Symptoms And Causes of Depression – What’s Really Behind It?


Recognizing and managing the symptoms and causes of depression

Everyone can be affected: Depression does not differentiate between male or female, between young or old. The rate of depressed people all over the world is growing rapidly. Thus, I decided to offer a deeper insight into symptoms and causes of depression and how you can manage them before they get out of control.

Depression is far worse than normal feelings of discouragement, sadness, exhaustion, and hopelessness that can occur. It should be clearly distinguished from “mood lows/swings”.

Untreated depression can get worse over the years and have many health consequences. It is, therefore, important to recognize them as early as possible and to tackle them successfully.

Find out here what constitutes depression and how you can recognize it. In a follow-up article, you will also learn about diagnosis and successful treatment.

Depression has many faces and traits, but one thing it is not:  incurable! So take heart and have some faith – you can beat this.

Physical Causes Behind Depression & Depression Self-Test

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Depression – You can recognize them by these symptoms

Depression should be clearly distinguished from short-term and occasional mood swings or ‘the blues’. These mood lows, which can last for several days, have temporary causes only.

Depression, however, is permanent and chronic, and the affected persons suffer for years from deep grief, discouragement, hopelessness and inner emptiness.

Unipolar depression, Bipolar (Manic) depression

Depression sufferers feel left alone, sad, hopeless and with the sentiment of a constant emptiness on the inside – something seems amiss.

The more of the following symptoms apply, the greater the likelihood of suffering from depression. You can obtain further information through appropriate self-tests and a consultation with a psychotherapist or doctor.

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We must make a difference between unipolar (or monopolar) and bipolar depression:

Symptoms of unipolar depression

1- Anxiety and worries about normal everyday situations

2- Self-doubt and feelings of inferiority that are permanent and pathological

3- Loss of concentration in everyday life, at school and at work

4- Little decision-making power for small and large decisions alike

5- Loss of joy in otherwise beautiful things in life

6- Hopelessness about the present and the future

7- Energy loss

8- Emotional instability

9- Sadness with often no apparent reason

10- Inner emptiness and emotional numbness

11- Delimitation (not to be equated with introversion)

12- Thoughts of suicide that the affected occasionally expresses aloud

Depression also expresses itself in physical symptoms in addition to these predominantly psychological and inward-looking symptoms:

1- Sleep disorders that turn nightly relaxation into torture

2- Change in appetite – marked loss of appetite or cravings

3- Libido loss

4- All-day lethargy and fatigue

5- Restlessness, especially in calm situations

6- Pain in certain areas of the body such as the back, knees, hips, and headache

7- Chest tightness

8- Dizziness

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Unipolar depression is the most common and usually gives very direct indications of depression or mental illness. Opposed to it is bipolar depression, also known as manic depression:

Symptoms of bipolar/manic depression

One strong characteristic of bipolar depression is the successive alternation between absolute high feelings and usual depressive moods.

In just a few minutes, those affected can switch from “sky-high” happiness to deep sadness. Bipolar depression is significantly more noticeable than unipolar, but much less common:

1- Greatly increased need for speech

2- Strong euphoria, unpleasant and exuberant happiness

3- Delusions

4- Loss of control over money, plans, contracts, or relationships

5- Easier to distract

These symptoms can give you an indication of depression. If you or someone close to you suffers repeatedly or permanently from the problems mentioned, you should exercise caution.

Always approach those affected tactfully and carefully at all times. Show them a lot of understanding and, above all, have an open ear for their problems.

What has also proven itself is a symptom diary. It helps if those affected record their daily feelings in a diary and observe the symptoms over a longer period of time.

This aids both self-awareness and a therapist who wants to take the treatment in hand.

After listing the various symptoms that can speak for depression, we now address the causes behind depression:

Causes of Depression – What Is Behind It?

The question of why usually comes immediately after the identification of the symptoms, or after a psychotherapist/doctor has made a successful diagnosis.

How did depression come about? What triggers them in the first place? Is it just genetics? Or is there possibly more to it, maybe even mistakes in everyday life?

Various causes behind depression do exist, and scientific research uncovers more about it almost quotidianly.

It is clear that not only genetics are responsible for depression, but that more significant causes can lead to this illness.

We can divide the triggers into physical causes, diseases, stress, genetics, living conditions and perfectionism. Since this topic has much more to cover, you will learn more about this in our following article:

Stress, Genetics And Other Causes Of Depression

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