Tasty Protein Pancakes With Chia Seeds – No Industrial Sugar.


Try this recipe of super tasty protein pancakes with Chia seeds and no added industrial sugar

Alright then, I might as well admit it openly that I love pancakes! Especially on Sundays, it’s almost a tradition for us to serve them at our breakfast table. After all, it has always been this way. I still remember the smell of my grandma’s pancakes, the ones from her secret recipe book, when I was a little girl. Back then, it never occurred to me that they actually were protein pancakes by nature, which was a big plus.

Unfortunately, times have changed, and so did the ingredients, and that’s the problem nowadays. I have to add that my grandma had already been aware of the hidden dangers of industrial sugar.

Therefore, she used fruits as a substitute to top the pancakes off with. The dough itself didn’t contain any sugar at all. The balance was just right.

Anyway, a look at today’s ingredient list, and the commonly consumed toppings is enough, and the culinary pleasure comes to a sudden end.

Pancakes now are full of sugar, white flour and milk. In short, far from being considered healthy. Lucky that you can also prepare them in other ways, so that you neither neglect enjoyment nor health.

Grandma knew best!

This recipe is a keeper

Protein Pancakes are a delicious link between my love for pancakes and my active, healthy lifestyle. To make things even better – they are perfect for breakfast, too!

The original recipe comes from the highly recommended book “The World’s Fittest Book” by Ross Edgley. The variant that I present to you is based on it, but I slightly modified it.

I was in conflict with myself, as I would have loved to share my grandma’s recipe with you, but I decided to honor her wish to keep it within the family only. Thus, I will offer you this alternative, which is quite similar and also very tasty.

By the way: In the book, you will find not only crazy self-experiments but also training and nutrition plans as well as other delicious fitness recipes.

For a long time, I used a very simple recipe for protein pancakes – effective and healthy, but anything but overwhelming in flavor.

The result was dust-dry protein pancakes! For this rather archaic recipe: mix eggs and whey protein in the ratio 2 eggs and 1 Scoop Whey Protein (organic, tasteless) and then let the mixture bake.

Before I get to the recipe, just a few words regarding the preparation.


The right kitchen equipment: Otherwise it will not work!

Because these protein pancakes get along without gluten, this pancake variant is a little harder to bake.

Therefore, it is important that you have the correct equipment ready so that the dough succeeds, leaving no residue in the pan and the result is as crispy and delicious as you are used to from normal pancakes.

Of course, it can happen that you fail the first attempt. As I said, the preparation of protein pancakes is a bit more difficult than traditional pancakes. But as so often, it also is true here: practice makes perfect.

So if your first try isn’t a success, then try again and, if in doubt, be aware that the result is much healthier and no less delicious. In other words, it’s worth the effort!

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Now to the kitchen equipment. What you need is this:

Blender: The dough must be thoroughly mixed. Alternatively, you can use a hand blender, but I recommend you use a high-performance blender.

Pan: The higher quality and newer the pan is, and the less sticking to it, the better the pancakes will turn out to be. If you are not yet in possession of a good pan, then I advise you to buy a corresponding product before. It’s really frustrating in my eyes when a dough of perfect consistency gets destroyed because it’s stuck to a pan.

Spatula: The spatula should be flat and long. While traveling, I found the funniest models. But not all are suitable for loosening the protein pancakes and flip them properly. For example, if it is too short, it may be that the pancakes disintegrate when turning.

Now, we have the basics – the right equipment and a little practice. Believe me, you’ll be surprised how awesome the result is!

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Let’s get to the recipe:

Protein pancakes with Chia seeds and walnut topping

Servings: 2, Preparation time: 5 minutes, Cooking time: 20 minutes


2 organic eggs
3 tablespoons Chia seeds
90 g organic protein powder (flavor of your choice)
45 g of oatmeal
2 bananas
250 ml of water (rice or almond milk goes well, and only 2 tablespoons Chia seeds)
Coconut oil for searing
Walnuts and cinnamon for topping (I also like to add Raspberries)

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Put all the ingredients in a bowl and chop with the hand blender or add to the high-performance blender and stir until frothy.
It is important that the dough is pureed in some way so that the Chia seeds break up. They then quickly form some sort of gel, which blends with the liquid, and gives the pancakes its great consistency.
Preheat pan (level 7). Put a few drops of water on the pan every 60 seconds to see if it’s hot enough. When the drops jump, the pan has reached the right temperature.
Put some coconut oil in the pan and wait until it gets runny. Distribute evenly.
Put enough dough in the pan to make a hand-sized pancake. It should not be too large.
As soon as the dough dries, you will notice bubbles everywhere. Gently loosen it all around with the spatula, and then turn it over carefully.
Leave it baking on the other side for an additional 30 seconds, then place on a preheated plate.
Keep them warm in the oven, microwave or serve immediately
Sprinkle them with walnuts and cinnamon as a topping
Bon Appetite!


What are some healthy topping choices for pancakes?

As a topping, of course, the usual alternatives pop first into mind: butter, maple syrup, jam, etc. If you would like to keep it a little healthier, however, then the following options are worth considering:

Organic honey
Cashew or almond butter
Natural, greek yogurt
Homemade, low/no sugar marmalade
Fresh berries
A mix of fresh tropical fruits, cut small (Mangos, Kiwis, Papayas, etc.)
Coconut milk

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Which protein powder is best?

I’m using the Keto Collagen Protein powder. This product is great to enjoy as a shake on its own, or, of course, for baking.

Important: Not all protein powders are designed for baking. So if you opt for another product, read the label to see if it’s suitable for cooking purposes. If not, then always ensure that you use a tasteless form of protein powder, because regular flavors and sweeteners should not be heated!

Personally, the attribute “Organic” is also essential – for the sake of the animals and our environment. Although that’s my point of view, and you are free to choose any item after your liking.

Another reason why I like this Keto Collagen Protein powder is health-related. Our society tends to consume too little collagen.

Although it is the most abundant protein within our bodies, as we age depletion sets in. Thus, we need to supplement it, as it has important bodily functions, and it is essential for bones, joints, connective tissue and beautiful skin.

I wrote a review about this versatile protein powder. Here is the link to my post:

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Dear co-creators

Whether it also works so well with vegetable protein sources, e.g. rice or hemp protein, I do not know. But I would assume that the pancakes, then lose some of their taste.

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I haven’t had the extra time to make this experiment. If you want to try it out for us, then by all means do. Just write to me afterward and let me know which experiences you have collected!

I am really looking forward to hearing about your results. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the inventor of the next patch of Micheline-star deserving protein pancakes.

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This way, they, too, can stop by and reading new things, get free ebooks, recipes, tips and personalized advice, pep talk and encouraging words during tough times.

This is what I’ve created the website for – To help you thrive and become the happiest version of yourself.

I’m sending you all much love, peace, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and complete a special mission designed for the greater good of our entire collective.

I want to thank you for your selflessness, efforts, courage and existence…You are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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