The Spiritual Power Of Healthy Food & Nutrition


The secret behind the spiritual power of healthy food & diet

In this article, let’s dive into the topic of the spiritual power of healthy food and its connection to a wholesome life.

Basically, we all now the importance of healthy nutrition for our well-being.  Spiritual development, however, also depends on food intake.

Not only do the foods used form the basis for your holistic spiritual being, the way you process and enjoy them is also crucial. Are you curious?

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Basis of spiritual nutrition

Your eating habits always have a spiritual influence. In concrete terms, you can imagine it like this: Certain foods promote your spiritual development, while others ensure that it stalls.

Food not only affects your physical health, its cognitive and emotional impact is also clear. So food either has an energetically positive effect on the body, consciousness and mood or it makes you indifferent, tired and limp.

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These foods drive your energetic development

The following applies: the fewer foods you consume, the better their energetic effect!
The frontrunners are foods as they occur in nature, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.

Pay attention to organic products!

Delicious foods that support spirituality

Fruit: currant, (purple) mangosteen, grapes, strawberries, mango, pineapple, avocado

Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumber, kale, eggplant

Nuts and seeds: chia, quinoa, walnuts, cashew, pumpkin seeds

Legumes: chickpeas, beans, lentils

But be careful: Food must not be overripe and fermented, otherwise they will bring you the opposite energetic effect.

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Which foods damage the energetic flow?

The more food is processed, especially industrial, the worse it is for you to progress energetically. High sugar content, a lot of fat, various additives or chemical contamination – all of this brings your energetic field out of balance.

It makes you limp and in the worst case calls for well-known diseases of civilization, such as, for example, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

You should also avoid meat, caffeine, fermented products, frozen foods and, if possible, reheated foods. In addition, onions, garlic and mushrooms are said to inhibit the flow of energy!

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Energetic nutrition: This is also important

For your energetic development it is not only important WHAT you eat, but also HOW you eat.

I have put together essential tips for a spiritual diet:

Liquid: primarily water, also teas and fresh juices (no concentrate); not drinking directly before and after eating, so as not to dilute the stomach acid, this complicates the digestive process

Do not eat too often, otherwise semi-undigested food will mix

Do not eat too much: a half-full stomach still offers enough space for air and liquid to digest; if you have to catch your breath, you have eaten enough

Don’t eat too late: You should not keep your stomach and intestines too busy at night.

Eat slowly and mindfully

Do not use aluminum for food preparation/storage

Use salt sparingly

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Definition of spirituality: the true meaning of the word

Often pronounced, but rarely understood: Aside from incense, meditation “Om” chanting, what is the real meaning of spirituality?

Spirituality does not consist of a specific act

W3 cannot pack the term spiritual in any particular action. On the contrary, everything you do to bring your body, mind, emotions and energies to a certain maturity can serve as a basis for experiencing spirituality.

“Spirituality means experiencing something bigger than you!”

Before you start to think of God here, let me make one thing clear: I’m not talking about something that you can simply believe, because history has shown several times where blind faith leads too. However, I don’t speak of it either, just to deny it blindly.

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Atheism is not spiritual, but neither is theism!

Whether we speak of the belief in the existence of something higher, or the belief in the non-existence of the same, in both cases it is merely a matter of thought that is not based on a personal experience and, therefore, has no real meaning for your life.

The moment you admit to yourself that you don’t really know if there is anything greater than your personal existence, you have taken an important step in treading the path to the spiritual experience.

That big question mark in you is what drives your spiritual search!

Simply believing in this or that would just lull you and you would die sooner or later without experiencing the tremendous potential that this life holds.

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Spirituality meaning symbol

Why the whole thing?

Simply because you deserve to live a really happy and fulfilled life! As long as you think that you can never be really satisfied with what your senses provide, you will walk in circles.

For my part, I will do my best to guide you out of this cycle!

Can you admit to yourself that there are only short-term pleasures out there in the world? Things that prove to you at the latest when you die they will not stay with you?

If so, then you are ready to set off to look for long-term satisfaction and to learn what truly lies behind the term spirituality.

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What you can do to understand the real definition of spirituality

A good place to start is called mindfulness. Prepare yourself to really understand the meaning of spirituality and to recognize what is good for you and what is harmful to you, and act accordingly.

Here are a few pointers:

It is very helpful to practice yoga and meditation.

Vegetarian eating is also something you should think about.

Are you a smoker or do you smoke? Be honest with yourself and admit to yourself that it really harms you and is only good for suppressing problems in the short term.

Understanding the real meaning of karma and how to deal with it can also be a helpful point in approaching the definition of spirituality.

Dear co-creators

If the whole topic about the spiritual power of healthy food and spirituality itself seems a bit difficult and confusing at the moment, let me tell you one thing:

An experience awaits you that pays off in a way that no money in the world can outweigh!

If you have any further questions, need guidance, advice or moral support, please feel free to send me an email; it is a pleasure to be able to help from one soul to another.

Leave a comment with your thoughts and experiences on the topic below, and share our website with your family and friends on social media outlets.

This ensures that I can continue to offer more helpful articles, tips, advice session, free ebooks, etc. in the future.

Know that you are unique and powerful spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, uplift our collective system and have fun while doing so.

You are highly appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved. All the best, see you next time! ~Namaste~


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