The Spiritual Meaning Of Water And How To Use It Correctly


Explanation for spiritual meaning of water & right usage

We all learned in another article how essential water and the right intake is for our health. Today, however, I want to talk about the spiritual meaning of water.

Water is not only of health, but also of great spiritual importance. Below, you can find out how this looks in detail, what you should pay attention to when you consume it and why it is advisable to treat water in a certain way.

Water and life

The body, as well as the surface of the planet consist of 72% of it, thus, it is the only form that naturally presents itself in all 3 states of aggregation.

When we look for life on other planets, we mainly look for water. These facts alone show that this is a special form of existence.

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The importance of water for body and mind

Since the body largely consists of water, we cannot deny that it has an immense impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

If we consume for some time inferior or chemically altered water, as is the case with soft drinks, you can be sure that this behavior brings with it some restrictions on the quality of life.

However, these are not the only factors that determine how the water we drink affects our quality of life.

The spiritual meaning of water

Water has a special ability: it stores impressions from the environment.

It can change its molecular constellation to such an extent that it affects the human system in a completely different way.

However, environmental influences do not only determine its storage and treatment on a physical level.

In a 12-year experiment, Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto found that water absorbs information from any source, for example:

as well as  from Characters & symbols

The really fascinating result of this experiment was that it not only reacts to information, but also to the quality of the information. In summary, he discovered the following:

Water reacts to negative input with molecular deformation and to positive input with order of the molecular structure!

This fact alone suggests that there are health and spiritual benefits to treating water in a careful manner.

The correct use of water

Here are some pointers on how to use water sensibly in order to have the most beneficial effects on your well being:

Avoid water from plastic bottles

The plastic used for the bottles contains plasticizers, which yo will drink along with the water and they do have a detrimental effect on the organism.

It’s best to use a glass bottle. I can especially recommend the Vmini water bottle, with a straw lid, wide mouth insulation and made of stainless steel.

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Never drink water straight from the tap!

When water is pressurized and squeezed around corners, as is the case in most households today, its molecular structure gets disturbed.

Let it stand for at least 20 minutes so the structure can reorganize.

Do not drink until you are really thirsty

If you only absorb water in those moments when your body craves because you are thirsty, the body will get to the water and take as much as it needs, the rest simply passes through.

However, if you drink from time to time, you confuse the body with its needs, which can even lead to mental restlessness.

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Bow before the water before you consume it

Many people advise leading positive thoughts into it. Of course, this can also be done, but in itself it is enough to bow gratefully to it.

Of course, you don’t have to fall on the floor in front of it, a slight nod, looking at it, suffices to give it a positive input.

Store water overnight in a copper vessel

This insider tip from Ayurveda has far-reaching effects on your own quality of life.
The water takes on certain qualities from the copper that are good for the liver, but also for health and energy in general.

I should note here that you should cleanse the pitcher regularly, and keep the water in an odor-free place in order to make the energetic effects as advantageous as possible.

I can recommend this copper jug ​​from personal experience!

Dear co-creators

As described in detail here, water and the correct use of it can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

It also has the potential in addition to its function as the basis of life for your spiritual development, because if you have to take it in, why shouldn’t you make sure that its effects are as beneficial as possible?

If you already have experience with the spiritual meaning of water and how the correct use of water affects your well-being, share it with us in a comment below! We are always happily looking forward to read from you.

Remember that you are a unique spiritual being, here to life your purpose, expand and find fulfillment and happiness. Now, go find out who you truly are!

Thank you for existing.

You are highly appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~


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