Symptoms For Low Estrogen – Deficiency, Causes & Treatment Options


Vital Facts About Estrogen Deficiency And Symptoms For Low Estrogen Levels

An estrogen deficiency not only makes for skin and hair problems, but brain and heart age prematurely, as well. Today, I decided to talk about a much-neglected topic: Symptoms for low estrogen and estrogen deficiency.

Estrogen deficiency can cause “mood disorders” such as hot flashes and sweating. At low levels of estradiol, the most vital component of estrogen, women lose restful sleep.

Furthermore, the brain, cardiovascular system and the bones age prematurely. This all results in a higher rate of dementia and early death from myocardial infarction and stroke.


It is possible to treat altered hormone levels and associated ailments through natural methods.

In classical medicine, however, they use exogenous estrogen preparations and progestin preparations in postmenopausal complaints already for decades.

In other words: They falsely label preparations, which are foreign to our bodies, as so-called “hormones!” Infrequently, they prescribe many in high doses with corresponding side effects.

By the way, antibiotic pills and hormonal spirals are just as harmful to health with a foreign chemical structure, because here too, they do not use our body’s own 17-b-estradiol and natural progesterone.

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Causes Of Estrogen Deficiency

The cause of estrogen deficiency is often stressful living conditions, which initially lead to increased cortisol production in the adrenal glands.

In the further course of the disease occurs a cortisol deficiency syndrome, which is also called adrenal fatigue. The adrenal gland is one of the most important factors of estrogen deficiency.

In “biological medicine,” the goal is to treat causes and use natural therapies.

Surely you have already heard of the controversial discussions about conventional medical estrogen therapy. Estradiol is the “main estrogen” with the strongest effect on the organism.


Conventional medicine uses estradiol for years in artificial form as protection against osteoporosis, hot flashes and mood disorders.

Even a woman’s psyche suffers when the hormonal disorder makes pregnancy impossible or causes depression. Artificial estrogen substitution therapy is a serious intervention in the biochemistry of the female organism, however.

Thus, it should only be administered if the patient feels massively impaired by the symptoms that occur during menopause.

It is possible to improve low estrogen levels with herbal supplements and dietary supplements for women.

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What is Estrogen Deficiency?

Estrogen deficiency exists when the female organism does not produce enough estrogen. The body of women produces three estrogens and progesterone as sex hormones.

Estrogens are steroid hormones and are mainly produced in the ovaries and the adrenal cortex. They have many important functions. In adolescent girls, the hormones are responsible for the growth of the breast and the maturation of the sexual organs.


They also regulate the first half of the menstrual cycle by inducing ovulation and strengthening the lining of the uterus, allowing the egg to settle into it after fertilization.

The hormones are also responsible for the development of bone tissue and the maintenance of mucosal moisture. They control many functions in the female body.

Therefore, patients with low levels of estrogen in the blood suffer from various ailments.

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How Does Estrogen Deficiency Develop?

A lack of estrogens normally shows values ​​below the normal range. Although the concentration of female sex hormones fluctuates constantly, it seldom drops below-average levels in healthy women for longer than a short time.

When the person enters the menopause cycle, their estrogen levels continuously declines. Afterward, they settle down to a much lower scale years later.

The reason: The ovaries produce declining amounts of estrogen until it finally comes to a complete standstill of hormone production. Causes of an estrogen deficiency are:

1. Certain diseases            Hormone-Deficiency
2. Surgical interventions
3. The natural aging process after the climacteric
4. Certain contraceptives (micropillus)
5. Malnutrition, deficiency states (anorexia)
6. Extreme sports activity

Among the diseases causing estrogen deficiency are adrenal insufficiency and impaired ovarian function. This is the result of disturbed sexual development.

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In adrenal insufficiency, the organ produces too little of the estrogen precursor DHEA. In addition, surgical removal of the ovaries associated with tumor therapy may be responsible for hormone deficiency. A corpus luteum insufficiency may also result in estrogen deficiency.


Contraceptive pills with too low of an estrogen content can cause estrogen deficiency in women using hormonal drugs. That happens because it cannot sufficiently replace the suppressed endogenous hormone.

Adolescent girls suffering from anorexia nervosa and women performing intense, competitive sports also often suffer from hormonal imbalance.

With them, doctors often diagnose a delayed sexual maturation result.

For instance, some young women being their menstruation cycle only at the age of 18 years. The secondary sexual characteristics are also much later than usual.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Estrogen Deficiency?

A persistently low estrogen level is usually associated with a lack of progestogens and manifests in puberty with delayed sexual development, cycle disturbances (absence of menstruation or bleeding) and infertility.
Young women of reproductive age suffer from symptoms such as possible infertility or menstrual disorders.

The following symptoms can occur during the climacteric and senium:

1. Disorders of the female cycle with additional bleeding. What-Is-Estrogen-?
2. Night sweats, hot flashes.
3. Vaginal dryness and dry mucous membranes.
4. Sexual aversion.
5. Increased wrinkling and dry eyes.
6. Elevated blood lipid levels, cardiac arrhythmias.
7. Hair loss.
8. Sleep disorders, depressive moods.
9. Increased nervousness, increased irritability.
10. Lack of concentration (see Creatine)

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How To Treat Estrogen Deficiency

Estrogen deficiency should in principle only be treated if the accompanying discomfort greatly affects the patient. This is especially the case if she has a previously unmet desire to have a child and mentally suffers from her infertility.

It also needs attention if the woman has complaints that limit her quality of life (menopausal symptoms). The treatment depends on the respective cause.

For symptoms caused by overdosed birth control pills, it is advisable to get a better prescription from the doctor. Existing luteal hormone deficiency can be overcome through the administration of progesterone-containing drugs. Delayed sexual maturity is treated according to the present cause.



For mild climacteric complaints, herbal supplements such as black cohosh and chasteberry can be used.

However, before taking these medicines, it is important to consult your doctor. Special eye drops help against dry eyes.

The drug and estrogen deficiency medicines can be bought in most drug stores and mail-order pharmacies.

Since the prices differ greatly, it is worth starting a comparison in online companies.

However, I cannot stretch it enough that, as with all supplements, high quality is essential to obtain the best relief and improvement.

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What Symptoms Can Occur With Long-Term Estrogen Deficiency?

A prolonged shortage of estrogens can also lead to osteoporosis. In this disease, demineralizes the bones and makes them brittle. Thus, even minor falls cause fractures.

Furthermore, hormone deficiency can increase the risk of bladder and vaginal infections. As the organs of the urogenital tract and the sexual organs decay in the climacteric, frequent urination may occur in menopausal women.

Three more definite signs of estrogen deficiency are:  Incontinence

1. Strong urge to urinate
2. Incontinence
3. Pain during sex

How Can I Correct The Estrogen Deficiency During Menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy is the appropriate option for women who are struggling with menopause.

The specialist in gynecology prescribes synthetic estrogens or a combination of artificially produced estrogens and progestins.

You will apply them as an ointment or introduce them into the vagina as a suppository. In addition, they can be taken orally and worn as a patch.

However, they are not suitable for patients with certain diseases (blood coagulation disorders, breast cancer, etc.).


Therapeutically, care should be taken when balancing an estrogen deficiency that the two opponents estrogen and progesterone remain in alignment.

An estrogen dominance should be avoided because of higher breast cancer risk and other side effects.


With a present laboratory diagnosis for an estrogen deficiency, they are able to frequently reduce the subsequently produced hormone estriol. This specific hormone is responsible for the vitality of the body’s mucous membranes.

Little Known And, Yet, Essential: Hormones Control Our Metabolism

Although hormonal imbalances in patients have continued to increase over the past decades, they remain largely unrecognized.

The term “hormone therapy” has become repugnant to many, yet, it is hardly known that there is also natural hormone therapy. This eliminates not only the side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy, but the outcome efficiently protects the organs and health-promoting.

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance vary and people often do not easily associate them with hormone disruption. Here is a list of few misinterpreted signs: fatigue syndrome, obesity, dementia, stress, burnout, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, ADD / ADHD and many more.

If there is chaos in the “boss’ floor,” then the whole operation cannot work properly. It is the same in the human body. The hormones correspond to the “boss’ floor.”

They have a superior position in the control of all metabolic processes, because they are in charge of the metabolism. Hormones are natural messengers in our bodies.

We can not live properly without the finely tuned information conveyors. That is, hormones are naturally intended for a healthy life and as necessary as oxygen and proper nutrition.

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Declining Hormone Production

Due to stress factors and aging, the production of the following hormones decreases:

1. Stress hormones: adrenaline, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine
2. Sex hormones: estrogen, estrone, testosterone, progesterone
3. Metabolism hormones: thyroid hormone, insulin, leptin, growth hormone
4. Hormone precursors: DHEA, pregnenolone, androstenedione

The following treatment indications are particularly interesting for patients:

1. Therapy of fatigue syndrome, burnout, adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia
2. Metabolic improvement in obesity and diabetes
3. Stabilization of depression, anxiety attacks, palpitations and insomnia
4. Therapy of ADD, ADHD
5. Prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke
6. Repression of Alzheimer’s and dementia
7. Stoppage of osteoporosis

In order to achieve a healthy balance of the metabolism and the body’s own hormones, a targeted change in diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, mental stability and possibly supplementation with natural messengers is necessary.

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