The Risks Of Lacking Exercise & What You Can Do About It


Let’s talk about the risks of lacking exercise and possible consequences

By car to work, sitting there in front of the screen, back home and finally a relaxing evening on the sofa: This is what everyday life looks like for many people. And certain commodities increase the risk of lacking exercise.

This is poison for our body, because too little movement can have devastating health consequences. You can find out below what happens in the body when there is no exercise, what effects it has and what you can do.

What are the consequences of too little exercise?

Keep on moving, workout and move some more! We hear that every time we visit a doctor and from every ambitious athlete. What annoys many is, however, absolutely correct.

Humans are not designed to sit or lie down for long periods of time. Our ancestors have always shown a high degree of movement in everyday life in past generations.

For about 50 years, since prosperity and digitalization have determined our everyday life, we have been spending most of the day sitting and no longer walking and standing.

A lack of exercise can have a number of health consequences. These include, for example:

Digestive problems (see Tips To Promote A Healthy Intestinal Flora)
Decreasing bone density up to osteoporosis
Tension in the back and neck
Cardiovascular problems
Metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
Decreasing detoxification performance due to reduced lymph flow

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Sitting for a long time

Sitting is particularly harmful. In this position, the circulatory system slows down, insulin sensitivity decreases and blood congestion slowly occurs in the lower part of the body.

As a result, the blood flow decreases, the metabolism slows down and the body receives less oxygen (see breathing properly). This also has a negative effect on digestion, since the organs involved need enough blood to work.

Studies have shown that insulin sensitivity drops sharply after just 60 minutes and that the body cells can no longer use blood sugar as well.

In addition, the body then very quickly begins to store body fat in unfavorable places such as the heart and liver. This greatly increases the risk of metabolic diseases.

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Osteoporosis risk

We have to challenge our bones so that they remain resilient. Bones, like muscles, must always be stimulated to be needed.

Through movement, the bones are exposed to gravity and are given the information to remain strong and stable. If not, there is a risk of osteoporosis. If you ask yourself now: “What is osteoporosis”, you can find out more here.

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Tension looms

If the muscles in the legs are inactive for a long time, they will recede in the long term. In return, the same posture means that parts of the muscles in the upper body are permanently strained, which is why tensions in the back and neck often result.

The heart is also a muscle that needs to be used regularly to function properly. If this does not happen, cardiovascular diseases can arise.

Possible consequences of a lack of exercise include type 2 diabetes. The most common causes of this form of the disease are insufficient exercise, unhealthy eating and, as a result, being overweight.

According to estimates, a lack of exercise is the cause of 10 percent of those affected, and less than five percent of adults workout 30 minutes per day. Obesity, which is often the result of low physical activity, is seen as a trigger in 65 to 80 percent of diseases.

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Symptoms: What are the first signs of a lack of exercise?

Lack of exercise usually creeps into our everyday life quietly and slowly, so the first symptoms often go unnoticed for a long time. You can still tell by the following signs whether you should be working on your everyday fitness:

Are you out of breath relatively quickly with normal physical exertion such as walking or climbing stairs?
Tension and pain in the back and neck area make everyday life more difficult?
Your blood pressure rises quickly and strongly as soon as you start exercising?
Do you feel tired and lacking in energy even though you are healthy and well-rested?
If you suspect that your lack of exercise has also crept in secretly, you should take action.

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What you can do about lack of exercise

To prevent a lack of exercise or to tackle it, you can integrate some measures into your everyday life. It is about establishing healthy habits and gradually integrating more and more exercise into everyday life:

Replace the car more often with a bike or a brisk walk.
Choose the stairs instead of the elevator.
Make sure you walk about 10,000 steps every day. This is a good rule of thumb.
Get off one station earlier on public transport and walk the last leg.
Take a short walk early after getting up. Maybe even in the next forest. This way, your circulation will be much more pleasant and naturally awake.

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