Strudel Dough Tips And Tricks For The Classic Delight + Classic Austrian Strudel Dough Recipe

Tips & tricks for perfect strudel dough

With the classic strudel dough you can prepare a wide variety of strudel dishes. My grandfather , who was a baker in Austria, taught me that real strudel dough consists of only a few ingredients and is “pulled”. To make the classic strudel a success, you will find the best tips and tricks for perfect dough in this article.

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Interesting facts about strudel dough

The classic dough consists mainly of water and flour. In addition, there is usually a little oil so that it becomes smoother and does not dry out so easily. This also makes it easier to pull. Many recipes, furthermore, include a dash of vinegar (sugar-free, such as white wine or apple cider vinegar). This should also make it easier to pull out the dough.

Here you can find the basic recipe for strudel dough.

Tips & tricks for perfect strudel dough

It is best to use plain wheat flour for strudel dough.

You best use lukewarm water so that the dough relaxes better when resting and does not tear so easily later.

It has the perfect consistency when it is soft but not sticky and hangs from your hand like a drop.

To prevent the strudel from cracking, it is essential that you adhere to the rest time specified in the recipe.

Here you can find out what else you can do if the dough breaks.

Fold in the ends of the dough to prevent the filling from falling out.

With a quite moist filling, you can prevent the dough from tearing open during baking. To do so, prick the top a few times with a skewer after about 10 minutes of baking.

To prevent it from falling apart, the strudel can also be baked in a loaf pan.

The strudel is ready when the batter is brown and crispy.

Strudel can also be steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried.

Homemade strudel dough should not be frozen.

This recipe describes in detail how to prepare the dough, draw it out, fill and roll it up


150 g wheat flour (smooth or fine spelt flour)

15 g oil (some sunflower oil)

80 ml water (lukewarm)

1/2 teaspoon vinegar (or white wine or cider)

1 pinch of salt

Flour (for processing)

Oil (for brushing while resting)

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Put the ingredients, weighed as precisely as possible, all together in a bowl and slowly mix with a dough card or spatula from the inside out. If you mix the dough with your hands, you can also put on disposable gloves.

As soon as the dough is smooth, place it on the work surface and knead vigorously with the balls of your hands until the dough is smooth and bubbles. The dough can also be formed into a strand several times and beaten on the work surface. Then mix it up again and again. (The dough can also be prepared in the mixing bowl with the dough hook, but should also be kneaded briefly with your hands at the end. If the dough sticks to the work surface, work in a little more flour.)

Grind the dough into a ball (shape, brush with oil). Also brush the dough with oil and place on a plate. Cover with cling film and let rest for about 30 minutes at room temperature so that the dough can then be pulled out easily. (The dough can rest even better if you rinse a bowl with hot water, dry it and cover the dough with it. Then rinse the bowl with hot water 1-2 more times).

Then sprinkle a swirl cloth (large cotton cloth) well with flour, put on the dough and dust with flour. Roll out evenly lengthways and widthways using a rolling pin.

Reach under the strudel dough with your hands (back of your hand up), pick up the dough and gently pull it apart with the back of your hand. Put it back on the floured cloth and pull it out from the center outwards towards the edge of the table.
The strudel dough should be pulled out so thin that it is translucent. Cut away the thick edges of the pulled out strudel pastry.

Filling the strudel dough

To do this, sprinkle the upper third of the dough with crumbs depending on the filling, drizzle the entire surface of the dough with melted butter that is not hot and apply the filling in the upper third. Fold the edges a little over the filling.

Lift the cloth with both hands and fold the top edge of the pastry over the filling. Raise the cloth higher and higher and keep it taut until the strudel has rolled up and comes to rest on the “seam” (locking point). Seal the ends well.

Depending on the type of strudel, carefully roll the finished strudel onto a prepared sheet, baking tin or pan with the dough end facing down and with the help of the tightly stretched cloth.

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Sweet and savory strudel

In my native country, they often prepare strudels with both sweet and savory fillings. The apple strudel and the curd strudel, for example, are definitely among the absolute classics of Austrian home-style cooking. You can, of course, also fill your Strudel with other ingredients. Strudels filled with poppy seeds or nuts are popular, too. Among the savory strudels, spinach strudel, vegetable strudel, cabbage strudel, meat strudel and grammel strudel (grammeln are similar to chicharron) are very popular. They serve them either as a main course with a dip or salad or as a side dish. They serve meat strudel, in particular, often as a soup.

Nevertheless, you cannot use strudel dough only for rolling. Strudel bowls or “strudel taschen”) bags, which they usually fill with a wide variety of ingredients, are also popular. They are suitable as a starter or appetizer for parties. Spring rolls can also be made with strudel dough.

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