The 100 Pushups Challenge – That’s How You Can Master It In 30 Days


100 pushups – it’s that simple to master the 30-day challenge

Would you like a challenge? I suggest we try 100 pushups over 30 days! I’m sure you can do it. Strengthen your will and your muscles! Burn fat and start the day fit!

Together we can easily do it, I’ll show you how!

100 pushups in 30 days – Challenge

I would like to motivate you to take on a challenge – 100 pushups a day! Why do I do this?

Many of us like challenges and goals that we can achieve. We often lack the ability to integrate exercise routines into our everyday lives. With the 100 Push-Up Challenge we achieve both – we create routines and challenges.

In the original version, you start successively with the pushups. I want to suggest that we start with 100 repetitions! Why? Because you will make it. I have a few options for this, which I will introduce later.

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What does a 100 Pushups Challenge do?

With the 100 Push-Up Challenge, you set yourself a high goal. It is a great motivation to achieve this. With this, you strengthen your will. You also strengthen many muscle groups, improve your endurance and burn fat!

Otherwise, it’s easy – do 100 pushups every morning. You can freely choose the time window, but I do not recommend exceeding 30 minutes.

You can easily integrate the program into your morning routine (10 repetitions after getting up, 10 after brushing your teeth, 10 before coffee, etc.). In small steps, this should also be feasible for the morning muffle.

The goal: You can do as many repetitions as possible. Of course, 100 push-ups in a row without a break are optimal!

I wish you success!

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What do pushups do?

In addition to squats and pull-ups, pushups are among the TOP 3 exercises! They have a comprehensive influence on different body systems.

By exercising your whole body, you primarily train your muscles. Mainly the chest muscles, the abdominal muscles and the arm muscles (triceps) are addressed. If you work with correct body tension, you will also train your back, buttocks and legs.

Doing 100 pushups will also affect your cardiovascular system. The high number of repetitions and the many muscle groups involved place high demands on your internal pump. Your heart will learn to work more economically and provide you with more energy.

The muscular strain also has a positive effect on your bone density. The pressure and tensile loads on the bones are a crucial stimulus for the development of bone structures.

The psychological effects should not be neglected. 100 pushups are a great challenge. You will overcome your limits and be proud of yourself. This will also strengthen your will!


How do I do proper pushups?

100 pushups are an ambitious goal. Therefore, it is important that you do the exercise perfectly. In the beginning, it was easier for me to use push-up handles. Later I had more variations and could use them for other exercises like handstands. Thus, they are a worthwhile investment:

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Exercise build up body tension

In advance, you should practice how body tension works properly. This is important because you only have 2 points of ground contact with a push-up. This bridge must stabilize your muscles yourself. The so-called column tension is crucial for this.

1- Stand shoulder-width and upright. Now build up tension in the legs by pulling the kneecaps upwards.
2- Then you tighten your butt as much as possible, as if you want to hold a $ 100 bill between the buttocks.
3- Then pull your belly button inwards, you should feel your lumbar spine flatten a little (the opposite of the hollow back).
4- To give your shoulder girdle more stability, you should now pull your shoulder blades back and down. 5- Your sternum will straighten up. If you do the exercise with your arms stretched forward, your hands should come towards you noticeably.
6- Finally, pull your chin inward to stabilize the cervical spine.

All done? Congratulations – you now master a strong body tension!

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Can you do a proper push-up?

Did you do a good job in gaining body tension? Great! Then you are already for a clean push-up. But even if you are a little more experienced, you should read the instructions again. Smaller mistakes and compensatory movements often creep in.

1- Begin with your feet, knees, and hands on the floor.
2- Place your hands about shoulder-width apart with your fingertips at shoulder height.
3- Keep your hands firmly on the floor, slightly turning the inside of your elbow forward. This will prevent overuse of the shoulder.
4- Then you start building up body tension as described above.
5- Now lift your knees and check the tension again.
6- Then slowly lower your body in a line until the tip of your nose touches the floor.
7- If you check your body tension again, you push yourself up evenly. Imagine pushing the floor away from you.
8- In the up position, you still keep the shoulder blades back and down; don’t push them out unnecessarily.

Did it work out? Very nice, you are ready for the 100 pushups!

If you are not ready yet and cannot do a perfect push-up, I will show you a few ways you can feel your way into it one step at the time.

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Learn pushups step by step

In the following, I would like to show you 3 variants with which you can feel your way towards the complete push-up piece by piece.

Kneeling pushups

One of the best-known variants are push-ups on the knees. In doing so, you reduce the effective bodyweight and it is easier to get the first repetitions. The exercise sequence remains the same, only the knees are still on the floor.

Pushups on the wall

To relieve your body a bit, it is good if you start doing push-ups on the wall. You can also build up body tension and learn the exercise. It is more motivating when you reach 100 pushups!

Later you can take the kitchen counter, a chair and the bottom steps. So you slowly feel your way to the lowest position.


In case you find it difficult

If the 100 pushups seem too much to you, then definitely use the light variants. With this, you also achieve a high training effect. From week to week you can then improve on a more difficult variant. The motto: think positive and bite through.

Negative pushups

To get the feeling for a horizontal push-up, negative push-ups are super effective. To do this, go to the starting position and slowly lower yourself down to maximum tension.

Now put your knees down to get up with little effort. The load should only take place in the lowering phase. In this phase, the training stimulus is very high. Start with 10 slow repetitions.

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How do I get to 100 pushups?

Everyone naturally starts at a different level of performance. Therefore, I am now going to show you a few variations on how you can integrate the 100 pushups.

I recommend that you extend the program to a maximum of 30 minutes. So you have a high training effect and then 24 hours regeneration until the next day. Incidentally, I integrate this into my morning routine.

Blocks of 10 – Complete 10 times 10 pushups over a period of approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Your body has enough time to recharge your batteries.

Decreasing load – 25 correct pushups, 25 negative pushups, 25 kneeling pushups and 25 pushups on the wall. The numbers are variable.


If it is too easy for you

Maybe there are superheroes among you too, for whom the 100 pushups will quickly become too easy. If this is the case, you have a few options here: slow down the repetitions, put a weight on your upper back, raise your feet or simply do 200 pushups.

Pyramid – Increase according to the following pattern: 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 and reduce the number according to the same pattern 20 – 15 – 10 – 5. When you have reached the top, the last repetitions will be easier for you.

Two in the tank – Simply integrate the pushups into your morning routine. Do so many reps that you still have two reps in the tank. Try to use fewer passes each day.

Variations – Use different forms of push-ups

Diamond push-up (hands closely together)
Wide arm pushups (hands wide apart)
Push-ups on the fist (better posture in the wrist, but more pressure on the ankles)
Elevated pushups (feet on the chair)
Handstand pushups (100 pushups would be sensational here)
Delta Tap (tap the other shoulder after the support)
Sidestep (one hand step to the side after each repetition)
One-arm pushups (pushups on one arm)

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100 pushups – my training protocol

I started with a small entrance test: How many pushups can I do in a row without a break. I started with 45 repetitions.

Days 1 – 3 – I started with 10 x 10 repetitions, which I found to be doable. So on days 2 and 3, I did 5 x 20 repetitions, which was more challenging. For this reason, I will keep the model in the first week.

I have a good muscle ache, I feel the preload during my main training, which limits me a little, but the body will get used to it. Anyway, I’m already having fun, it can be easily integrated into the morning routine.

Days 4 – 7 – The first week is now over and I have a first feeling what is coming. I quickly changed the 5 x, 20-model, to 4 x 25 reps. I shorten the break times every day to achieve progression. Today, on day 7, I took a break of almost 60 seconds between runs.

That is currently all that is in it. My next goal is 3 x 33; after that, I will experiment with 40 – 30 – 20 – 10. There is currently no muscle soreness during the day, only if I specifically feel into it – it can go on like this.

I also notice that I get hungry immediately after the exercise, which is not so pronounced after my other morning exercise. It’s definitely a lot of fun! I am curious to see whether the 100 push-ups can be done directly one after the other.

Week 2 – The second week started very well. I feel that my chest muscles have firmed, even if it is not the primary goal. I was able to do the 3 x 33 repetitions well every day, although the third set was hard. Here I also notice differences in the daily form.

Week 3 – Week three got off to a really good start. I was experimenting with coffee. If I drink a cup beforehand, it will be much better because the dopamine is at the same level.

The 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 were easier compared to the previous week, which is why I switched to 50 – 25 – 25. I was able to crack the 50 pushups in a row. Let’s see what the next week brings.

Week 4 – In week four, I wanted to do the 100 pushups in a row. But towards the end of the week, there were limits to my will. I worked my way up to 60-40 and 70-30. Then the 30 days were up. Nevertheless, I was able to increase the number by almost 50%, which I am proud of.

Final test: 70 pushups in a row, but I stay tuned to crack the 100 pushups!

Dear co-creators

How do you start now? Don’t worry so much about it. Just begin and practicing your technique. Don’t ask too much of yourself, but start with the simple variants.

And very important: be playful and have fun. Also, activate your family and friends; make them keep a checklist that motivates you. This way, you will soon be able to conquer the 100 pushups challenge.

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