Stress, Genetics And Other Causes For Depression


How stress, living circumstances and other causes for depression manifest

Following you will find more of the main causes that may be responsible for depression. Stress, Genetics and other causes for depression mentioned here are not all, but they are the most important ones that trigger about 90-95% of all depressions.

As can be seen in many places, the main causes behind depression are not purely genetic, but a sum of individual living conditions.

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Stress as a cause of depression

Nature provides us with stress in a concise way: there is a threat, the body reacts with a stress response, the threat gets eliminated, and the stress response ebbs again.

However, through modern lifestyles, people are constantly in an environment that promotes anxiety reactions and psychological stress.

Whether you are dealing with a stressful job, strains in privacy or health problems. The stress is usually permanent, which puts too much strain on the body and psyche.

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Genetics as a trigger of depression

Genetics is an important cause, but it is usually overestimated. In some families, there is a clear system for depression, but the actual trigger is always a sum of the various causes mentioned here. Genetics should never be held solely responsible.

The specific genetic predisposition to depression usually arises because of present mutations in important messenger substances or receptors that recognize these messenger substances.

In fact, the body suffers in such cases from an imbalance in hormones and messenger substances.

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Living conditions and depression

An acute event of living conditions can upset the body and mind and directly cause depression. This can mean the death of a loved one or an ended love affair. Also, a severe stroke of fate, the birth of a child or a stressful move can trigger depression.

These are all major events in life, usually accompanied by a lot of stress. Everyone deals with these circumstances and events differently, but they can also cause psychological sorrow and woe.

Surely you have heard of postpartum depression before. This is a phenomenon that occurs in 10-15% of mothers worldwide: after the birth of a child, severe depression occurs.

The signs increasingly suggest that this is a signal that the mother is physically exhausted and drained. Raising and giving birth to a child requires a lot of strength and many nutrients from the mother.

The depression could, therefore, be a direct consequence of the nutrient deficits and the physical and mental strain of the mother.

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Perfectionism as a cause of depression

Perfectionism is a phenomenon that can also we can observe more and more frequently and particularly in women. It has its own triggers, every person here is individual.

Affected persons suffer from the habit/compulsion to complete everyday tasks (private or at work) perfectly. In order to achieve this, a lot of stress is inevitably taken into account.

Because one cannot master and complete every single task perfectly, but for those affected this goal is mandatory.

If necessary, they force things and even handle situations without regard for their own health. This, too, can lead to depression.

A healthy diet and lifestyle with exercise, stress reduction and mindfulness can help prevent depression, but it can and should also be part of the treatment.

This has been disregarded for years but is now becoming more and more popular in advanced and successful treatment concepts.

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Dear co-creators

With this shorter post, we come to a conclusion regarding triggers that can cause psychological distress and deep, lasting sorrow.

We could add many more details to stress. genetics and other causes for depressions.

However, this topic is extremely wide, and, thus, I hope that these gathered main segments will help you or anyone you know and care about to heal from depression.



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