The Effects And Applications Of Hemp Oil In A Nutshell


All effects and applications of hemp oil at one glance

The below post briefly describes the effects and applications of hemp oil. Due to its content of anti-inflammatory ingredients and cannabinoids, this versatile oil can exhibit the following effects:

Soothing pain
Muscle relaxing
Calming anxiety
Neuroprotective (protects nerve cells during stress)

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Applications of cannabinoids (including CBD oil) have already been scientifically described in the following clinical pictures.

Hemp oil in connection with CBD oil could, therefore, be interesting for:

Multiple sclerosis
Chronic pain
Irritable bowel syndrome
Panic disorders

Research on cannabinoids is currently very active. In chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, systemic autoimmune diseases, neurodermatitis/eczema and neurodegenerative diseases, the anti-inflammatory effect can become important.

A recommendation of hemp oil for these diseases is still a long way off, but could soon turn out relevant with hemp ingredients. To do this, more researches with cannabinoids need to occur.

For those affected, hemp oil is currently a food that could provide relief if one uses it regularly.

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Does hemp oil contain CBD?

Researchers have already found over 120 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, which we can also encounter in good hemp oil. But does hemp oil also contain CBD, which is currently becoming increasingly popular?

In fact, it contains the precursor to CBD, the CBD-A. When heated, it converts into the more active CBD.

In contrast to CBD, CBD-A has no or only a weak effect on the cannabinoid receptors. However, it inhibits the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes and thus, like aspirin and ibuprofen, prevents the formation of inflammatory prostaglandins.

When one heats up hemp oil, CBD forms – but this action also creates trans fats. Therefore, we should clearly differentiate good hemp oil from a hemp extract such as CBD oil.

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Applications of hemp oil

The oil is certainly not a natural medicine or miracle cure on its own. But it is a healthy oil that can contribute to better metabolic function and inflammation control if consumed regularly.

The applications of hemp oil are not limited to the cold kitchen; it is also suitable for external use on the skin.

It could provide external relief for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Ideally, you should combine with black cumin oil or evening primrose oil to increase the content of gamma-linolenic acid.

In the cold kitchen, hemp oil convinces with its nutty taste and refines salads, vegetable side dishes, smoothies, dips and muesli.

In combination with a good apple cider vinegar, you obtain a delicious and healthy dressing fairly quickly.

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What to look out for when purchasing hemp oil

If you want to buy hemp oil, it is recommended to use a high-quality natural product. Classic supermarket goods are inexpensive, but they do not have the quality you deserve.

You should pay attention to the following quality criteria when buying a good product:

Organic quality
Extra virgin, cold-pressing
Dark glass bottle
Made in the US
100% transparent provider
No ingredients except hemp oil
Long shelf life

There are a few certain brands that meet these quality criteria. The organic hemp oil that’s perfect for you has a beautiful color, a pleasant taste and you can use it in many ways in the ‘cold kitchen’. The oil is very economical, so one bottle is enough for several weeks.

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Hemp oil is a nutty-tasting, healthy vegetable oil. Those affected by autoimmune diseases are recommended to first test small amounts of it for tolerance.

It not only convinces with its taste, but it also is attractive due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients: Vitamin E, gamma-linolenic acid, terpenes and over 120 different cannabinoids, including CBD-A, are among them.

When buying, it is advisable to use a good quality product in order to get the maximum benefit – both culinary and for your health and well being.

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