The ABC To Eating And Drinking The Healthy Way


Not only what but how we eat is important – Eating and drinking the healthy way.

For a healthy diet, not only choosing the right foods is essential but also eating and drinking the healthy way.

Incorrect eating habits lead to incomplete digestion and putrefactive processes in the intestine. The damaging substances that develop get back into the body and poison us and our health.

We, therefore, would make it our main goal to adopt better eating habits and optimize digestion.

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Chewing well equals half-digestion

Good digestion begins with chewing. This way, digestive enzymes prepare the food optimally good for breakdown with mechanical comminution.

The finer the porridge in the mouth, the more complete the work of the enzymes. And the first enzymes are already in the saliva: above all, the enzyme amylase, which splits the starch and carbohydrates.

Have you ever chewed on a wafer? After a while, it gets sweeter. The amylase in your saliva breaks down the tasteless wafer starch into simple sugar molecules, which we then perceive as sweetness.

The longer we chew the food in the mouth, the better. And this also applies to many drinkable meals such as smoothies or shakes, because even if they are liquid, they are wholesome meals.

If we simply drink it, we skip an important digestive step with the mouth saliva, which ultimately makes the smoothie less digestible.

So also enjoy shakes in small sips in your mouth and chew. The chewing movement is the signal for the flow of saliva.

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Germ-free and acidic – the stomach

The food pulp enters the stomach via the esophagus and remains in the upper stomach area for a few minutes. Here the slight acidification at a pH of 5 takes place, and the saliva enzymes continue their work.

The porridge then enters the lower, extremely acidic stomach area with a pH of 2. This strong acid is our inner sterile chamber and there, all germs, viruses and bacteria get killed.

At the same time, the acid forms the ideal environment for the enzyme pepsin, the specialist in the cleavage of meat and protein.

How long the porridge stays in the stomach depends on the type of food. Liquids pass in a few minutes, cooked vegetables, fish and egg remain around 30 minutes and a steak or raw salad can block the stomach for a few hours.

Because only after gastric juices break down the food into rice grain size it can pass on to the intestine. This happens in portions like a string of pearls of rice grains and at a speed of around two teaspoons per minute.

The order of your meal remains in the stomach as a stratification, because the stomach is not a bucket in which the food is digested and whisked away.

So if you eat a portion of meat, followed by a pudding dessert, the digestible dessert is on top and has to wait until the meat from underneath gets digested.

These waiting times favor unfavorable putrefaction processes and make meals less digestible.

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Sated is full

We rarely tolerate meals at the buffet well, as we mostly eat without a fixed menu sequence and jump between meals. In addition, we often eat too much at the buffet, which also impairs our digestion.

A good indicator of the fullness of the stomach is a burp. As soon as the porridge completely fills the stomach volume, the excess air gets displaced and signals the fullness of the stomach in this way.

It is only when we continue eating that the stomach stretches and it becomes difficult to infuse the food with digestive juices. As a result, your food digests less thoroughly, putrefaction occurs, and the toxins enter the liver and bloodstream.

I, therefore, recommend a menu and meal sequence in moderate quantities, sorted according to their digestibility.

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Food, drink & enzymes

Good digestion is based on the optimal work of the digestive enzymes that break down our food to the molecular building blocks.

For good digestion, it is, therefore, advantageous if the digestive juices in the mouth, stomach and intestines do not get diluted or washed away with a large amount of liquid immediately before the meal.

A small amount of liquid suffices to allow dry food to swell enough, without at the same time excessively inflating the digestive volume.

The temperature of the food and drinks is also of great importance because the efficiency of the digestive enzymes depends on it.

So, when we eat something cold, or drink something cold with a warm meal, the porridge in our stomach suddenly has a temperature of only 59 to 68 Fahrenheit.

As a result, the enzymes are only about 30% active and large parts of the food are crushed but reach the intestine chemically undigested.

To make matters worse, the stomach wall itself cools down and can now form fewer gastric juices. This means that the amount of digestive enzymes also decreases.

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Wrong eating causes digestive tract problems

Undigested food means inaccessible nutrients for us, and what we cannot absorb in the small intestine, bacteria break down instead.

If we do not use the piece of meat as a source of protein, the intestinal bacteria do it and turn it into short-chain fats as calories, but also polyamines and digestives.

So you can imagine what happens when we wash down the steak or grilled sausage with a large, cold beer?

Cold drinks, while eating, lead to protein putrefaction and toxic breakdown products in the intestine. These biogenic amines and digestive toxins such as cadaverine get back into the body.

The following day, we can measure the putrefaction products as indican values ​​in the urine.
Raw fiber-rich foods also lead to intestinal fouling processes.

In the absence of protein, however, the chemical cocktail of vegetable digestive products does not reach the toxic extent of the protein putrefaction.


Eating healthy with warm drinks: tea or coffee ensures the optimal temperature and digestion of food!

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Dysbiosis – overgrowth in the intestine

With incomplete digestion in the mouth and stomach, food particles accumulate in the small intestine that we cannot absorb in this way.

Incomplete digestion is, therefore, a set table for microorganisms that feed on this food residue.

In addition to the large intestine, germs now also colonize the small intestine. And since this is not intended, intestinal disorders and problems with food intake occur.

Small bowel malocclusion or SIBO, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is the clinical picture. Dangerous especially when it comes to harmful germs that produce toxins and endotoxins.

However, undigested food also causes problems in the large intestine and the microbiome there, when the oversupply of food primarily causes the wrong germs to grow.

Candida yeast or clostridia displace healthy biodiversity. Nettle thicket overgrows the colorful flower meadow.

The consequence is also disorders in the intestine and immune system, because the intestine becomes a permanent area of ​​crisis for our immune cells.

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Intestine, flora, histamine

Digestion and the microbiome form healthy metabolic products such as butyrate or the vitamins B12, C and K2. However, problem substances also arise. Above all, the digested products and histamine.

Histamine is an endogenous messenger substance of great importance for our immune system. It gets released when necessary to initiate inflammatory reactions.

However, histamine also arises in the intestine through bacterial degradation of meat and proteins when the amino acid histidine converts to histamine.

This biogenic histamine triggers a variety of reactions in the body: hives, wheals, itching, a runny nose and allergies. A misdiagnosis for food allergies often occurs with the mentioned symptoms.

However, bacteria not only creates histamine, but it can also decompose it. Many Bifidus strains, in particular, are true masters in histamine degradation.

Our gut also has histamine-cleaving enzymes, but they are simply overwhelmed with large amounts of histamine. However, an intestinal disorder often prevents intestinal cells from forming sufficient histamine splitters.

The simplest strategy to avoid histamine is, therefore, to eat healthily and ensuring optimizing digestion.

Food that decomposes efficiently and absorbs completely is not even available for bacterial processes.

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Tuning tips for healthy eating and drinking

1- Trust your gut feeling and only eat when you are really hungry.

2- Keep the time between drinking and eating: you shouldn’t eat or drink at least an hour after a meal, and you shouldn’t eat for a quarter of an hour after a large glass of water.

3- Avoid cold drinks with food.

4- Avoid carbonated drinks such as beer, cola, or mineral water.

5- Fruit juices are unsuitable for eating due to their high levels of fruit acid and fructose.

6- A cup of warm water, tea or coffee are ideal drinks with food.

7- Bitter substances, acidic appetizers or an aperitif before meals activate the secretion of the digestive juices and improve digestion.

8- You cannot eat healthy while standing. Sit down and eat in peace without distraction from TV or emotional table conversations.

9- Stick to fixed meal times, because this way your body can get used to and prepare for the food.

10- It is best to chew each bite 30 times.

11- The ideal amount for a meal is the volume that you can hold into a bowl with your two hands.

12- You shouldn’t eat if you have constipation.

13- You shouldn’t eat anything in the morning or in the three hours before bedtime.

14- Stick to the food and consumption of your personal food guide/diet

If you stick to these basic rules of healthy eating, your symptoms such as bloated stomach or histamine will also be a thing of the past.

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