Tai Chi And Weight Loss – Feel The ‘Qi’


Discover The Powerful Connection Between Tai Chi And Weight Loss

Finding time to exercise seems such a challenge these days. Relaxing might be even harder. Whether it’s the cost or time, you find excuse after excuse to continue in a busy, chaotic world. Two words can change your life: Tai Chi. This ancient practice can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any money, just an open mind and a little bit of time.


In Tai Chi, the relaxation training, the main focus is primarily on softness and suppleness of the movements. The muscles should be relaxed over time to a high degree and the joints should be free to move.

This is necessary to get the body’s energy, the Qi” moving. Muscle tension is released, body posture optimized, the energy flow of the body will be stimulated and brought into balance.

The slow, concentrated execution of the movement increases the physical well-being and causes mental relaxation. Tai Chi is ideal for all people, no matter their age or fitness condition.

Tai Chi and Weigh Loss / Calorie Consumption

As spiritual as Tai Chi’s approach may be, it’s also rational in this sport with calorie consumption: The more you practice, the more calories you burn. Concretely this means: You can burn between 200 to 300 calories per hour with Tai Chi. There’s a deep connection between your thoughts, weight loss, and overall well-being.

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Those who practice regularly – ideally every morning and in the evening for 10 to 20 minutes – can also lose weight. This is confirmed by a study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Queensland.

After three months of regular Tai Chi practice, both weight and waist circumference of the subjects have decreased. The presumed reason: The movement sequences of the Tai Chi stimulate the muscles in a special way.

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Objectives of a Qualified Tai Chi Lesson:

Sharpening one’s own body perception in order to be able to perceive the “Qi phenomenon” in one’s own body.

Exercises that open the energy channels (meridians), so that more Qi can flow in the meridians per unit of time than in an untrained person, This leads to exercises that greatly increase the “Qi-flow”.

Exercises to increase the “Qi storage capacity” in the different energy centers of the human body.

As more “Qi” flows into the meridians and can be better stored in energetic storehouses, the student learns to situate the “Qi” first throughout the physical body with the use of mental imagination, and step by step with his own will (Chinese “I” or “Yi” called) to direct.

First of all, “Qi” is located in the hands and feet, where it is easiest to perceive. As you practice, you also feel it in the arms and legs, the head and lastly in the trunk.

When the student feels the life energy safely throughout the physical body, the training passes into the following subtle bodies:

– within the “energy body”, the level of the energy pathways (meridians),

– in the “emotional body”, the level of feelings and emotions,              What-Is-Tai-Chi-?

– within the “spirit body or mental body,” the level of thought and will,

– in the “spiritual body”, the level of the soul.

At this level, the student learns step-by-step how to perceive and direct “Qi’s” at each of the above levels.

In the next chapter of education, you will learn to switch very quickly from one level to another or to connect them, with many different functions and aspects,
as if they were a single movement.

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The universal life force

Weapons are also accompanying this training path. They offer a variety of weapon forms and training. The use of weapons gives the student the opportunity to project his abilities acquired in his own physical body onto a weapon in order to feel the “Qi” outside of the body in a vacuum and to use it as controlled as in the material body.

An important aspect of the training is the discernment of the student for the myriad of “Qi qualities” in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Taoist meditation. Always in Tai Chi, a master distinguishes about 38 different qualities of “Qi Energies” which the “Qi Gong,” meditation has not yet considered.


According to my research, there are at least 64 energy expressions of a single “Universal Life Force,” just as many as there are hexagrams in “I – Ging,” the Book of Changes.

Already in the beginner’s stage, the occupation with the Universal Life Force is fun and brings successes for the improvement of the health.

It takes a little longer to master the use of “Qi” in the combat application. In both respects, one can say that better results with increasing practical experience are a logical consequence.

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Last but not Least: Tai Chi and Mistakes to Avoid

Although Tai Chi is, in principle, easy to learn, it is essential to avoid the following mistakes in order to reap the full benefits from this Far Eastern movement art.

Switching between styles: Especially at the beginning, you should stick with one style and one teacher, so your body can slowly and constantly get used to the movements.

The more natural breathing and processes flow, the more relaxing and effective the Tai Chi practice will become.

You must find time to practice regularly: Tai Chi cannot unfold its full effect until one practices it consequently. You should take at least 15 minutes every day to exercise Tai Chi.

Careless execution: Even if the movement sequences in the Tai Chi look playfully easy: In the long run, a wrong knee placement can switch the health-promoting effect into a painful injury.

Please, get your experienced trainer to correct your position whenever you’re in doubt.

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  1. Hi, this is very good information! I’ve been needing to find some activities that will both relax me and keep me active. I like how many calories I can burn doing this. It’s really great learning something new. Would you say trainers are easy to find? I’m very interested in trying this method of relaxation. Thanks!

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