Bulletproof Coffee & Alternative Recipe To Help Jumpstart Your Day


Try these bulletproof coffee and variation recipes for more pep in the morning

Bulletproof coffee is an indispensable energy drink in the morning, and not just because coffee is healthy. The bulletproof coffee came from Dave Asprey. He was inspired by a drink that is typical in the Tibetan highlands – tea with yak butter.

Due to the content of fatty acids, the drink is well suited to quickly provide you with more energy. Dave Asprey reinforces the effect, as he’s using coffee as a base and adding healthy coconut MCT oil*. This acts as a fast energy source for the brain in addition to willow butter – put all together and the super mix is ​​ready.

For your perfect bulletproof, first, brew an organic coffee made from freshly ground beans. A French Press coffee maker is well suited for this.

After you have brewed the coffee, fill it into the blender and add 1 tablespoon of willow butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut MCT oil* or just plain coconut oil. I still add half a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon.

If I want to have a quick breakfast every now and then, I add 25 g of protein powder. Then the Bulletproof is a really good filler.

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In order to be able to prepare and enjoy coffee healthily, we should often resort to alternatives. I have selected three delicious stimulants for you, which give you an energy boost as strong as the Bulletproof coffee. In addition, the variants are much healthier due to the contained phytochemicals.

Bulletproof coffee alternatives  1 – Golden milk

I’ve only recently added the golden milk to my drink portfolio.  This recipe contains many health-promoting substances.

Golden milk ingredients & preparation

For your golden milk, heat about 200ml coconut milk in a saucepan and add the following ingredients:

1 level teaspoon of turmeric (this makes the milk golden) Golden-Milk

1 level teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon

1.5 cm fresh grated ginger

A pinch of white pepper (the piperine multiplies the bio-availability of the curcumin of the turmeric by 2,000%)

Optionally a well-heaped teaspoon of raw cocoa

As soon as it is slightly heated, you can mix it again with the hand blender until it has a nice consistency. For sweetening, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey while mixing.

The golden milk is really a booster for your health. Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory and invigorating effect on your mitochondria (power plants of your cells). Ginger contains gingerol, which is also anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive. It works against wrong reactions of your immune system, e.g. allergic reaction. Cinnamon has a hypoglycemic effect and continues to boost fat metabolism. (see Turmeric health benefits & usage)

If you don’t want to use coconut milk, you can also use almond milk or regular milk. In this case, I recommend adding a teaspoon of coconut oil. The fats help the turmeric to become more soluble.

I also treat myself to the golden milk every now and then as a snack in between.

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Alternatives number 2 – Green tea with fresh lemon & coconut oil

This recipe is somewhat simpler. Green tea is certainly on the list of the healthiest plant substances and should not be missing from Bulletproof coffee alternatives. In any case, the effects of green tea are overwhelming: increased fat metabolism, improved insulin balance, antioxidative effects, antiviral effects, hypotensive effects.

Did you know that green tea can increase daily energy consumption by 4.7% to 8%?

Green tea contains various catechins that lead to the effects already described. Studies show that these catechins work even better in combination with vitamin C.

Eleven Outstanding Green Tea Benefits For Your Body & Soul

Green tea

So you brew yourself a green tea for the recipe. I brew my tea at around 140 – 158 Fahrenheit and let it steep for two minutes.

To increase the effectiveness of the catechins, I add vitamin C as described. Either as a powder or in form of a large dash of lemon.

In this case, I use the coconut oil again as a tuning and energy source. The tea tastes even more interesting; a teaspoon is enough.

If I want to further enhance the green tea, I add an inch of fresh ginger beforehand. I pour boiling water over it and let it steep for 8 minutes.

Only then does the water have the target temperature for the green tea and I add it. After another 2 minutes and a teaspoon of coconut oil, the energy tea is ready.

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Bulletproof Coffee Alternatives # 3 – Cocoa with Guarana

Guarana grows mainly in the Amazon basin and is a bush and liana plant. Their medical benefits have been used in South America for centuries. The about 2 inches capsule fruit contains approximately one to three seeds, which local farmers processed into guarana powder.

Guarana strengthens the immune system’s defenses, general performance and makes us more alert.

It tastes bitter due to the tannins it contains. These promote digestion and ensure that the caffeine it contains has a longer duration of action.

Cocoa is excellent for reducing the bitter taste.

The cocoa itself also contains important nutrients and has a mood-lifting effect. Cocoa is also said to increase brain performance because it increases blood flow to the brain.

The flavanols in cocoa promote the release of nitrogen monoxide. These give signals for the expansion of the blood vessels. This, on the other hand, lowers the blood pressure.

How to combine cocoa and guarana* into an energetic duo:

1- Heat 200 ml milk, oat milk or almond milk

2- First, stir in 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder in 50 ml of milk

3- Continue to stir with 1-2 tsp guarana

4- Only then fill up the rest of the milk

5- This is how you achieve the best solubility

Good cocoa and good guarana are natural products that do not dissolve 100%. If you do it according to this recipe, you will find it easier to mix.

Number 4 alternative – Bulletproof tea

The closest thing to bulletproof coffee is bulletproof tea.

I would like to keep this recipe very short at the end, because compared to Bulletproof coffee, all you need to do is to replace the coffee with green tea.

Simply mix freshly brewed green tea with MCT oil and willow butter!

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Dear co-creators

Now you have learned about three Bulletproof coffee alternatives, plus one bulletproof tea variant, and can switch between these wake-up makers for more energy. So the ringing of your alarm clock is almost bearable, because you can look forward to something delicious.

The recipes are each a basis, be creative and mix ingredients as you like. Functional ingredients such as cinnamon or ginger spice up the recipes and enhance your well-being. Different fatty acids also offer different advantages as energy sources.

What is your favorite energetic drink? If you ask me, it is currently the golden milk. Let us know yours in a comment below.

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Thank you, dear co-creator, for existing and helping to uplift this world into a much more peaceful and loving dimension. Always remember that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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