Helpful Tips To Make Your Spiritual Journey Much Easier

Here’s why I’m now able to share some tips to make your spiritual journey much easier.  Because listening to the stories of others is the best way to learn new things. 

Why is that?

Simply because once we get in tune with someone’s emotions, the recollection will be saved to our permanent memory bank.

One of the truest statements is that humans mostly don’t remember the details of occurrences. They do, however, always recall how these situations made them feel.

This just proves that feelings and emotions are the staying-powers for our brains.


Listening to someone else stories is a wonderful manner to learn from other people’s experiences without actually having to live through the circumstances yourself.

If you’re already somewhat familiar with the spiritual subject, then you probably noticed a pattern. Most people with a profound spirituality have one thing in common.

They share a somewhat “dark” history that they had to go through, so they could achieve the full growth in spirituality that they are now at.

There are a variety of names for this phase in people’s lives. Some call it “facing the shadows”, “the dark night of the soul”, “shadow work”, and so on…

What I’m trying to make you aware of is that spirituality isn’t all “love and light” like most people assume. In fact, it takes lots of sometimes exhausting inner work in order to manifest your soul’s true purpose.



What Is “The Dark Night of The Soul”?

You know those experiences that we’re not always so proud to share?

I’m referring to these memories of particular things that have occurred that you’ve tried to avoid thinking about ever again; suppressing them from your conscious awareness.

Or, perhaps they’ve had such an enormous impact on you that the reaction you have to certain circumstances in your current life stems from a subconscious adopted manner from your past.

Whatever the case may be, the dark night of the soul and the connected, but essential, shadow work that everyone unconsciously seeks to avoid will lift the veil.

You see, this process is integral to being able to step into your power and to manifest your soul’s true purpose.Shadow-Work

Why is that necessary?

Think about it this way. How do you expect to truly know yourself without unearthing these buried experiences? I know it’s hard to deal with them, and you’d rather keep them covered up forever.

But, if you never face them, accept them fully, make peace with them and let them go, then how will you ever know your true purpose and who you really are? 

I’m making sure that you don’t miss the number one ranking tips to make your spiritual journey much easier, as many people overlook the following:

A big step in the manifestation process that most people are unaware of is that you have to take radical responsibility for where you currently are in your life.

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If you want to manifest the life that your soul truly yearns for, and which is rightfully yours to claim in this realm, you have to be fully present.

Without total accountability, you’ll never figure out what requires attention for you to live in your full potential.

This is not a simple task. In fact, our brains are programmed with fight or flight reactions.

This means that if your brain registers any type of danger, you’ll either be prompted to fight against it or to flee.

I’m here to ascertain to you that the growing afflictions that you’re probably undergoing on this spiritual path are not only completely essential, but also universally and spiritually deliberate.

Don’t run, mate! Make peace with your fears, and let go.

How To Overcome The Dark Night of The Soul and Shine Your Light?

We just spoke of the body’s natural stance to shadow work: fight or flight.

Thus, the very first thing to do to subdue this critical part of your soul journey is to approach it with full awareness. This requires your entire consciousness and acceptance of what you’re about to submerge into.

As mentioned above, this is not a simple task. And, to make it even more alluring – There’s more than one of these “phoenix moments”. You’ll continue to experience them in intervals to bring you closer and closer to your higher self.

Don’t let this dishearten you.

Simply keep in mind that as long as you’re incarnated here in this world, there are always assignments to do. Here is another one of those tips to make your spiritual journey much easier.

Ask yourself why wouldn’t I like to get familiar with the easiest way to build-in shadow work into my life?

If your initial answer to facing your subconscious shadow self is to fight back and cause chaos and more blockage, it’s imperative that you don’t let fear overwhelm you.

Again, this is not easy, but it is vital for you in order to advance faster on your spiritual journey.

When we retaliate out of fear, we’re more likely to strike out and damage relationships around us that actually are here to  support our soul’s path.

To avoid doing this, realize when you’re getting agitated and try to figure out what initiated the provocation in the given situation.


What triggered you?

Are your emotions causing your reactions?

Does the created chaos truly align with your highest self?

These sort of questions can help to calm you down and give you a new perspective.

If your initial response is flight when you face your subconscious shadow self, you have to also work on not acting out of panic.

This is no easier than the fight response above, but also just as vital.

When we flee from a situation or person out of fear, we’re more likely to self-sabotage all the things in our lives that we’ve been working so diligent to manifest.

To circumvent this, take a minute to think about the bigger picture.

All you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Remember, isn’t this exactly what you’re asking for?

Do you feel worthy of the reality, the life that you’re creating?

These are some thoughts that may ground you again, once you found yourself running from challenges.


Your Soul Knows What’s Best For You, Don’t Fight Against It!

Sometimes, as we are stepping into our true purpose, specific circumstances will be presented before us to help us jump into the next chapter of our lives.

Some people will naturally seeks to move around these obstacles, stay put (stuck) in the same place, or even try to bulldoze through them. Neither of these approaches, however, are the correct ways to handle challenges.

Just as with anything else, practice is the key. Your strength gets more powerful over time as you manage more hindrances through life. 

You’ll become much more comfortable leaping over them in the right manner and with confidence.

Being aware of a few things about yourself, such as your natural talents and areas of opportunity, can facilitate your “training” a lot.

Whether you’re ready to manifest the life that your soul is desiring, or you encounter yourself exploring shadow work, learning about your soul path will reveal tremendous things about you, including how you can master these situations.

You’ll be stunned at how your soul is already more equipped than you would have ever thought. Find out what is personally hindering you from manifesting the life you deserve with the free soul reading below.