Stop Smoking And Weight Gain – Only A Myth (If You Follow My Tips)


It is believed that around 70 percent of all smokers have the desire to finally put an end to their bad habit. Not infrequently, the fear of gaining weight through smoking cessation is stronger than the will to quit, and the person continues to consume cigarettes.

This fear, however, is completely groundless, and, here, I would like to reveal how you can live a successful, smoke-free life without putting on extra pounds.  Stop smoking and weight gain should not be put into the same pot. I should know all about it as I quit smoking years ago myself – cold turkey!


I didn’t gain even one gram. On the contrary, through quitting this filthy habit, I became way more health conscious, changed my diet, created a stricter exercise routine, began with meditation, etc.

So, there’s nothing to worry about. You have your own will power, you are the boss! Don’t make this fear an excuse, don’t let it prevent you from taking the best step you’ll ever take in your life.

Continue reading, and you’ll soon see what I mean. Yes, I will state the facts below, but that doesn’t mean you must be included in those statistics. Remember, you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, thus, you decide the speed and direction at all times!

Why many People suddenly Gain Weight After they Stop Smoking?

Yes, it is what it is, and most folks do gain weight shortly after they quit. At least this says a new and proven US study. The researchers observed a total of 4,717 smokers over three years. The group of 1,282 participants who stopped smoking during that period gained on average between 5.5 and 8.5 pounds of weight.

Quite the opposite of the women who continued to smoke during the three years of study. But, why is that so? The reason for this is primarily the nicotine contained in cigarettes – a substance that comes from the leaves of the tobacco plant and changes our bodies in different, complex processes.


The metabolism is also influenced by the nicotine because it boosts energy consumption.

People who smoke an entire pack of cigarettes a day burn between 200 to 250 calories extra. On the other hand, the use of nicotine suppressed the feeling of hunger, thus, regular smokers automatically eat less.


If you stop suddenly the intake of nicotine, then not only does the metabolism slow down, but your appetite also increases. Added to this is the psyche: Unhealthy snacks and extra portions on the plate can become a reward and consolation for the missing cigarettes. The extra calories, however, are quickly noticeable on the bathroom scale.

Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

With these Tips, you Will Keep your Dream Figure

Would you’d rather continue to smoke cigarettes, which can and most likely will lead to serious and even life-threatening health problems in the future, than to quit and risk gaining a few pounds?

If yes, then that’s definitely not a good decision, and that’s why I’ve gathered the best tips that will help you keep your weight stable despite the lack of nicotine in your system. It worked for me; it will for you!

Workout Instead of Smoking


The study mentioned above was able to prove that the participants who stopped smoking, but at the same time also increased their physical activity, increased about one kilogram less than the women who gave up the workout during the weaning phase.

Movement is, therefore, an important factor to gain less or not at all after smoking cessation. The sport also helps to get over the addiction better, because it bothers you and powers you out if you get in a bad mood due to the renunciation.

Important: Slowly increase your workout and do not overwhelm your body.

Choose the Right Cigarette Replacement

Anyone who stops smoking usually misses something: Be it a short break with colleagues or simply the feeling of holding something in their hands. Instead of using the candy machine during this frustration, you should arm yourself with healthy, low-calorie snacks.

Sugar-free chewing gum serves as a great cigarette substitute, the nibbling of snipped fruit and vegetables employs fingers as well as mouth superbly, too.

Raise  Your Awareness



If you stop smoking, you do not have to go through a strict diet at the same time – consciously eating is the key. Meaning, you should monitor yourself closely and listen to your hunger and satiety feelings.

Ask yourself if you are eating because your stomach growls, or if it’s boredom. Also, be careful not to overeat – the stomach takes about 15 minutes to tell the brain that it is full.


The real feeling of satiety, therefore, occurs only after this period of time. If you just continue to feed, then you’re just stuffing yourself, which not only causes an unnecessary calorie intake, but also stomach aches and discomfort.

Register yourself for some yoga classes and pick up on meditation. You will be surprised by the positive effects which meditation has on your spiritual, mental as well as physical body.

For a simple, yet calming and effective, meditation will always bring you into the present moment, wherein lies satisfaction and pure happiness; thus, no needs or desires will arise – especially not for cigarettes. Try the following, easy step-by-step meditation to align body and soul and to help you to break free from your smoking habit.

Learn how to meditate - 6 ways, including Wim  Hof breathing technique

Eat High Fiber Foods

Avoiding nicotine can suddenly stimulate the appetite – but that does not mean that you suddenly have to eat more. It all depends on the correct nutrients: Fiber from healthy, complex carbohydrates will last for a long time, because they swell in the gastrointestinal tract and their volume increases.

At the same time, fiber is low in calories, prevents food cravings and boosts digestion. High-fiber foods such as oatmeal, wholegrain bread, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes or dates may, therefore, be on your daily menu.

Look for Support – A “Quit Smoking” Buddy


It’s easier for a team to quit smoking and to go for a healthy and light diet together, so before you go into the weaning phase alone, it’s a good idea to motivate friends, peers, or colleagues to do the same. 

In this manner, you can exchange experiences, encourage, reinforce and distract each other, when the thoughts once again revolve around the glowing stick – or unhealthy snacks.

Drink a Lot – Please, Without Sugar

Those who quit smoking are likely to notice a dry mouth sensation, perhaps even a bad taste on the tongue. Drinking a lot helps against it – but instead of pampering yourself with sodas and juices, you should set an average of two liters of fresh water per day.

Green smoothies are on my daily menu. They are not only health-promoting but also energy-boosting antioxidants that can ward off and even reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Plus, they make your body alkaline (with a neutral pH level) are delicious and satiating, too. Here’s our article with benefits and our favorite recipe for green smoothies.

My Green Smoothie - Benefits, Gourmet Tips & A Recipe

Lemon slices, fresh fruits or herbs like mint make it even tastier. Plus, abstaining from nicotine often increases the craving for caffeine – again, please refrain from extra sugar and stick better to black coffee. If you cannot do it without milk, it’s best to choose the lactose-free version, which tastes a bit sweeter.

Spice it Up


Smokers taste less intense because cigarettes negatively affect their taste senses. Anyone who has put an end to it, therefore, often longs for taste carriers such as fat and salt.

You may feel tempted to nibble on potato chips and fries, but to save calories, yet still satisfy your taste buds, it is best to grab some herbs and spices.


Spicy food such as chili, cinnamon or cayenne pepper will instantly make your food on the plate even more exciting and boost your metabolism at the same time. A win-win situation for all who want to keep their weight off while they stop smoking.

Personal note

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You know, that we’re always looking forward to hearing from you. You matter to us, always be aware of that, please.

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For now, I’m sending you much love, happiness, encouragement and an abundance of all good things out there. Always remember: You are beautiful, precious and unique…So, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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  1. I wish I had found this 7 years ago when I quit smoking tobacco and started vaping. Even though I am still smoking nicotine, I am smoking less mg of it and I ended up gaining tons and tons of weight, but I think if I had followed your tips I would have been able to quit and still maintain the body I was happy with. I think a lot more smokers need to see this and give it a shot. I think they may be quite surprised at the results and will love that they tried.

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