What Is The True Meaning Of Mindful Eating?


Understanding the true meaning of mindful eating

Frankly, I can describe the true meaning of mindful eating with the following statement: “In reality we eat consciousness.”

We all know that man is what he eats and that our food could also be our remedy and cure. More and more people are changing their diet. Many wonder  n a daily basis, which foods would be the best for their health.

Basically, this is a simple question to answer:

Don’t consume animal proteins and fats. Also, only drink pure water, freshly prepared juices and smoothies, etc.

Since talking about food is a thankless thing, for the sake of simplicity, I would like to talk about the consciousness aspect of our diet.

“Everyone eats and is always exactly right.”

What and how we eat is not only reflected in our body, but just as seriously in our mental well-being. And if we look at who eats what and how, we can see one thing clearly: It always corresponds to the current consciousness as well as the future physical and mental state of health. And yes, it’s a good thing.

Because if people only change their diet based on reason, then firstly it will often be a pain and secondly they would have learned nothing important.

The essentials are only revealed through our own experience and not through knowing what ‘actually’ would be good for us. It is, therefore, less about what we eat than how we eat.

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What does conscious/mindful eating mean?

If someone has a heavy consciousness and always worries, then he will feel attracted to heavy food according to the Resonance Act.

The lighter and more cheerful a person is, the easier the choice of food will be. So a vicious cycle could arise here. I feel bad, so I eat ‘bad foods’ and that with bad feelings.

Something like that cannot go well, because we also ingest the feelings when we eat.

So eating consciously means feeling what you want to eat and following it. That one would also feel while eating would be a natural consequence of a person who orients himself according to his feelings.

And when we eat meat, fish, milk or something else, we feel the feelings and the corresponding energy of what we take into ourselves. And when we do that, our diet levels out where we really are in terms of consciousness.

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About meat consumption

For people who live after ‘I’m omnivorous but with measure’ there is only room for improvement. Dietary regressions are impossible because everyone ends up exactly where they are.

Therefore, it is, and now many readers will unfortunately be annoyed with me, a huge joke when esotericists help themselves with explanations such as “I need meat to ground myself.”

This is total nonsense! Then we better just stand by the fact that we are still eating meat and the taste tempted us to hide the fact that a living being had to die painfully for this short delicacy.

But I don’t mean to say that it would be wrong to eat meat or that meat eaters are the worse people, or something!

I’m just saying that far too many people do not follow their hearts in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, but rather their minds and their senses of taste.

So they live unconsciously and do not feed according to their nature and consciousness.

From a psychological perspective too, life always comes from the living and from the dead only death and infirmity.

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I know that sounds very uncomfortable. But to be honest: What is uncomfortable, healthy and happy, anyway?  Because you live what you feel, or perform a show so much that you almost don’t recognize yourself.

All that, just so that you don’t have to change yourself and don’t have to be an outsider on birthdays and during the holidays?

So if it’s enough to belong and be liked by the others, feel free to continue playing. In turn, however, this results in many “friends” with whom you can complain about your suffering.

Such a goal in life would be more of an uncomfortable idea and keep you from your spiritual growth.

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Dear starlings

The point here, regarding the true meaning of mindful eating, is that whoever is conscious also eats consciously. Whoever does that becomes or stays healthy, both physically and mentally.

That is spirituality. Everything else is nothing more than a type of religion. It doesn’t lead to the desired goal and purpose in life,  but it was at least cozy and allowed you to remain within your comfort zone. ”

So give it another thought, because you will gain so much and would never have to try any other diet again in your life. Mindful eating starts with the reprogramming of your mind.

This you can do yourself and with the help of affirmations, meditation and certain yoga poses like the Five Tibetan Rites.

Once your mindset changes, conscious eating becomes a natural part of your daily lifestyle – effortless and without sacrifices.

Remember just how powerful you are. You are way more than just a person made of flesh and bones. You are part of the divine and higher source; thus, limitless.

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Thus, keep on shining. ~Namaste ~ Before thy spirit I bow.


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