Tarot Cards Meaning – How To Read A Tarot Card Deck


The Meaning Of Tarot Cards & Reading Them In Connection

The tarot deck of cards, generally seventy eight  in number, is divided into two separate categories, the predominant and the minor arcana (arcana from the Latin that means of closed or secret). There are 21 character cards, referred to as trumps, and the fool card in the principal arcana.

The minor arcana have fifty six playing cards consisting of 10 playing cards numbered from Ace to ten in 4 unique suits. In a regular tarot deck of cards, the suits consist of batons, wands, rods, or staves; cups, swords, and coins, disks, or pentacles.

In addition, there are 4 court cards, or face cards, in a tarot deck. This includes the page (sometimes also referred to as knave), queen, knight and king in every of the equal 4 suits. Let’s take a closer look what cards are involved in a Tarot card reading.


The Importance of the Fool

One of the most interesting playing cards in a tarot deck is the Fool. He represents each the variety 22 and zero. Twenty-two completes the cycle of the predominant arcana, whereas zero represents the God of force, an image of our limitless potential.

A circle, therefore, has no limits and continues on and on, as an image of God and infinity. The shiny solar above the Fool is a signal of power that melts the snow on the mountains, bringing lifestyles and nourishment to those dwelling below.

In addition, there is greater value to the Fool card in the tarot deck, such as the bag representing memories, the eagle for aspirations, the white rose for purity, and the canine symbolizing the eventual path of evolution.


The Power Of The Magician And The High Priestess

The card with the assigned number two, the Magician, signifies the mindful idea or the potential to manage from above what happens below by using the wand, the cup, the sword, and the coins.

Thoughts of ardour and longing are held in take a look at with the aid of the knowledge and purity of the Magician.

The High Priestess, the unconscious mind, displays a stability or impartiality between the gentle and darkish pillars, the two opposites of male and female.

Her know-how and control grant the suitable and wisest path of motion in the relatedness between the responsive mind and the subconscious.

An older model of the Magician is the Emperor, the ruler who controls the system wanted for tremendous administration of ideas and desires. The Empress in a Tarot deck is clearly an indication of time.

It represents the 12 symbols of the zodiac, an indicator that sooner or later all ideas and aspirations will end up realties.


The wise Nature of the Hierophant, the Lovers and the willful Chariot

Another fascinating card in the tarot deck is the Hierophant, the trainer or our internal self. The Hierophant makes selections primarily based on purpose and intuition, which he has gathered in the cycle of lifestyles via journey and wisdom.

The Lovers card symbolizes relationships and partners, the compatibility of male and female. In this card, the lady is the subconscious, the male is the responsive mind, and the angel above them represents the superconscious.

In time the woman stands for the supply of knowledge and proposal to the relationship; elevating it to a non secular level above the bodily or materialistic world. Energy manages our will, and the chariot pushes it farther often creating ambition.

In a way, we may view the hermit as the creator; he genuinely stands by himself above all with the aid and advantage of his knowledge and success. The lantern he holds presents enlightenment for those who would follow.

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The Wheel of Fortune, deserved Justice and a Man hanging Upside Down

Furthermore, the Wheel of Fortune displays to us who we without a doubt are, and Justice corrects the errors of our former doings and makes them right. Interestingly enough, the Hanged Man is upside down. Just the way that others see us in distinction to the way we in reality are. And there are more symbols that have an impact on your individual Tarot card reading.

Death for Changes, Temperance, the Devil & the Tower

In the cycle of life, the tarot deck consists of the Death card, for demise will inevitably come to everyone. However, the significants of Death in the tarot playing cards is a transformation and rebirth of focus to a greater level.

In addition, the Temperance card depicts an angel, with one foot in the water and one on the earth. Similar to the High Priestess, she too balances knowledge and introspection with wishfulness and doubt, in addition solidifying the connection between the aware mind and the subconscious.

The Devil card symbolizes the lies and misconceptions we can also come across on our journey. On the other hand, we will eventually attain the Tower with its bolt of lightning; an indication that we have gained authentic expertise and understanding.

The Star, the Moon and the wonderful World

The important arcana additionally consists of the Star, regularly introduced as a lady who takes from the pool of expertise and relays what she has discovered to all senses of man.

The Moon card represents our non secular evolution from advent to creator. The tarot playing cards moreover emphasize the significance of the Sun for tenderness and strength. The Judgment wished for an understanding of the connection between the regular mindfulness of man and humanity.

An ultimate card in the preeminent arcana is the World, which represents our position in the endless cycle of life, in relationship to an unchanging Universe.


The four Minor Arcana

The 4 minor arcana suits are painting a variety of elements of lifestyles and the numbers, as interpreted through Numerology, point out the power of the vibrations in every card.

In the suit of wands, we see the realm of spirit, ideas, ambition and increase in the fire, club, and innovative cards.

The suit of cups mirror all our needs and feelings, that are no longer outwardly apparent, through heart, emotions, and water. In the suits of swords, spades, air and intellect are portrayed. The playing cards characterize the struggles to convey thoughts into reality.

The suit of pentacles determines the end result. Diamonds and earth symbolize the completion of the bond between the responsive mind and the subconscious.

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Conclusion about Tarot Cards

There are many sorts of tarot cards and decks, in a range of styles, shapes, and number; however, their interpretation is essentially the equal in each and every deck.

The analyzing of the tarot playing cards is very interesting and charming to study. The tarot presents outstanding pursuit for an occultist. It’s also a wonderful skill to develop if you want to delve deeper in the supernatural.

It’s great if you are sincerely curious about the circle of life and its ups and downs and such elements as love, career, and success. If you’re in search for understanding about occurrences from the past, the present, or the future, then you’ll most possibly gain a great insight through a Tarot card reading.



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