then you’ll know better than the other 90% in your gym. I promise!

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Lead the way # 3 – Stay soft in Tone, but Tough on the Matter.

When you start converting others, you quickly become an outsider.

You are the quiet leader who only enthusiastically talks about his successes when asked.

Let the others live their lives as you live yours – with them you will earn the utmost respect. This will motivate you so much!

Eat healthily and stay with your sports routines regularly, without bothering others who do not.

Taking the lead # 4 – If you do not have a Mentor, become one Yourself

The easiest and most effective way to learn and stay motivated is to help others

We did not set up Nurturing Body-Fat Solutions to play the experts. On the contrary, because we wanted to develop ourselves by helping others.

It may well be that your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues make fun of you when you start a healthier life – Let them!

At the latest when you enjoy the sun in the summer and everyone, except you, are gathering in awe in front of you, to furtively check out your trained abs, you will be over it.

Taking the lead # 5 – Lead by example, not by Words

What if you are married and have children?

You want your better half to get fit with you and do not know how to address it?

Very easily. You simply start training yourself and eat healthier day by day.

If your partner asks you why you are wasting your time with something?  That you already look good enough anyway, then you simply say that you do it for the children. You want to be there for them as long as possible.  weight-Loss

Hey, who would argue against that?

Maybe you even manage to convince your partner. You would not be the first.

If you want to be fit, you have to guide. Therefore, you take the lead from now on and do so by setting great examples. Just as confident mentors do.

And if you are still not having enough weight loss motivation, then I’ll leave you with the astounding, marvelous, yet true, story of Fauja Singh. Please enjoy it.

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Fauja Singh: The Incredible Story of the 100-Year-Old Marathon Runner

When I heard the story of Fauja Singh for the first time, it gave me the confidence and the hope to achieve everything in life.

Discover the story behind a spirited Indian who could overcome his biggest life crisis with the help of sports!

It’s the story of a simple farmer …

Fauja Singh Punjab

It is April 1st in 1911 when there is a lot of excitement in a small village in Bias Pin, India. Fauja Singh, son of simple, honest and hardworking farmer sees the light of day.

He grows up in poor conditions and has to help his parents at the farm already early on in life. He is a witness to the repression of the British occupation, the great deeds of Mahatma Gandhi and the independence of India in 1947.

Already in his youth, when the time permits, he goes after his passion, the running. But Fauja Singh has to give this up after the wedding so he can feed his wife and children. He works every day under the most difficult conditions.

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How a Life Crisis becomes a New Beginning.

1992. The adult children have long been out of the house. Fauja Singh cries bitter tears in a dark corner of his little farm. His beloved wife was taken away by a tragic accident.

His entire life has been destroyed in one flash of light. The now 81-year-old sees no sense in his life. He falls into a deep life crisis, gives up his existence as a farmer and moves to the UK to his youngest son.

81 years: Too old to start running?

Fauja Singh does not feel comfortable in his new Western life. One day he watches a marathon on television and recalls his youth when he was an avid runner.

The spirits of Fauja Singh begin to awaken slowly and he tries to walk the first yards. He has to overcome a sports break of over 70 years, but immediately he feels his joy for this activity arising again.

Fauja Singh is now steadily increasing his running time and is not discouraged by the pessimists, who think the old Indian is dementing because of his old age.

He has found, however, a new meaning in his life and has been really happy for a long time now.

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89 years: Too Old to Run a Marathon?

In the year 2000, the London marathon begins and Fauja Singh is in the middle of the field. Nobody expects a long run of the frail Indian. He is pitied and ridiculed by the people.

But in the end, nobody laughs at the 89-year-old, who sensationally finishes his first marathon.

At the marathon in New York, shortly after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, he is berated as a terrorist because of his turban. People whistle and offend Fauja Singh.

But the brave Indian has already had to survive many conflicts in his life and continues running purposefully. Despite many humiliations, he crosses the finish line.

On October 16th, 2011, he writes World History. At the age of 100, he is the oldest person ever to finish a marathon.

What is the Secret of his Success?

Fauja Singh does not afford a luxury life. He has enough food and a roof over his head. He is healthy, does not smoke and does not drink alcohol. He looks optimistically into the future and constantly sets new goals that give new meaning to his life.

Fauja Singh is now a role model for many people around the world thanks to his athletic achievements. He always believes in his goals, sets his own rules and never gets beaten down by naysayers. 

What makes Fauja Sing so special is the unconditioned will to shape his own life. In my view, there are fewer talents, but rather skills that every person carries in himself:

Develop goals that make sense of your life!

Set your own rules!

Never let the pessimists discourage you – Go your own way!

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