Toxin List For Autoimmune Diseases – Avoid These Additives!


Cut out the poisons in the toxin list for autoimmune diseases and prevent/avert the illness

Today, I put together a toxin list for autoimmune diseases. These poisons possibly cause the rapid increase in autoimmune disorders. They burden the human body increasingly with unnatural additives and toxins.

These substances irritate the body’s own detoxification machinery (skin, kidney, lungs, liver, intestines) and the immune system. In addition, certain substances, such as heavy metals, can promote the development of autoimmune diseases.

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Here you will find an overview of the most common toxins and additives in our environment and in foods associated with chronic diseases:

The toxin table

This table is divided into the respective toxin, in which products we can find it in our everyday life and what function it performs there:

Toxin Occurrence Function


chips, french fries, spekulatius/speculaas cookies, non-organic coffee, grilled meat Formation in frying fat at over 350° Fahrenheit, roasting protein and carbohydrate-containing foods


Aluminium-containing additives: E-173, E-720, E-221, E-222, E-723 cans, kitchen utensils

deodorants, food additives in lye pastries, tea (not organic), cocoa/chocolate (not organic), ready-made pastries, aluminum foil

Partially accumulates during cooking (aluminum-containing kitchen utensils), storage of food,
a coating of confectionery/ decoration of cakes/pastries, for dyeing medicines and cosmetics

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Antibiotics (in food)

Meat and eggs from livestock farming, fish and seafood from aquaculture, dairy products Promotes/accelerates the growth of fattening animals, prevents infections.

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Algae, fish (matjes/herring), seafood (shellfish), rice, (whole grain and parboiled rice), pharmaceuticals chemical additive, used in food cultivation as pesticides, fungicide


In diet products, sweets, sausages/ meat products, dairy products, sweeteners, flavor carriers, a shelf life enhancer, cheap filler, marketing purpose (e.g. diet products- “zero calories”)

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Azo dyes

Confectionery that glows in color (especially bright red/yellow) Colouring of foods

Benzene/benzoic acid

Soft drinks, plastic, cosmetics, preservatives, feed additive, fungicide, plasticizer

BHT (Butylhydroxytoluene/E 321)

Paints, waxes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials Antioxidant, stabilizer, prevents the formation of dangerous ether peroxides.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Plastic packaging of food, plastic waterway, plastic containers, cans, an unwanted by-product from the production process

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Hydrochloric acid (hydrogen cyanide)

Cassava, bitter almonds, stone fruit seeds (apricots, peaches), natural occurrence


Wild-growing foods, predatory fish, gets into soil/plants through car exhausts, accumulates in the marine food chain

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Air, in predatory fish, enters the ocean via industrial exhaust gases, waste incineration plants and environment


Eggs from mass animal husbandry, mold residues in animal feed

Ethanol (alcohol)

Alcoholic beverages, preservation, taste, intoxication

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Drinking water in some regions, black tea, toothpaste, chewing tobacco, medicines, antibacterial
Fipronil mainly in eggs from livestock contain pesticide/insecticide

Glutamate (E-621)

Ready-to-eat food and snacks, Chinese food (ready sauces) flavor enhancers


Red wine, aged cheese, preserves, ripened tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, hot spices, a natural degradation product of the amino acid histidine at microbial degradation


Cured salt, processed meat and sausage products, preservatives

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PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether)

Flame retardants in mattresses, plastics and other synthetic substances, polyurethane foam flame retardant

Phthalate (diethyl phthalate, “fragrance”)

Detergents, laundry products, washable items, moisturizers, soap, cosmetics, dyes, perfume plasticizers


Melted cheese, meat and sausages (also burger meat), preservatives, acidifiers and acidity regulator, release agents, emulsifiers

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Polychlorinated Biphenyls (BCB)

Water systems, swimming pools, plastic, cleaning agents disinfection, pesticide


Coal, permafrost soils, old thermometers, predatory fish, compact fluorescent lamps, amalgam fillings, accompanying material in coal and mineral ores, enrichment in the sea and in soils


Diet products, sweets, cheap filler, flavor enhancer/sweetener

Mold toxins (e.g. aflatoxins)

Mold on food: cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables, cereals, pistachios, peanuts, coffee; natural formation in improper storage of food

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Green tomatoes/potatoes, also on potato shoots, natural formation with immature harvest or forms in case of incorrect storage (potatoes)


Diet products, ‘light’ products, sweeteners


nail polish remover, solvent

Trans fatty acids

Microwave popcorn, baked goods, puff pastry, lard pastries, fries, potato chips, biscuits, margarine, frying fat; on contents as “hardened fats”, “hydrogenated vegetable oils” Falls as a by-product in industrial fat hardening/heating of vegetable oils (above 266 °Fahrenheit)

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Soaps, deodorants, hairsprays, toothpaste, cosmetics disinfection, preservative
Xenoestrogens, e.g in plastic bottles, plastic packaging,  cheap filling material, chemical by-products

Industrial sugar/cane sugar/household sugar/

Added as preservative and sweetener in compote, sweeteners and pastries, yogurt, sausage, bread, sweet and salty spreads, cereal slats and cereal bars, breakfast flakes, etc., shelf-life improving, preservative, flavor carriers/ sweetener, texture/filler (e.g. in jam/syrup)

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Sugar caramel (ammonium sulfite)

Ready meals and snacks, ready-made sauces, dips and spreads, for better shelf life, preservation, flavor enhancer

Avoid toxins and additives – but how?

Of course, it is not possible to avoid all these substances. But, as you will have noticed in the occurrences, plastic products, ready-to-eat foods and cosmetics account for 90% of the appearance of these chemical matters. If you avoid these sources, you also avoid the toxins and additives.

From the moment no new additives enter the body and accumulate, your body gets the opportunity to break down and excrete existing deposits.

As a result, negative side effects improve and your metabolism ( see Five effective ways to stimulate your metabolism) and immune system regenerate from the resulting damage.

In order to make this possible and to avoid the most important toxins in everyday life, I recommend the following three steps.

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Natural diet

Consisting of unprocessed and natural foods, such as the paleo diet, flexitarian diet, clean eating and/or vegetarian diet.

The avoidance of animal products from livestock farming, fish from aquaculture, as well as predatory fish (tuna, swordfish, king mackerel) is a useful benefit for your recovery.

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Avoidance of unnatural cosmetic products

Use high-quality natural cosmetics and home remedies and care for your body with natural substances.

Avoidance of plastic products

Avoid packing food in plastic or buying food packaged in plastic. If so, wash the food extensively. Avoid drinking from plastic bottles. Filtered tap water and water from glass bottles is the more recommended alternative.

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Helping the body with detoxification

To implement a detoxification treatment to excrete as many of these toxins as possible from the body, I recommend our article about intestinal and liver cleansing. You can read it here: Cleanse the liver.

This detox regenerates the intestine and liver and allowing you to reset your body’s system. Along with this, I, furthermore, suggest a subsequent dietary change to a nutritious, natural diet.

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Dear co-creators

I truly hope that our toxin list for autoimmune diseases helps you to detect and eliminate more additives and toxins from your daily life and diet.

Eating bitter substances from green vegetables, turmeric, ginger, artichokes, apples and berries, also helps you to cleanse your liver so it can break down and excrete toxins.

N-acetyl cysteine, chlorophyll-rich (green vegetables) and omega-3 fatty acids also enhance natural chelation and support the excretion of heavy metals.

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