The Candida Diet & How Intestinal Bacteria Determine Your Weight


Get rid of bowel fungus effectively with the Candida diet

To fight harmful intestinal , you do not need chemical drugs. With the Candida diet, you can eliminate excess fungus from the body. Let me explain to you how exactly this diet works.

First, do not panic, candida yeasts are present in every gut. They are part of our intestinal flora. Complaints only occur when too many fungi colonize the intestine.

If they proliferate, it can lead to severe indigestion, fatigue and weight gain in the intestine. In case of suspicion, you can take a stool sample to the doctor and have it analyzed.

Fortunately, in order to minimize the number of yeasts, you do not have to take chemical medications, but just change your diet for a while. Below I will tell you how this lifestyle switch works.


The base of the anti-fungal diet

For complete success, it is advisable to pay attention to the following factors to relieve the intestine:

1- Take time for your meals and concentrate on your food instead of distracting you medially.

2- Make sure you chew your food really well. Count per bite at least to 30. So the enzyme in the oral saliva can already begin to decompose the meal in the mouth.

3- Take three meals a day and leave your body at least four hours in between.

Make sure you eat the smallest meal in the evening and do not eat too late. Your dinner should contain more protein than carbohydrates. This is because the body can digest protein better in the evening.

Especially suitable is lean fish with cooked or steamed vegetables. Raw food should be avoided in the evening.

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What is taboo in the Candida diet?

Since yeasts feed on certain foods, you should avoid them during your anti-fungal diet. Unfortunately, one of the favorite foods of fungi is exactly the food, which usually tastes particularly good. These four are taboo:

Sugar: including all types of sweeteners, whether white sugar, honey or agave syrup

Fruits: especially sweet fruits, also dried fruits

Wheat: Wheat-based bread, cakes and pasta

Alcohol: all types of alcoholic beverages and the one sometimes occurring in foods

The three stages of the anti-fungal diet

In the Candida diet there are three different levels with different foods. Each step should be done for seven to ten days.

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Level 1: Gentle based diet

In the first phase of the Candida diet, you should treat the intestines as best as possible and eat only slightly digestible products. Make sure you always have the same meals at the same time of the day.

Easily digestible foods include:

1- Vegetable stock

2- Dairy products from sheep

3- Goat and cow’s milk (if tolerated)

4- Stomach and intestine friendly vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, aubergines, zucchini, fennel, pumpkin, spinach, chard, pumpkin, celery, tomatoes, parsley root

5- Mushrooms The-Candida-Diet-Avocado

6- Avocado

7- All fresh herbs

8- Eggs

9-  poultry (white meat only)

10- Lean fish

11- Vegetable oils (especially linseed oil)

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Stage 2: Now comes variety on the table

In the second phase, you add cereal products to the foods from level one. Make sure that you do not always eat the same foods, but vary them so that the intestines are not getting too accustomed to certain foods.

You can now integrate these foods:

1- Spelt

2- Gluten-free cereals such as millet, quinoa, rice and corn (if intolerable)

3- Mild cheeses

4- Smaller amounts of garlic, wild garlic, onions

5- Little quantities of artichokes

6- Smaller portions of asparagus

7- Little amounts of all mushroom types

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Stage 3: Now the diet is slowly getting normalized

In the third and final phase of the anti-fungal diet, you also begin to add raw foods and cabbage to the already proven foods. Make sure you eat salad and raw vegetables only until noon, as raw foods are difficult to digest.

The following foods are now allowed:

1- Lettuce with yogurt dressing and apple cider vinegar (if tolerated)

2- Cucumber, peppers and radishes  Healthy-Gut-Flora-Nuts

3- All types of cabbage

4- Legumes

5- Other cereals, such as oats, barley, rye

6- Nuts

How long does the Candida diet last?

The anti-fungal diet lasts between 21 and 30 days. Afterward, you can slowly reintroduce your normal diet. However, if you are prone to Candida yeasts in the intestines, you should be careful not to consume too much sugar, wheat and alcohol. In this case, a long-term change in diet should be appropriate.

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This is how intestinal bacteria determine our weight

Researchers have long been convinced that there is a connection between intestinal bacteria and weight. A new study now provides the proof.

The composition of intestinal bacteria is different in each human. The so-called microbiome affects not only our health and our psyche, but also our weight. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA, have found out the following:

Weight is determined by several components

We have known for some time that both genes and metabolism have a major impact on our weight. That’s why some people are slim without doing much exercise, while others have to work hard in the gym to lose weight.

That’s pretty unfair. Now another component is added: Our intestinal bacteria also contribute to whether we lose weight fast or the extra pounds stick more stubborn to our hips, belly and thighs.


Certain intestinal bacteria affect the weight

Apparently, there are certain strains of bacteria that judge whether we are rather thin or slightly curvy. In a Mayo Clinic’s bi-monthly evaluation, gastroenterologists studied the gut flora of 26 volunteers.

Even if it is only a small study, the results are already amazing: The participants, who had a large number of Phascolarctobakteriums in their intestines, lost weight particularly fast.

The remaining subjects, in whose intestinal flora many bacteria of the dialister strain were found, had greater difficulties to reduce their weight.

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Why do intestinal bacteria determine the weight?

Certain intestinal bacteria can degrade our diet and thereby provide our body with more energy. This is well-meant, but, unfortunately, provides for the excess pounds.

One reason for being overweight could be that the body is simply absorbing too many calories from the diet instead of converting them.

In addition, the intestine is responsible for the production of the satiety hormone. According to the researchers, there are certain bacteria that prevent intestinal flora from producing sufficient satiety hormones.

This makes for a faster feeling of hunger and entices you to eat more than the body actually needs. The result is that we are gaining weight.

Intestinal bacteria could be the cause of depression

The study is just the beginning to establish an association between intestinal bacteria and weight, but already provides first convincing results.

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Dear co-creators

Are we not all curious about what’s to come and see the influence of intestinal bacteria positively? After all, we can now blame those when the pants start to get tight (only joking).

Of course, we are still responsible for our own body weight and well-being. I just hope that we can and will take better and easier steps to stay healthy and fit with the newly gained insights.

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