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Talk to your body to heal and support regeneration

Your body is, with everything that comes with it, like a little mini-universe in the big all-encompassing universe in which we all live. He works tirelessly, thus, I have decided to write a post on how to talk to your body. How you can support him gently with his daily tasks, so you can heal and regenerate faster.

Without interruption, our organs perform day after day peak performances to nourish us, to keep us healthy. That’s actually an understatement!

Our body provides us with life without us having to consciously contribute anything. Are we feeling a sense of gratitude arising? We should!

We do not have to tell them what to do. They just diligently do it. We do not have to remind them about their work, because they are always on time, and that around the clock. And, they do not expect any thanks from us, yet, they respond to our appreciation.

Nevertheless, we are in a bad mood, annoyed or really angry when our body shows something is not quite in order, and we do not feel as we would like to.


Don’t be resentful – cooperate instead!

There is a small ailment that makes you physically aware and may even cause us pain. Especially complaints that may have been recurring for years, persist, or even become chronic in the meantime, are in many cases very hostile.

However, there is a way to support our organs in their healing and regeneration, to harmonize their function with each other and to actively accompany recovery processes. It is also a way of promoting love for one’s body and lovingly accepting it as it is.

Nevertheless, we should note, that this meditation cannot replace doctor visits. It is intended only as a treatment-accompanying measure or help for self-help (with existing knowledge about a disorder). For unclear complaints, please always consult a doctor first!

Organ meditation is a conceivably simple technique that combines self-love, acceptance of the complaints and the organ causing the discomfort.

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Benefits of organ meditation

Communicating with our organs connects us on a deeper level with ourselves and, therefore, also with our body. We obtain loving access to him, to the affected organ and can, thus, resolve our rejection of the discomfort causing body part.

This encourages us to perceive ourselves as a whole again and to unite with our body. At the same time, the body-meditation exercises relax our entire organism and activate the self-healing powers.

Dialogue with one’s own organs

To talk to your body and organs may sound strange at first, but it is extremely effective. I have encountered this kind of self-healing in a phase of my life in which I was downright desperate. My “weak spot” within the body is, since I can think, my stomach. At one point, I used to call it a “weak spot”.

I did this until, some years ago, I realized that I was taunting my stomach, emotionally cutting him off from me, blaming him for my unwellness and pain.

All this, only because I did not understand what he wanted to tell me when he was irritable and reacted to external conditions with inflammation (gastritis) and heartburn.


Get to know yourself

I’ve just learned – and am still learning – that my stomach acts as an indicator of stress, overwork, anger and discomfort.

He shows me directly when I do not notice my limits again. Be it things that stress me. Things that I get too close to and that make me angry.

Things to which I say “YES” to dutiful, but that do not suit me. Basically, my stomach always points out when I’m not careful enough with myself.

At the same time, addressing and accepting our organs, especially in times when they are not feeling well, has something to do with love for ourselves.

When an organ becomes ill, we emotionally turn away from it. We completely blank out the level of sensation, no longer perceiving the affected organ as part of us.

Instead, we begin treating it like an enemy that wants to harm us, defeat us and makes us feel bad. And we act as if the organ purposely causes distress without questioning what proportion we ourselves have in this condition.

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Loving care supports healing processes

It means that our organs, independently of our brain, are controlled by so-called nerve nodes. Each organ has a nerve-node, and this registers our turning away from this organ. This, on the other hand, causes a negative reaction on the part of the organ, such as tension, which in turn can lead to pain or discomfort.

The other way around, the ailing organ also responds to our positive response and loving attention. So if we go deep within ourselves, are attentively anchored in the moment, and devote ourselves to the appropriate organ with all our attention, love, and unconditional acceptance, then it reacts with warmth, well-being, and relaxation.

It’s just like a sad child whom we approach with understanding, comfort, and goodwill. That is also not something that only happens subliminally. One can experience the process within 10 to 20 minutes.

I am convinced that our stomach and intestine are organs that are susceptible to everyday strains and stress in many people. They react extremely quickly, sensitively and try to show us our own limits.

Furthermore, the stomach and intestines are also the organs that respond incredibly well to body meditation and direct addressing.

Therefore, and based on my own experiences, I refer to these organs as an example. At this point, I want to add, however, that it works just as well with all other organs, and body meditation as such has no negative side effects.

Procedure for “organic” contact

If you are not yet so practiced in meditation, it is best to retire to a quiet place and switch off all sources of interference for about half an hour. Depending on which organ you like to focus on, and how it feels good and right for you, you lay down or sit down.

If, for example, it is a matter of supporting the stomach or intestine in its healing, it is also a good idea to lie down for meditation. If you do not tend to fall asleep so quickly, you may also like to be the bed.

For instance, I never fall asleep on my back, so I can confidently take the recumbent position during this exercise. It should feel great to feel good about yourself so as to be able to better address the diseased organ.


Get in the mood for meditation

Then take a few deep, calming breaths that will get you there. With each exhalation let go of what tightens you, stresses you or tends to keep your mind busy. Then follow your breath for a few breaths without altering the breath in any way.

Be open to the experience you want to make with this meditation. Open yourself to anything that may happen. When you feel relaxed and ready making contact, send your mindfulness to the organ that wants to recover.

If physically possible, place one or both hands on the place you would intuitively hold if the organ or body area hurts. Send the warmth of your hands deep into this place. Have a positive attitude to your “organ child” and send it a loving smile during the exercise.

Here you can also visualize the organ. Can you imagine how you lovingly take it in your hands, take it and care about his suffering?
The organ speech is now via sentences, phrases or single words that you speak to fit the breathing rhythm.

These should contain healing information for the appropriate organ. Through the power of your mind, you send healing energies into the corresponding parts of the body and organs.

You should be dealing with an organ for at least 10 minutes. From my own experience, I can say that it is also an advantage to dedicate only one organ to each meditation.

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Talk to the body part

I will stay here now for illustration with the example stomach/intestine since this is a classic “complaint organ”. However, the system is equally applicable to any other body part.

Now take note of words and/or sentences that you think in your head in an appreciative way in alignment with your diseased organ. Thank it for all the faithful work it is doing tirelessly. Let all your healing energy flow into your words and, thus, into this organ as well.

Post meditation touch-up

After meditation, you should track down. This means that you should keep a phase of silence in which you no longer do anything but only perceive. This moment serves the integration of experiences and is, in any case, useful and can advance the regeneration of the organ to heal again faster.

In the beginning, keep your hands on the affected area, do not break the contact immediately and, above all, abruptly. Stay positive and continue to smile inwardly.


Realize how you feel after the exercise

Has anything changed in contrast to before? Remain as long as you like and you feel comfortable in your breath.
Finish the exercise whenever you feel ready; remember there’s no stress and force. As a final act, once again send emotional warmth and gratitude to your organ.

Loosen your hands slowly from the place, deepen your breath, take several refreshing breaths, gently shake yourself and stretch. As the last part of this valuable session, open your eyes to slowly return to everyday life, again.

As with all the meditations that I already described on this website and passed on to you, here again, the hint: Always be loving, gentle and mindful with yourself.

Feel into yourself, perceive your limits, sense your true being, devote yourself fully and also perceive emerging feelings during the exercise.

Do not judge anything, be patient, empathetic and accepting with everything that appears. And, at the very end, be grateful for all the sensations you experienced. Especially if they are negative, acknowledge them, cherish them and finally set them free.

We are ourselves the key to our own health

Whenever I did this meditation and conversation in correspondence with my stomach, it was incredibly healing and enjoyable. It felt the same as when the inner child finally awoke and started to feel.

I was calm and relaxed and could sense the inner “detachment”. I experienced the knot in my midsection dissolve, relax. It enabled me to detect heat flowing to the previously painful place.

It glided through my entire solar plexus and immediately triggered a sense of well-being. I smiled automatically and was like in a bubble – Inspired by the new experience, happy about the feeling of oneness with my body.

And, of course, the deep insight that my stomach does not make my life difficult, but that I was deaf to what he was trying to tell me.

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Become a union, again

It was like growing together, becoming one; so deliberating! Some union, something that has always belonged together, but was separated for a long time.

And all this intuitively, in a public bus, where I had just 20 minutes between getting in and out. It was an incredible experience.

I would never want to miss it again, as it has taught me so much more than just talking to my organs. Now, I do not want to say that I experienced a miracle cure that day, because that was not the way it was.

Even today, my stomach is my most sensitive organ, which needs a lot of loving attention. We still have highs and lows.

However, I learned something about dealing with myself. In terms of self-love, it has brought me a step closer to my own true being.

It has grown my understanding of me and made me feel strongly aware of myself. And it’s just fascinating how little it takes to be really good to yourself and to relieve or even cure discomfort.


Personal note

Dear co-creators. I thought to share this article with you in the hopes that it will resonate with some. You really can talk to your body and expect a positive and self-healing response. It’s not just a fairytale, otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the time and writing over 200 words about it.

Make sure to give it a try next time you don’t feel as well as you should. If you are approaching your body with an open mind and heart, everything is possible.

Remember just how powerful you are. You are way more than just a person made of flesh and bones. You are part of the divine and higher source; thus, limitless.

As always, do feel free to leave a comment below with questions, opinions and experiences which you’d like to share with us. WE are always very happy to hear from you – your words count!

Also, make sure to share us on social media with your family and friends, so they, too, can reap the benefits of the valuable information contained on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe here, as well, and grab your free ebook.

In the meantime, I’m sending you lots of love, light, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Keep in mind that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved regardless of what others might say. Thus, keep on shining. ~Namaste – I take a bow, before your spirit.



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