Five Tips For A Healthy Heart And More Vitality In Life


Fountain of youth for our life with tips for a healthy heart

Our heart is the center of our health. And we can do a lot to keep it fit and healthy for a long time. That’s why today I want to introduce you to some tips for a healthy heart, the impact of bad habits and lifestyle decisions, as well as what you should consider.

Our heart is a real high-performance organ. It pumps 7,000 liters of blood through our entire body. Every day, 24 hours a day and between 70 to 90 times a minute. That’s as much as fits in a small pool.

Physicists have calculated that our most important muscle has an output of 580 hp compared to an engine.

Without this vital pump, neither oxygen nor a single nutrient would get to where it is needed. Our heart also has to continuously transport blood for our immune defense along with important messenger substances.

To keep it that way, we should protect it. And we can do a lot to make our heart and vascular system as robust as possible.

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1- Pull the stress brake

Stress is a huge problem for our hearts. Surveys show that more than one in two feels stressed and overwhelmed with work.

Constant tension leads to increased stress hormone levels, which are poison for our heart. In the long term, this activates substances that can trigger inflammation and subsequently damage the coronary arteries.

Of course, we cannot avoid all the stressful things of everyday life, but we can try to mindfully experience less stress.

Just looking out of the window for 10 minutes a day and letting your mind wander will work wonders. We have summarized further tips for you against stress here.

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2- Good fats – a healthy heart

Vessels that constrict are the greatest risk to our hearts. Because the narrower our bloodstream, the higher the resistance against which it has to pump.

Atherosclerosis and a weak heart can result in the long term. Researchers at the University of Munich have found that healthy fats can promote the body’s healing in the fight against vasoconstriction.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in this. The advice of cardiology doctors is, therefore, to eat optimally once or twice a week high-fat sea fish.

Salmon or saithe are especially good, because they contain a particularly large number of these healthy fats. Also recommended: linseed oil, walnut oil and flaxseed oil, which are also rich in omega-3.

Learn more about how to protect your arteries here.

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3- Berries, garlic, broccoli

Organic foods build another group in the tips for a healthy heart category. Nothing better protects against cardiovascular diseases than a traditional Mediterranean diet.

Its wholesomeness lies in lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, high-quality vegetable oils, some fish, poultry, and only very little red meat.

Doctors do not yet know exactly what this protective effect is based on, but one thing is certain: it is the combination of diverse natural nutrients that defines the effect.

Antioxidants play an important role here. These are e.g. vitamins C and E as well as phytochemicals that protect our cardiac system from free radical damage.

Particularly effective are the flavonoids from berries, the glucosinolates from cabbage and broccoli and the sulfides from garlic and onions.

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Homocysteine ​​- what is it actually?

A high level of homocysteine ​​in the blood is considered a risk factor for heart attack and vasoconstriction. Many doctors even classify it as more dangerous than cholesterol.

Nevertheless, this value is not determined in the blood by default. You may need to tell your doctor if you have never had homocysteine.

Normal laboratory values ​​are between 5 µmol / l and 10 µmol / l. What we eat influences our homocysteine ​​in the blood. It has been scientifically proven that folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to a normal homocysteine ​​level.

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4- Eat more fresh herbs

The body needs certain amounts of salt for many body functions. But because there is a lot of hidden salt in processed foods (salami, ham, sausage, bread, chips, etc.), we often take in more than is good for us.

The more of it we eat, the more our kidneys have to work to rinse it out. We lose a lot of fluid as a result. If we do not drink enough water, the vessels narrow, the blood pressure rises – and this strains our hearts.

We cannot change the salt content of store-bought ham. Therefore, when cooking at home, season with fresh herbs and spices as often as possible. I have summarized many tips for you on how to save salt here.

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5- Build movement into everyday life

Everyone knows how important sport is to stay healthy. Regular movement in everyday life is just as good as sweaty Tabata training.

The daily walk to the bakery, some gardening or a short evening stroll, all of this keeps us agile and gently stimulates the circulation.

And our hearts are happy about such moderate exertion! Incidentally, we also put another risk factor for our heart out of action: overweight. Do you sit at your desk all day?

Here you will find little tricks on how to keep moving:

Daily Workout Motivation - Make Exercise A Part Of Your Lifestyle

Dear co-creators

I hope the above tips for a healthy heart will encourage you to take better care of your ticker. Let’s show a little appreciation for the tremendous job our hearts are performing during our entire lives.

We truly ought to celebrate them more often with enhanced mindfulness, some cardio exercise and, perhaps, a healthy and delicious green smoothie.

So now it’s your turn. Let us know how you are taking care of your heart. We are very curious to read about it.

Also, please, share our website with your family and friends. This gives me the opportunity to continue writing informative articles and sharing tips, recipes and free ebooks with all of you.

It, furthermore, allows me to offer private chat sessions to those of you in need of an open ear, advice, moral support and/or uplifting words during your time of spiritual awakening.

The path to enlightenment is not always evenly paved, and I am here to guide you through. It is part of my life purpose this time around on Earth.

Don’t forget that you are unique spiritual beings, part of the Universe, essential, appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved.

Thank you for existing. ~Namaste~

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