The Right Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis & Foods You Must Avoid


What is the right diet for rheumatoid arthritis and foods you should refrain from

With the exception of broth and fish, I recommend as part of the right diet for rheumatoid arthritis a largely vegan approach to the Paleo diet.

Meat and eggs contain substances (including arachidonic acid) that RA sufferers do not tolerate well and can enhance the inflammation in the joints even more.

The focus should be on fruits, vegetables, healthy vegetable fats, berries, fish, nuts and seeds and broth. The following food groups and foods are recommended to support the vegan-oriented ‘Stone Age’ diet:

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Fish contains some very helpful ingredients (including omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and selenium) that not only reduce pain but also relieve inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Regular consumption of fish, seaweed products and seafood (and other sources rich in omega-3 fatty acids) will help you in your situation.

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Chicken broth

Besides fish, poultry broth is the only animal food that I recommend improving your health condition. In studies, poultry broth and the poultry collagen it contains have shown to potentiate inflammation in arthritis patients. And the ingredients in poultry broth have all been proven to help with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

You can use an organic product from your food store or make your own poultry broth from chicken soup. Make sure, however, that the chicken simmered for at least 90 minutes. Only then the meat releases the valuable ingredients from the bone.

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In addition to healthy fats, vegetables should make up the majority of your diet. Use the full range of vegetables – as diverse, as colorful, as fresh as possible.


Season your dishes with plenty of fresh herbs, ideally from your own balcony. It also contains essential oils and fiber that will help you.

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Fermented vegetables

In the intestine and in the intestinal flora there is a very central point for the relief of pain and the improvement of autoimmune diseases. Even with rheumatoid arthritis.

So get plenty of fermented vegetables that are not only digestible but also contain numerous beneficial intestinal bacteria. These include sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and other lactic-fermented vegetables. Another great option is drinking Kombucha.

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Berries and sour cherries

The antioxidants and fiber contained in these foods have also been proven to help with arthritis. Thus, welcome sour cherries and berries into your diet fresh all year round, or if necessary, frozen. You can integrate both foods easily into everyday life, relieve inflammation in the body, pain and will help you alleviate RA symptoms.

Flax seeds and psyllium

These two food groups not only contain plenty of fiber, which the intestinal bacteria are happy about, but also anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. And in large quantities. So grab flax seeds and psyllium in salads, muesli or just like that every day – 2 tablespoons a day is a good rule of thumb.

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Citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc., contain organic acids as well as phytochemicals such as hesperidin. These promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation; at the cell level. If citrus fruits are in season, you should also access them frequently.

Vegetable, healthy fats

Vegetable, healthy fats seem to be particularly helpful in rheumatoid arthritis. Not only because they do not contain irritants. These are the reasons why animal foods do not exactly help with rheumatoid arthritis.

Also because the unsaturated fatty acids in healthy vegetable fats counteract inflammation, lower blood pressure and relieve pain. Probably the most valuable oils here are linseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. But also coconut products, linseeds/ linseed oil, olives, avocados and a few nuts are extremely nourishing.

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Turmeric and ginger

These two Far Eastern roots have proven themselves as spices and teas to relieve pain and inflammation, and they act stronger than most other spices. Thus,  cook with them every day or make a delicious tea out of them. That will also help you.

Echinacea tea

This tea is particularly rich in antioxidants and has proven itself in rheumatoid arthritis. It costs a few dollars more than other teas, but it’s worth it. You can also try Echinacea liquid capsules. I can recommend the following ones:

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It is the many little things that add up and gradually make your everyday life healthier. So don’t be afraid to continuously add these points.


A licorice substance called glycyrrhizin can mimic the effects of glucocorticoids. Occasional snacking on licorice root (low-sugar products) or licorice products (licorice tea) can, therefore, reduce the dosage of glucocorticoids.


Occasional fasting has also proven itself. Why? Because fasting at the cellular level triggers processes that activate the body’s own waste disposal system (breaking down dead and damaged cells), combats chronic infections and toxins and alleviates inflammation.

Other than that, you should build your rheumatoid arthritis diet around the above-mentioned foods. They all help with your illness. I know that means a big change. But believe me, it’s worth it. See my article about intermittent fasting in the link below:

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Be keen to experiment and test new recipes. New combinations of foods result in completely new flavors.

Of course, many classic favorite recipes are no longer available and having to switch habits during an illness can mean an additional burden.

But this change is really worth it and will help you significantly. At the end of the article, I have a little recommendation for a good cookbook for you.

Now we come to the foods that further aggravate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and that you should avoid at any cost in the future.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet – Foods To Avoid

Sugar and sugar substitutes

This is an important cause of inflammation in the intestine (leaky gut syndrome) and in the body. There is too much sugar in our modern diet and lifestyle. Therefore, reduce sugar until further notice. Fruit and berries should be the only form in which you take in the sweet temptation.

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Fried and fast food

Also to cut out from your diet until further notice – all types of fast food, fried food, fries, chips and foods that contain unhealthy fats.

Arachidonic acid (red meat, eggs)

This is actually an essential fatty acid, which, however, favors inflammation in excess in the body in rheumatoid arthritis.

Refrain from red meat and eggs as well as butter and lard. As mentioned, vegetable oils, as well as fish and poultry broth, should become your primary fat sources.


People suffering from RA should aim for a gluten-free diet. Those affected by rheumatoid arthritis are more sensitive to gluten than those who are not affected.

After a short time, you should feel an improvement if you do without gluten. Therefore, avoid further bread, pasta, muesli, cakes, ready-made food, pastries and everything that contains cereals and gluten.

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You should also stay away from legumes. They also contain numerous irritants that damage the intestine and immune system. This includes Lectins, along with enzyme inhibitors that slow down your digestion.


Alcohol is a welcome guest to relieve pain, but it worsens the situation in the long run. So limit your alcohol consumption to a maximum of one glass of wine a day, better still to zero.

Nightshade family

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, chilli and potatoes are actually healthy vegetables, but they should be avoided in the case of arthritis. Because affected people are also very sensitive to the lectins they contain, which causes inflammation and flare-ups.

Food allergies

The creeping allergic reaction to certain foods is usually unnoticed but leads to chronic inflammation in the body. This is in the end also a central cause behind autoimmune diseases.

Few doctors really examine patients for food allergies. Therefore, you should take this into your own hands. Food allergy is one of the central causes of autoimmune diseases and getting a test done is one effective way to eliminate them.

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Coffee and black tea

I recommend avoiding these two drinks as well. Rely on Kombucha and green tea (see 11 Outstanding Green Tea Benefits For Body & Soul) as stimulating drinks. These foods relieve inflammation in the body to a greater extent than black tea and coffee.

They are also more digestible for the intestines and have numerous other benefits for those affected.

So much for the recommended rheumatoid arthritis diet. These were some serious points, I am aware of that. However, they are very important and should make up your diet and lifestyle in the future. The effort of the change is worth it!

The recommended cookbook from Mickey Trescott: The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen:

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The rheumatoid arthritis diet is supplemented by nutrient therapy. Some vitamins and nutrients have proven their worth in rheumatoid arthritis and are not adequately covered by healthy eating for this disease. An additional therapy has proven very useful here. More about this the article below.

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