Eight Tips Against Sugar Cravings To Live Healthier


Live a better life with eight tips against sugar cravings

Because it is not easy to keep your hands off the sugar, I have put together eight tips against sugar cravings for you.

Is sugar the new tobacco? When it comes to nutritionists, yes. Independent studies show more and more clearly how much excessive sugar consumption jeopardizes our health.

The bad thing about it is that it is tougher to give up sugar than to quit smoking. Researchers assume that sugar is highly addictive.

Don’t worry, though, because I’ve got a few steps that can support you beating your sugar addiction in no time.

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1 – Reduce sugar consumption step by step

If you want to achieve something in the long run, you should also plan long-term. Fix-quick actions can feel good at first.

Most of us, however, usually cannot maintain the motivation for long enough, and then the frustration sets in.

Our health gains nothing from all of this because a change in diet (improvement) can only take effect after some time.

If you get used to a life with less sugar step by step, you train your sense of taste. At some point, the waiver will succeed automatically.

So, for example, if you like to drink your coffee with two teaspoons of sugar, you can reduce it to one and a half teaspoons per cup. A week later, try to get by with just one teaspoon, and so on.

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2 – Get used to less sugar instead of replacing it

Sugar alternatives are currently very popular. But no matter whether coconut blossom sugar, xylitol or artificial sweeteners: They all hide our addiction to sugar.

However, if the goal is to go through life without a sweet tooth over the long term, these “substitute drugs” will not get us anywhere.

Give your body and tastebuds time to adjust naturally to the less amount of sugar that you will offer.

3 – Reduce indulging in sweets – just how?

The third part of tips against sugar cravings often is easier said than done: “Simply reduce the amounts of sweets! “What sounds banal is often not that simple to follow through. That’s because of the desire for something sweet lies in our genes.

So the first step to a life with less sugar is to stop buying sweets. Oly this way, you don’t always have temptations right in front of you.

We often receive chocolates and other sweets as a gift and/or get invited to coffee and cake. In the latter case, an exception is not a problem at all. After all, a healthier lifestyle should not make us a social outsider.

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4 – Check ingredient lists in the supermarket

Speaking of shopping, please keep in mind that sugar hides in almost every ingredient list. However, it is not always easy to discover it because sugar has many names.

Sucrose, dextrose, fructose syrup, glucose syrup, lactose, maltodextrin are just a few examples.


The position in the ingredient list indicates the relative amount of sugar. The further ahead, the more sugar is added.

If you don’t want to do without a product at all, it should never have sugar as the main ingredient. There are almost always several alternative brands whose composition you can compare.

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5 – Avoid finished products as often as possible

Finished products are industrially highly processed products. However, the natural aroma is quickly lost through processing.

The manufacturers then try to improve the taste again inexpensively, and they, therefore, add sugar. Thus, avoid ready meals as much as possible.

If you do reach for it, check the ingredient list, and choose the healthiest alternative. Here we show you which finished products you can access without a guilty conscience:

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6 – For special occasions: Prepare your own sweets!

It’s a birthday and you’re inviting friends? Then, of course, a birthday cake should not be missing! You don’t have to do without baking cookies even during the Christmas season either.

Classic baking recipes, however, usually contain a lot of sugar. Simply halve the amount of sugar;  the enjoyment remains the same.

This is especially the case if you have already gotten used to lower sugar consumption in everyday life. Also, certain spices, such as cinnamon, make up in a healthy way for the ‘missing’ sugar part.

You can also find a recipe with little sugar here: Recipes

7 – Appoint water as your favorite drink

Of course, I cannot forget to add water to the tips against sugar cravings list. I personally know many who find water as a drink too bland. A spritzer with juice concentrate or a soft drink must then serve as a thirst quencher every time.

But with that, we take in an unnecessarily high amount of sugar throughout the day. And the tricky thing is that the liquid form makes the sugar get into the blood particularly quickly.

The blood sugar level skyrockets and drops rapidly again shortly afterward. Then the body asks for replenishment.

Therefore, try to drink only water or unsweetened tea (see 11 green tea benefits) throughout the day to stay perfectly hydrated. Again, you don’t have to make a radical cut overnight.

Simply dilute your juice or soda with more and more water every day. You will soon get used to the neutral, refreshing taste of water.

And on special occasions, you may enjoy your favorite drink again. However, you should view it more as a treat and not as a regular thirst quencher.

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8 – Set goals for yourself

You can only remain steadfast if you know at any time why you want to avoid sugar. Otherwise, the old habit wins, which remains to be our addiction to sugar.

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Dear co-creators

Let us know if these tips against sugar cravings helped you or a loved one to overcome the sugar cravings and addiction.

The first few days might become tough for some of you, however, your body is an amazing aide. It will retrain, or basically even rewire, your tastebuds.

Then, you will bite into a sweet treat that used to be your favorite, and you will feel overwhelmed with the excessive amount of sugar. And that moment, right then and there, is a moment of victory.

I am sending you tons of motivation and great energy of encouragement to support you in your endeavor. There’s nothing that you can’t do, and you’ve got this!



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