Stop Smoking – That’s How I Quit, And So Can You


A few tips that truly helped me to stop smoking – That’s the way it works!

Quitting smoking is an experiment in itself. With the right tips, it can happen very fast. I smoked for years myself. With these tips, I made it to the non-smoker club. I have not touched a cigarette for more than two years now, and want to help you to stop smoking as well.

It hurts me to walk down the street and seeing people’s dependency on cigarettes. Thus, I truly pray that, with time, this article will reach the right people, and that it will be of help to them.


Quit Smoking: These are the best tips (from experience!)

Personal motivation

What is the most important reason for YOU to quit smoking? In most cases, people stop smoking for fear of getting deadly diseases. As a rule, it’s the little things that tempt us to become non-smokers.

Write down what your personal motivation is – nothing is “stupid”, everything is justified and valid! Is it the whiter teeth and the nicer skin of the nonsmoker? Then write it down!

Or you just do not constantly feel like being driven outdoors for a puff of a cigarette, like an outcast? Take notes of this!

Is it the sense of smell and taste that improves after smoking cessation? Put that down, too! Or are your yellow fingernails and the smoky odor of your clothes bothering you? Jot it down!

The fact is, no matter what the reason is and why you want to stop: You can only do it successfully if you do it primarily for YOU! Thus, be your strongest supporter, and motivate yourself every day with your personal reason(s)!

Stop Smoking & Weight Gain - Only A Myth If You Follow My Tips

Cigarettes harm your spirituality

Also, did you know that smoking cripples your spiritual development? That alone is enough reason to kiss those filthy coffin nails ‘goodbye.’ As a matter of fact, all drugs are designed to keep you a slave within this third dimension.

So, if you want to evolve and break free from this matrix, then it’s time to give up the bad stuff. Or, as Ralph Smarts says “Stop drinking the cool-aid!”

What happens in the body after you quit cigarettes?

Small rewards for not smoking

Did you last a whole day? What sounds nonsense for non-smokers, is a huge success for smokers, and rightly so! That’s why the second tip is: Reward yourself for not smoking; not too little and right from the beginning!

Why? Because just the beginning phase (usually the first one to three months) is the hardest. After about 100 days of being smoke-free, you have survived the worst.

But first, it is time to master this hurdle. And we all can – if we only address the child in us. We have to bribe ourselves, virtually, and with things that give us pleasure!

Especially things that we see constantly, such as a new hairstyle or a piece of jewelry or new clothing, best reinforce our desire to quit smoking. You’ve made it through one day? Awesome, so how about a bunch of flowers – just for you?

Or, even better,  a potted plant of your choice? After two or three days you reward yourself with a visit to the movie theater or a great meal at your favorite restaurant. After a week you have earned yourself a new hairstyle, a manicure or massage. You can also reward yourself with a new pair of shoes, a bracelet or a new jacket.

Where will you take the money from? From not smoking! Who smokes a pack a day á 7.50 dollars, saved in a week already 52.50 dollars. That makes altogether 210 dollars in a month! Well, I’m sure that you find better ways to invest that amount of money in yourself than just blowing it into thin air?


Relax, relax, relax!

In peace and harmony lies the power, especially the power of perseverance! Most smokers smoke to relax. They smoke to get a break. They smoke to escape the stress of everyday life. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that with a cigarette you combat the symptom (the feeling of stress), but not the cause.

If you stop smoking, you should calm down naturally one or the other way. Do you think that’s impossible?  That’s fine! You will soon figure that stress is something that arises in our own head. It does not come from the outside, as we so often wrongly conclude.

Anyone who has used the ‘smoker’s breaks’ in everyday life to, in reality, take a break from the fresh air for 5 minutes does not have to forego resignation from now on. From now just take a “non-smoking break”, and go for 5 minutes a walk around the block.

And after work and on weekends grab a book instead of the cigarette, rather than buying a box at the store, meditate or breathe deeply while enjoying the sauna.

Over time, you will notice that there are other ways to relax and calm you down. You just have to try out what is the best relaxation method for YOU!

The Power Of Meditation - A Great Meditation For Anxiety And Stress Relief 

Find new rituals and hobbies instead of smoking

If you stop smoking, you have the feeling that something is missing. Without a joke: It is often the hand movement’ a mere habit. This is why many people are grabbing, instead of the cigarette, something to eat and then gain weight.

But that need not be! Find another ritual for you, preferably one thing you can do with your hands: be it kneading a stress ball, always having a pen handy (and chewing on it if necessary – not healthy, but better than smoking) or playing with your dangling necklace. So much for the short-term solution.

In the long run, you can make a list of the reasons when you took the cigarette and write alternatives for stressful moments. Then, find out how you can relax differently fast!

If you wanted to curb your appetite, find out what else reduces your appetite or food cravings. Perhaps chewing some sugarless gum or drinking a glass of tea will bring relief?

What to do if you are bored? Then consciously seek an occupation that will banish boredom. You do not have to take piano lessons right away.

It is enough to sing to your favorite music or to scribble a picture. Meditation or picking up a sport that you really like are wonderful aids.

I picked up and interval running, walking, Cardio and Tabata…Trust me, especially the latter took my mind (and breath) away from the thought of cigarettes. Lol!

I wrote an article regarding Tabata to guide you through in case you don’t know how it works yet. The link is below, so feel free to check it out.

Whatever has incited you to smoke: You will find an alternative solution for ANY cause – promised!

Tabata Training Exercise - Variations, Tools & Vast Benefits

Become active- just like that!

When we move, we require our lungs. Who smokes knows that cigarettes dampen the desire to move, for example, because the lungs do not perform that well.

Anyone who moves more every day after stopping smoking, quickly realizes how noticeably the physical performance improves. It’s not about running a marathon or doing a completely different kind of sport.

It is enough to climb stairs instead of using the elevator; to go shopping on foot instead of driving; 15 minutes to walk instead of sitting on the couch. You will feel the benefits noticeably! It will motivate you to persevere and remind you every day that you are on the right track. Keep it up! You can do it!

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Stop smoking with professional help

How do you quit smoking if you cannot do it alone?

Smokers do have the idea that cigarettes give them positive feelings; make them happy. It’s true, nicotine reaches your brain very quickly.  We have some sort of  “reward center” within our brains. Upon activation, it forms more and more nicotine receptors.

These nerve endings always ask for a new supply of the poison. Many people try to quit on their own. You have to keep in mind, however, that, when giving up cigarettes, you don’t only fight nicotine addiction alone.

There are so many other harmful and addictive chemicals involved, plus the mere habit. Accumulative, this can be too overwhelming for many smokers. Unfortunately, a study has shown that no more than six percent of smokers succeed when trying to quit smoking without external help.

So, don’t feel bad if you cannot manage it all by yourself.  With professional help, they normally offer three methods to overcome addiction.


Popular supporting measures are:

Acupuncture: The doctor puts fine needles in the pinna, the external part of the ear, which affects the reward center in the brain. Often ten sessions are necessary to stop smoking.

Hypnosis: Through the so-called deep relaxation in the subconscious, the message should be anchored: “I do not need cigarettes.” How many sessions one will require is individually different. The effect is not scientifically proven, but we all know the true power and potential of our subconscious mind.

Nicotine replacement products: To be honest with you, I only mention them, because I cannot deny their existence. I am, however, not an advocate of smoke-cessation aids! All the selling companies do is suck your money, and, at the same time, get you addicted to some other ingredient.

If you want to quit smoking, then do it with your will power. Do not even think about using any substitutes. Because if you do, you will still be a slave of something that keeps you in the vicious cycle.

You are only truly free when you kick the habit with the sole one aid(e) that you need on your side- yourself and your immense mind power.

But, I have something else for you, that helped me immensely, is extremely healthy and seriously cuts down the cravings for nicotine.

What's The Placebo Effect? - Condition Your Mind For Healing

Number one food source to help you quit smoking

No joke, there are foods that will support your brave steps while you stop smoking. I will tell you which ones they are.

How omega-3 supports smoking cessation

It is not so easy to stop smoking. And to stay non-smokers isn’t a cakewalk either for the first 6 months. In addition to nicotine patches and medicines, natural remedies help you stay strong, as confirmed by an Israeli study.

Researchers at the University of Haifa have found that omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduce the appetite for nicotine.

The Importance, Benefits Resources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Omega 6 

But how can that be?

According to the study director Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar, smoking reduces the amount of essential fatty acids in the brain.

This leads to the damage of those nerve cells, which become active in reward and satisfaction. To be satisfied, smokers have to reach for the cigarette – welcome to the vicious circle.

Those who have (or are working towards) their last cigarette can use omega-3 instead of the cigarette (also available as supplements, for example in fish oil capsules).

Omega-3 regenerates the damaged nerve cells and makes you feel joyous and appeased without a cigarette.

Other studies have already shown that there is an association between Omega-3 fatty acids and mental health. This is how Omega-3 should also help with depression and stressful situations.

48 smokers between the ages of 18 and 45 (average age: 29) who smoked at least ten cigarettes a day were tested. Half of the subjects consumed five omega-3 capsules per day for one month, and the control group was given a placebo.

The result: At the end of the month, omega-3 consumers smoked on average only two cigarettes a day and felt a much lower craving for nicotine. The smoking behavior of placebo consumers, however, did not change.

Well, studies aside, I can recommend consuming Omega 3. I have taken my capsules every day religiously, and can only confirm the positive effects.

All in all, eat healthier. Consuming more fruits and vegetables has proven to make people happier and with a more positive view of life.

Prepare your own foods, so you know what you’re feeding your body, and don’t cook your foods too much to retain as many nutrients as possible. This, too, adds to enhanced health, vitality and joy in life.

Last but not least, Consume your foods mindfully – Eat to live, don’t live to eat!

Sous Vide Tips - Slow Cooking For Tender, More Nutrient-Rich Foods At Home 

What foods contain omega-3 fatty acids?

– Fish (especially salmon, but also mackerel, sardines, trout, herring, sprat, eel and tuna)

– Oysters, clams and shrimps

– Nuts (especially walnuts) and seeds (eg chia seeds)

– Linseed oil, but also in sunflower oil, olive oil, walnut oil, hemp seed and rapeseed oil

– Microalgae

– Perilla

– Soy products (for example tofu)

– Green vegetables (such as Brussels sprouts, spinach, green beans, avocado) Try a green smoothie.

– And, of course, Omega 3 fish capsules, which is the easiest and fastest way to get the required daily amount.

Omega-3 fatty acids not only help to quit smoking, but they also strengthen the immune system, increase the elasticity of the skin and support protein synthesis.

They furthermore, lower blood lipids and blood pressure, protect against thrombosis, stimulate the metabolism and alleviate sleep problems, just to name a few benefits.

So if you want to escape the cigarettes in a healthy way, you can reach for Omega-3 with a clear conscience.

Be Smoke-Free Today With Targeted Hypnosis That Stops Your Nicotine Cravings*

Dear co-creators

My friends, tell me your story. Were you lucky enough to never become a smoker to begin with? Have you quit successfully already? Or, are you one of the brave ones that have tried, failed and, yet, are willing to give stop smoking another chance?

You let me know all about your story in a comment below, please, and if I can give you some advice or mental support, I’d gladly be of help.  One way or another, I keep my fingers crossed and believe in you!

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