Tips For Mental Wellbeing In Times Of Uncertainties & Global Health Crisis

Supportive tips for mental wellbeing during uncertain times

I thought is is necessary to provide some tips for mental wellbeing that are not only applicable during but also after the pandemic will finally end. Numerous rules and measures currently apply to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. They have a strong influence on the whole of life and are sometimes associated with great restrictions.

Isolation or quarantine at home, for example, is very difficult for many people and can also affect their mental well-being. Here are some information and tips to help you.

Structure your day

Give the days and the week a structure. In this way you avoid insecurity, helplessness and stressful situations. So plan your activities for the next few days and make a list of things to do. It is also encouraging to use a “done” list to keep track of what you’ve accomplished.

If you work from home, it can help you stick to normal working hours and, if possible, the work flow too. Perhaps you and your colleagues will take a virtual daily coffee break as a video chat or conference call.

Do things that are good for you

Plan activities and habits into your daily routine that you enjoy doing and that you can consciously enjoy. Maybe you like to watch a good movie or enjoy reading or painting. Try new recipes, prepare special dishes and enjoy the food.

Make sure you get enough sleep and regular exercise as well. Get out in the fresh air. Always, however, observe the rules and recommendations of conduct. All of this has a positive effect on physical and mental balance.

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Maintain your contacts

One of the tips for mental wellbeing that many tend to forget over time is that even if face-to-face meetings with neighbors, acquaintances or friends cannot take place at the moment, there is always the option of staying in touch via phone, video chat or social media.

Exchange ideas with one another and motivate one another to deal with the current phase well. It is also good to discuss topics other than “Corona” from time to time.

In many neighborhoods there is currently a wave of solidarity with mutual support, for example offering older neighbors to do some shopping or running errands. The support does not only benefit the person receiving the help: the helper himself will also have positive feelings because he can do something useful.

Make yourself aware of this

A lot of rumors and dubious reports are currently circulating. Find out more from trusted sources. In addition, be careful and targeted when looking for information.

For example, determine for yourself at what intervals or at what times you want to be updated. Listening to the news or reading information online all the time can be stressful.

Recognize negative feelings, strengthen positive feelings

Think positive! That sounds like a well-worn piece of advice at first. Everyone will know feelings of overwhelm, stress and worry in the current situation – these are completely normal reactions. From a psychiatric-psychotherapeutic point of view, one should acknowledge these feelings and admit them to oneself.

At the same time, however, you can actively plan not to get too involved in negative feelings. Instead, focus especially on thoughts, experiences, and activities that trigger positive feelings. These can be very simple everyday things such as morning coffee, nice music or a call to old friends.

For many, it is not easy to stay in a good mood when it is unclear how our public life will develop in the near and further future.

Many questions arise, such as, for example, when you can travel together as a family again or when you can finally visit your grandparents again without worries. Many parents are also concerned about the care and teaching situation.

Uncertainty and a lot of questions are normal during the current pandemic. Asking such questions is understandable. Also that feelings such as frustration, anger, disappointment or even hopelessness are associated with it.

Because unfortunately there is so little certainty. But that doesn’t mean you are helpless in the situation. There are a number of things you can do now to face the future with confidence. I have collected some ideas for you to help you with this.

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Turn your home into a getaway

Taking a break from everyday life is an important source of relaxation for the whole family. But how can you have a nice and relaxing time despite travel restrictions? Try changing your perspective: It might even be nice not to have to deal with the often grueling journey, not to worry about someone watering the flowers or feeding the cat.

At home you have a lot of creative freedom. Try to imagine how you can transform your home into a place of relaxation. Perhaps you can relax on the balcony, in the garden or on a nearby meadow or let your children play.

Or you can build a mattress camp with your children on which they can run around, play and cuddle. If you like to eat in restaurants on vacation, you can now rediscover restaurants in your area and at the same time support the regional catering.

Many restaurants offer take-away meals if current regulations do not allow you to go to a restaurant on site. Those who prefer to be active on vacation: Most suburban areas also have wonderful hiking routes or routes for bike tours with the whole family.

For a relaxing holiday at home, make sure to put away items that remind you of your work as much as possible. That might mean that the door to the study is closed or the laptop stays in the drawer.

Build a fortress with your kids and pretend to live in medieval times, while even preparing authentic foods from the Middle Ages together:

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Build confidence in the family

Often, it is our thoughts that contribute to how we feel. If we think a lot about what we cannot do in the future, then we will increasingly feel feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and resignation. The good news: We can control our thoughts ourselves to a certain extent and, thus, actively influence our emotional state.

So here’s one of the most vital tips for mental wellbeing: Avoid spending too long on bad news. Try to remember that it is a temporary condition and make plans with your family for the time afterwards.  Decide which friends or family members will you meet again? How and where do you want to spend your vacation after the pandemic?

Perhaps there is even something positive that you can take away from this unusual time. Did you learn anything about yourself or your family? Are there things that you would like to carry on after returning to normal?

For example, you might realize that you want to pay more attention to some family members. Or you have learned to differentiate yourself better.

The exceptional situation may also have shown you what is really important to you, and you want to set other priorities in your life in the future. You can also discuss these questions with your family during activities together.

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Dear co-creators

Among the most important tips for mental wellbeing is to use support options and help if you feel psychologically stressed by the Corona crisis and or its aftermath!

People who feel psychologically stressed due to the current situation or for other reasons often find help and support from someone they trust in their personal environment.

This can be relatives, friends or other close people. However, if this support is not available in the personal environment or if it is insufficient, those affected and / or their relatives should get help and professional support.

For example, I can be reached anonymously by telephone or by email, free of charge. As I said, the conversation is non-binding and free, but if you want you can make a small contribution using my affiliate while shopping online anyway, so that I can continue to do my work to help others in need.

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