Understand Karma And Apply Its Principal To Your Favor


Understand Karma and how to use the principle of it!

If you are in the company of spiritually interested people, you will hear it again and again, but there is hardly a word that is misunderstood as often as this. After reading the following explanation, you will be able to understand Karma and its principle in such a way that you can really use it for yourself.

Most people understand karma completely wrong!

It is always fascinating to see how easily misunderstandings about spiritual concepts prevail among the masses.

However, the case of karma is special. The majority of modern society understand the following under this term:

“If you do something bad, something bad will happen to you, if you do something good, something good will happen to you.”

This may be true to a certain extent, but if you really want to use the principle of karma for yourself, you should also grasp the following:

Ideally, actions have no effect on your karma!

This knowledge is the necessary basis to understand the rest of this explanation.

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It’s all a question of the right attitude

Karma arises the moment you stop acting and you begin to identify with your action.

The moment you start spinning a story around your actions, the basis for karma arises because you automatically have certain expectations as to how that story should go.

If this story develops differently than you imagined, which is often the case in life, tension arises in you. That is the moment when you can clearly recognize the effect of karma.

Simply stated, your expectations and that you evaluate situations as good or bad are the cause of your karma.

Here’s an example:

Suppose you walk down the street and someone crosses your path, your eyes meet and you greet that person, but are ignored.

Now the karma factory begins to work in you: “Impudence! He’s got some nerves. Someone should teach him some manners!, etc. …”

It’s so easy to mess up your mood yourself!

If you now insists that it is the other person’s fault that you are angry, think of the explanation from right before:

It was your expectation that triggered it!

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How to escape the clutches of karma

Assume that you simply greeted the person from the example without expecting an answer. The same story unfolds, and he walks by without paying attention to you. And yet, one important thing has changed for you:

It makes no difference to you this time, your mood remains balanced and your thoughts are conciliatory!

You can use this liberating mindset in any situation:

1- Go to work without thinking about the pay slip, just to do your duty.

2- Cook your lunch without thinking about how you will eat it and eat it without thinking about how it will fill you up.

3- Clean up your apartment without being proud of yourself afterwards, because you have simply done your duty and sooner or later the karma would make you feel bad if disorder arises again.

The result of your action comes to you either way, regardless of whether you are circling around it or not!

Selfless action equals liberated action

The moment you stop asking yourself “What do I get out of it?” And just start doing what is necessary, you have overcome the principle of karma.

Of course, this does not mean that you should neglect your goals, but much more that you only get the opportunity to act really effectively with this method.

This is because as long as you get spinning with every little failure, you lose your focus and are not anymore able to do your best.

However, if you just do what is necessary and see the vault of action and reaction as a game, something can happen in your life, and it will not be able to harm you any longer.


Dissolve past karma, get rid of legacy issues

All previous actions that you have committed with expectations have left impressions in your karmic memory.

These impressions come back to you as soon as you permanently generate new ones. And to achieve that is the real goal of this exercise!

Your past karma hinders you because these expectations and opinions still affect you. Everything that has contributed to your karmic accumulation reappears sooner or later, or in the next life, again.

If you get involuntary impressions from the past, it is a sign that they are beginning to dissolve, now only one thing is important:

Just watch what happens without being influenced by it!

The same game as with the passer-by, no matter what comes there, whether grief or anger: just do not make demands, because one can not change the past either way, but its effect on you can be solved.

If you practice not to let the karma upset you, you will become better every day at acting without accumulating more karma.

After a while you will be ready to dissolve more karma than you produce on most days and that is when the actual process behind the karmic principle begins to work.

Alone with the methods described here you will achieve inviolable satisfaction over time, which will increase your quality of life many times over, because one thing is certain:

Life is much more beautiful when you can simply enjoy what is without forging yourself a drama from the external circumstances.

Dear co-creators

I hope that my post can help you to understand karma and its principals better. It’s such a simple law, actually. The main reason why so many people fear it is because they do not know what it really stands for.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to share your experience on this topic? If so, then please leave a comment below. We always love reading from you and will be glad to help.

Also, remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to grow, live your purpose and find ultimate happiness. Thus, thank you for your existence.

Know that you are highly appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~



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