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Is weight loss by hypnosis a serious alternative to exercising?

More and more adults, as well as children and adolescents, are struggling with obesity. In addition to health problems, this also causes limitations in mobility and the loss of self-esteem.

Weight loss by hypnosis is an option for people who cannot overcome and commit to actively do something about their overweight.

Although there are a number of promising opportunities and offers related to athletic activities, some people are having trouble accepting these solutions. Often the disturbed eating behavior that leads to obesity is the cause of mental stress.


In many cases, physical activity cannot eliminate these burdens, and this drastically limits the opportunities for success.

In order to be able to help these people, hypnotic therapeutic approaches to this problem have been around for some years now. Losing weight through hypnosis takes place through the therapeutic solution of mental blockages.

The subconscious mind displaces the compulsion of unhealthy eating when the treatment is successful. This will allow you to focus more on other things and also tackle weight loss with more confidence.

The Essentials Facts in Brief Overview

1- Almost 70 percent of Americans are struggling with being overweight, and 36 percent are actually obese.
2- Many of these people also have problems implementing long-term problem-solving measures.
3- The concept of losing weight through hypnosis can help you to generally live healthier lives and promote a positive attitude towards life.

What is Losing Weight through Hypnosis?

The term “losing weight through hypnosis” includes therapeutic approaches to weight loss that originated in hypnosis. Basically, the goal of this strategy is to regain a natural or healthy eating behavior with the help of the subconscious mind.

Predominantly, like any other person, you were born with a natural eating behavior embedded within the subconscious.


Even if you have dropped this pattern in the course of your life, it is still stored in your subconscious mind. With the help of hypnosis therapy, it may reactivate and help you lose weight.

Obesity is rarely a purely physical problem. So-called “emotional eating” causes many people to have issues to lose weight permanently. Hypnotic therapy can specifically lift these blockages.

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If you are aware that your eating habits are counterproductive, but you are mentally unable to do anything about them, hypnotherapy may be a potential solution for you.

If you have already tried several diets but have not been able to stick to it permanently or have been constantly confronted with the unpopular “Yo-Yo Effect,” therapeutic hypnosis may offer you new perspectives.


Losing weight through hypnosis, however, is often exposed to a lot of critical voices. In particular, the fact that very few people can benefit from it is a recurrent criticism.

Often, critics also claim that the effects of such therapies subside after some time.


Proponents of this approach see the criticism as justified if the hypnosis is used exclusively as symptom treatment and not as cause research.

Before you consider the concept of hypnosis, you should do a lot of research in this regard.

“Losing weight through hypnosis can be achieved through different approaches. By analyzing the methods and considering your own physical and mental attributes, you should be able to find the technique that suits you best.”

Backgrounds: What you should know about losing weight through hypnosis

How Does Losing Weight with Hypnosis Work?

As previously mentioned, weight loss by hypnosis can be done in several ways. If you decide to use the therapy in a professional environment, it will be different from what you have done yourself.

A therapist mainly tries to reach your subconscious with his voice. The most important prerequisite for a successful treatment is the relaxation as well as the fading out of external influences.


The duration of the sessions depends on the therapist as well as your problem. In most cases, the methodology will be explained to you during a first meeting and your questions answered.

The exact course of the session will then be adjusted to your needs or specific issues.

What Are the Costs of A Hypnosis Therapy?

The price is greatly influenced by the strategy you choose. If you decide on the professional approach to hypnosis, the number of sessions selected will be crucial.

Basically, there are variations between the different practices, but on average you will have to plan for a lower, three-figure amount per session. The first appointment is usually associated with a higher cost and could take longer.

Here you enjoy the advantage of professional expertise. For cheaper approaches, this component usually falls away.

Is Losing Weight Through Hypnosis Also Possible For Free?

Actually, you have the opportunity to choose free approaches to hypnotherapy. These are usually audio streams from the Internet. Professional treatments in a practice, however, always come at a cost.

If you choose the free approach, thorough preparation on your part is recommended.

Research in detail which framework conditions are necessary, which position you should take and which mood is of the essence.

Only if you meet these requirements, you have a chance to achieve success with this technique.


Is Hypnosis a Serious Concept for Losing Weight?

Likewise, as in many other industries, you may run the risk of getting rid of dubious providers in the field of hypnotherapy. Despite a still high number of skeptical voices, hypnotherapy has become established as a serious profession.

Basically, you should first inform yourself thoroughly before visiting the therapist of your choice.

As a rule, you can rely on online reviews from previous patients. This should enable you to select the right therapist for you.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Hypnosis?

Regardless of which long or short term goal you have set yourself, there are usually no limits in this respect.

Even if you are just interested in getting rid of a few pounds, the experience can be just as unique to you as if you would want to achieve a significant weight loss.


In addition to the fact that you have no limits in terms of setting goals, the successes can also be set up fairly quickly.

If the concept works for you and you can muster enough discipline, for example, a loss of up to 8 pounds per month is possible. This is the healthiest rate of weight loss, by the way.

Here is How You Can Perform Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Professional Practice

As mentioned before, professional practice is probably the fastest way to implement the concept of losing weight through hypnosis.

The advantage of this approach is that you have the expertise of years of training and years of experience. In addition, you do not have to make any arrangements yourself and just follow the instructions of your therapist.

While this hypnotic weight-loss approach usually provides you with the most security, it also comes with the biggest expense.


Keep in mind that the average costs per session range from $75 to $125, and the first meeting will be somewhat pricier due to more time being required.

Depending on how many sessions you need, the investment required can increase significantly. This form of treatment cannot normally be covered by health insurance.

In certain circumstances, however, exceptional cases may occur. In principle, though, health insurance companies only tend to allow partial refunds in this case.

The complete coverage of your hypnotherapy is, therefore, not possible. Nevertheless, it would be advisable to inform yourself about possible refunds prior to the start of your therapy.


In the age of digitization, you can now also use the concept of “weight loss hypnosis“ on your smartphone.

Here, you have the opportunity to choose the right approach from a variety of different apps.

Basically, it makes no difference which operating system you use. Many of the apps on offer work cross-platform, or you can access a significant number of platform-exclusive apps.

The costs compared to the therapeutic practice are significantly lower. Many apps are even free or, at worst, incur a one-digit cost.

Before you get an app, however, you should definitely analyze the ratings of previous users. Let me help you with some useful researched suggestions.

Ultimate Weight Loss - Hypnosis And Motivation

Empowered Hypnosis For Weight Loss Food

Hypnosis CD

Still from the time before the digitization originated so-called hypnosis CDs. Despite the fact that there are now more modern approaches, this variant for hypnotherapy continues to enjoy great popularity.

Also, in this case, you can fall back on a wide range of possibilities. Most of the CDs are recorded by people who also have training or are professionally involved in this field.

As in the case of hypnosis apps, CDs are costly. In a direct comparison, however, you have to expect higher investments, although still way more inexpensive than hypnotherapy sessions.



Normally, you can buy such CDs with low double-digit amounts. Again, you have the choice between strategies specifically to target the weight loss issue, or there even are CDs with which you can go to the bottom of several problems at once.

Also, in this case, the analysis of customer reviews is recommended. I can, however, recommend one, in particular, which is great.


It truly does reprogram your subconscious mind to healthier eating habits and, with time, even permanently influences which foods you desire to eat or not.

This CD is also a valuable tool for Keto lovers, as it speeds up the results you wish for from a ketogenic diet.

Of course, you have to listen to the session consequently ( it’s only 32 minutes long) and on a daily basis in order to see results.

One Good Tip: It’s best to leave it on during night time while you are sleeping, because your subconscious mind is highly alert at those hours and will absorb the new information like a sponge.

Also, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, either. Good things take time, but they manifest with the right will and mindset. If you want to check this great tool out, click below.


Since When Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Exist?

Hypnotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic approaches of humanity. Ancient scriptures indicate that they used this technique already several thousand years before Christ.

About three centuries before Christ they were achieving great progress in this area, especially in Greece. Selected monks used the light sleep state of their patients to generate positive suggestions.

Nowadays, they are considering this strategy as a precursor to psychotherapy. In the recent past, two names, in particular, have been associated with advances related to hypnosis.



In the 18th century, Franz Anton Messner was decisively responsible for new findings in this area.

He realized that for the hypnotic state, neither half-sleep nor special aids would be necessary.



Almost at the same time, English-born ophthalmologist James Braid underwent hypnotic therapy for a neutral, scientific study.

Due to his experiments, James Braid was the first therapist who was able to bring about positive change processes with this form of therapy.

In the 20th century, the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz was largely responsible for the further development of hypnotherapy. Through his self-developed “Autogenic Training” he developed an approach to self-hypnosis.

In the last twenty years, there have been numerous positive developments in the field of psychotherapy and, subsequently, hypnotherapy.

As a result, trained people are using hypnosis in just about all areas, including weight loss promotion.

Is Losing Weight Through Hypnosis Suitable For Children?

For kids and adolescents, hypnosis may also be promising as a therapeutic approach. This is positively favored in particular because of their vivid imagination.

Hypnotherapy is a child-friendly approach to solving problems, including obesity.

Childhood Obesity- It's A Collective Problem! Be A Great Example! 

Basically, professionals can use hypnotherapy in children for many kinds of problems and symptoms. Here, the child should be taught that it itself is the true solution to the problem.

As a result, in addition to active engagement with various hurdles, self-employment can also be promoted. Using hypnotherapy can actively affect the subconscious mind.

As a result, there is the possibility that overweight-causing eating habits can be reconsidered or even changed by the child.


Weight loss by hypnosis is possible through many approaches. You can either opt for self-hypnosis or have it done professionally.

Depending on your decision, it is not only affecting the cost and quality of the factor; the amount of effort you have to do yourself depends on your choice.

Losing weight through hypnosis works through an analysis of your psyche. Releasing mental blocks from your subconscious mind makes the process of losing weight possible.

This means that success can only be guaranteed if you begin the chosen therapy with the right attitude and are convinced of its potential for success.

Without the commitment to achieve your goals with this approach, you may want to consider other weight loss methods.

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