The Best Natural Painkillers – Mother Nature Is The Ultimate Healer


The Best Natural Painkillers Straight From Mother Nature’s Bosom

Today, I want to share tips with you on how you can take your health into your own hands, because that’s exactly where it belongs – into your own trustworthy hands. I would like to introduce you to the best natural painkillers out there, which mother nature so kindly offers and makes available to us.


These harbor an abundance of benefits, such as no consultation fees at your doctor’s office, no prescription and refill costs.

Plus, and most importantly, no risks of serious side effects or addiction.


On the contrary, mother nature does what most regular mothers do: She nourishes her children with love, selflessness and the best sources available. Thus, and without further ado, let’s dive right into our topic.

Holistic medicine is worth your time

Maybe I should begin with this first question: “Why should I even read about and pay attention to natural painkillers if I can simply grab Ibuprofen from the pharmacy?”

Well, the reason for this is quite obvious – because the chemical pain killers always carry side effects. Of course, if you only take one pill a year for headaches, then you don’t need to continue reading.

However, if you’re someone who rather takes a pill every week or on a monthly basis, then you should be aware of the fact that this is risky and can create future ailments.


As the chemical and additives accumulate within your body’s system, they eventually will manifest some inflammation or allergic reaction.

For example, some pain killers cause cancer, while others lead to autism in children. Taken the long term, they can cause kidney disease or even impotence. Quite many actually lead to bleedings and serious addiction.

Long story short, pain killers aren’t colorful candies that you can consume anytime you want to simply because they’re easy to get ahold of.

Pain killers attack your body’s chemistry and most often show side effects when taken for a longer period of time. In certain cases, however, such undesired reactions can already occur after only a brief time of consumption.

Ayurveda - Gentle and effective natural healing practice for body & soul 

Why are you suffering?

Also, the second reason why it’s worth talking about natural painkiller, is the question: Why do you actually have pain?

Pain is just like the oil light of a car – a warning sign! When this lamp flashes up, you most certainly wouldn’t drive another 1000 miles without checking if you need oil or if anything else is wrong.


You, furthermore, wouldn’t unscrew the light simply because it’s getting on your nerves.

No way! Instead, you’d most likely stop at the next gas station and have the root cause inspected and fixed.


With pain, and whenever you’re resorting to pharmaceutical painkillers, you are indeed only masking the red warning light with some duct tape. In reality, however, you are not curing the source that causes the discomfort.

This, on the other hand, ultimately leads to more serious health issues, which you will not recognize right on time as you numbed the soreness and aches.

Pain is not a life partner – and neither should be painkillers

Pain shouldn’t be a life companion. If it is, however, then it’s time to dig deeper and find out why you are having this constant hurt and throbs.


Once you have figured out the center of your physical struggle and are properly taking care of it, the following natural painkillers can support your healing process.

Rehabilitation can often come with pain as well. It’s exactly then when natural painkillers will make uncomfortable days or nights more bearable without causing further damage to your health.

There’s one more thing I’d like to spread awareness about. I wish people would wake up and realize that they are being controlled. That science and the pharmaceutical industry mostly don’t make the effort to prove the effectiveness of herbal and natural painkillers.

What no one talks about

Why? Simply because there is no interest in proving their positive impact on health, as, otherwise, the “cure-all” companies wouldn’t gain money from it.


And, filling their own pockets is truly all that matters to them! Or, what do you think why they’re handing our prescription drugs like Halloween candies nowadays?

Because they know that you’re going to get dependent on them and, in the long run, sick from something else.

This, again, opens up another ‘income stream’ for them. Many traditional remedies are, therefore, often nothing more than a “holistic hocus-pocus”, according to the FDA.

They have documented the use and effect of the herbal medication for a very long time already, but, unfortunately, it’s still only accepted by traditional and homeopathic practitioners.

Here is a list of the safest, most effective and the best natural painkillers from trustworthy mother nature to us.

Cloves: natural painkiller

Toothache is an especially unpleasant pain. Who wants to relieve it without tablets, can use cloves. As a traditional herbal medicine, they numb pain when you suck on a piece or put it between your teeth.

Cloves, not to be confused with the carnation, which is an ornamental plant, are the dried flowers of the clove tree. They contain many essential oils, including eugenol. It has an anesthetic effect and, thus, helps against toothache.


In one study, the herbal painkiller, clove oil, was as effective as an anesthetic gel. The oil also relieves pain in gingivitis and is said to help with headaches.

You can even make the natural painkiller clove oil yourself: Put 30 milliliters of virgin olive oil with five to ten whole cloves in a screw-top jar, shake well and let it stand for ten to 14 days.


Then you merely have to sift out the cloves and the homemade clove oil is ready.

However, if you are sensitive to essential oils, you should be mindful to only use the oil diluted with another oil and test it on a small spot before use to see how you react to the product.

Onions as herbal painkillers, too

The onion is a well-known home remedy for sore throat, earache and insect bites. They have used the onion for centuries as natural healing and painkiller. It has anti-inflammatory, germ-killing, antibacterial and analgesic effects.


Mainly the antioxidant sulfur compounds lead to this result. They are, furthermore, also responsible for the characteristic smell of the onion.

For soothing earache, a small onion wrapped with a cotton cloth put on the ear helps against the discomfort. You can also prepare a homemade cough syrup from onions and honey fairly quickly.

This helps with coughing and soreness and itchiness in the throat. It’s a fast relieving, self-made, herbal painkiller, but not “traditional herbal medicine.”

Peppermint oil: natural painkiller for a headache

Tension headaches do quite often cause pounding, hammering and pain. They are the most common type of headache and also fall under the “most unbearable ailment” category.

When you’re feeling your next headache attack arriving, let painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol or Ibuprofen in their package and preferably grab a natural painkiller: A bit of peppermint oil, rubbed on the temples, can cause true miracles.


On the skin, the herbal analgesic feels pleasantly cold and provides a tingling sensation that soothes headaches gently away.

A major constituent of the oil is menthol. It changes the electrical activity in the cell membrane; large amounts can have a local anesthetic effect.


Peppermint oil also has an influence on the messenger serotonin, which plays a role in the development of headaches.

The FDA is supposedly still studying the effect of peppermint oil as a natural painkiller, and in part, it already has been scientifically proven: In scientific test research, massaging peppermint oil on the forehead and temples relieved headaches just as well as taking paracetamol.

To prevent skin irritation, you should not directly apply peppermint oil as a herbal painkiller. It is better to dilute the oil with a couple of drops of another oil.

Garlic: a powerful natural antibiotic

Garlic People have used garlic as a medicinal plant for millennia. In ancient Egypt, it was used to treat heart problems, tumors, bites or to fight off intestinal parasites.

At the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece, the athletes ate garlic for enhanced performance, during World War II they used it as a natural antibiotic against gangrene. The FDA still investigates the effect of garlic bulb.


Garlic contains lots of healthy ingredients. These include vitamin C, some B vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

It, furthermore, carries adenosine, allicin (an organosulfur compound fighting off inflammation and acting as an antioxidant), flavonoids and sulfur-containing ingredients.


In particular, the sulfur-containing ingredients, which are incidentally also responsible for the characteristic odor of garlic cloves, have antibacterial properties and can fight the growth of germs, fungi and parasites. Evidence exists that garlic can also help with atherosclerosis.

Who can handle the smelly consequences, should best consume garlic in its raw form. It tastes great with bruschetta, in pesto sauce a salad with garlic dressing, sauteed with mushrooms, kale or spinach or as pickled garlic cloves.

Rosemary: Herbal analgesic for back problems

Most of us recognize Rosemary as a Mediterranean spice. That they used it as a medicinal herb since the Middle Ages, is less well known. Rosemary contains essential oils and bitter substances.


They stimulate blood flow and circulation. Thus, Rosemary oil is relaxing and helps against muscle soreness, back pain and tension. The FDA examines the effect even more precisely.

In addition, Rosemary oil has an antiseptic effect and can support wound healing, for example, when used as a bath infusion.

A rosemary bath can also help against circulatory problems and weakness. Enjoyed as a tea, Rosemary acts stimulating and against flatulence. The juice of the root, furthermore, helps against toothache.

However, you should utilize Rosemary oil only diluted, as sensitive skin may react with redness. Pregnant women should be cautious with the use of rosemary tea and oil, as with all other medications. Rosemary also is extremely refreshing.

Turmeric, the golden pain reliever

Turmeric is an important spice from Asia for millennia and we all know it, especially, from the Indian cuisine. The tuber is an integral part of traditional Ayurvedic healing.



In Europe, they spread the spice for a long time in the form of coloring powder for curry dishes. Nevertheless, they were unaware of the healing properties for all this time.


Nowadays, turmeric also conquered the European cuisine, and scientists from across the Western hemisphere begin to develop an interest in the healing effects of the golden tubers.

In holistic medicine, they use Turmeric, among other things, for indigestion, cancer, inflammatory diseases, Alzheimer’s, a wide variety of skin ailments, and as a versatile herbal painkiller!

Turmeric and Health - Benefits, Effects & Usages

Real sage: medicinal herb for toothache and sore throat

Sage is an ancient medicinal plant. They already used it in ancient Egypt to treat infertility. Also, the use of sage for digestive problems and toothache was extremely common in ancient times. The leaves of real sage are rich in essential oils, they provide an antibiotic effect.


The tannins contained have a contracting effect and, thus, make, for example, the mucous membrane in the mouth and throat impermeable to viruses and bacteria. At the same time, sage has a calming effect.

As a tea, sage works against cold and sore throat, as a mouthwash, it can aid against gingivitis.

As mentioned above, all these effects are not FDA approved, however, the holistic healing rate speaks for itself.

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