What Is Spiritual Nutrition And 7 Foods To Avoid


Seven foods you should avoid with spiritual nutrition

There are certain foods that you should exclude from your diet if you want to make spiritual progress. In this article, you will learn what constitutes a spiritual nutrition, how to best eat your food and what foods you should avoid.

What constitutes a spiritual diet

Certain foods can offer benefits for your spiritual development:

In general, it is advisable to include as much fruit and vegetables in your diet as possible. Your body can absorb these easily and at the same time produce little waste products. The less you cook your food, the better, since raw foods have a higher energy level.

Water and freshly pressed fruit juices and smoothies are the right drinks for you! In the article below you will find more about water and how you can best use it for yourself!

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How you eat is also important

In addition to choosing the right foods, you should also pay attention to how you eat your food.

Don’t eat too often!

It is recommended to leave at least 3 hours between meals so that the food can completely leave your stomach.

Only then should you start eating again. You shouldn’t eat sweets or anything like that between meals as this disrupts the digestive process when fresh and semi-digested foods mingle in the stomach.

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Also, don’t feed yourself too much

Even if you consume the most spiritually beneficial food, if you overeat, it will become extremely harmful.

The stomach should be half-filled with food, since it also needs space for air and liquids when digesting. If this space is not available, your body will not digest the food properly.

This half-digested food gets into your intestines and causes harmful substances to be absorbed into your system. If you burp while eating, it is a sign that you have now had enough food.

Eat at the right time

After sunset, you should not consume more food because the stomach should be as empty as possible when sleeping.

Don’t drink before and after eating

If you drink liquid right before or right after eating, it will dilute your stomach acid, making your digestion less effective. Better leave 1/2 hour between food and drinks.

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Be thankful and eat slowly

The mindset with which you eat food also has a significant impact on its effect. If you really want to get the best of your food, fold your hands and bow before your meal.

With this simple gesture, your system understands that you value food and will respond accordingly.

You should also not eat your food too hastily or in an uncomfortable environment, because it would create stress in you.

Another tip to get the most put of your spiritual nutrition: Chew your foods well. The stomach also needs more energy to digest badly chewed food.

Now that we know how to ingest food, let’s look at what foods you should exclude from your diet to promote your spiritual development.

Foods that hinder your spiritual development

There are some foods that you should completely exclude from your diet because they make your energy heavy and dull you mentally.

Here is a list:

Meat & Fish

Generally speaking, meat consumption can be equated with violence, which makes it spiritually intolerable to eat meat.

It also has many health disadvantages. There is already a separate article on this topic, which describes the effects of meat consumption in detail.

Is a meat-free diet healthy? An honest answer!


Even though onions can be considered healthy on a physical level, they have the same disadvantages as meat on an energetic level: they make your energy heavy and your thoughts dull.


When you distribute the essential oils of garlic in the energetic system this disrupts the flow of energy. If you follow a spiritual practice, garlic is a no-go.

You should also avoid leeks for the same reasons! If you are looking for health benefits of garlic, however, they are plenty. You can find lots of information here:

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They also make your energy heavy and also have a bloating effect.

Artificial and highly processed foods

The more natural your diet is, the more your system benefits. Artificial additives have a negative impact on your energy and, therefore, on your quality of life.

Over-processed foods and canned foods are too far from their natural state to do you any good.

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Fermented foods

The substances that arise during the fermentation process and the food also have a dulling effect on energy and spirit.

You should, therefore, exclude overripe fruit, vinegar and even non-alcoholic beer from the diet.

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Warmed up or stale food

Cooked food can maintain its energy for a maximum of 3 hours, after which it has a negative effect on your system.

Furthermore, you should not reheat cooked food, as it also loses its energy. Better eat it cold!

If you avoid the foods listed here, you most certainly provide the best possible foundation for your spiritual development.

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Nutrition is a foundation, not the process itself

Good nutrition is an important thing, as it improves your health and gives you strength to shape your life. When you meet these requirements, the spiritual process can fully develop.

However, note the following:

It is advisable to practice yoga and meditation regularly to really start the spiritual process!

If you are new to yoga, I can recommend the 5 Tibetan Rites. They are easy to learn, take up little time and offer you a balanced program to start yoga.

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  1. What a wonderful post! I have learned so many things that I need to change in my diet in order to improve my spiritual well-being. Meat is a big one that I feel I will have a hard time letting go of. But baby steps is the way to go…*wishfull thinking*. However, what would you suggest I consume in order to retain my energy levels if I am cutting out meat?

    Also, I have been told my my mother many times since I was a child to avoid drinking water before and after my meal so I am happy to see this on the list and that I am doing this as a habit.

    1. Hi, Sasha.
      Thank you for your great comment. You just need to learn and understand that meat is not necessary for you to remain high on energy. What keeps us fueled all day long is protein and fiber, and there are many other protein sources than meat available. Try soya beans, tofu, eggs, nuts, cheeses, chia, flax and pumpkin seeds, almond butter, seafood and even broccoli.
      If you want to eat less meat, start by weaning off the red meat. This is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Stick with white chicken meat for a while. This is also a wonderful source of protein.
      If you need any more help, please get in touch with me anytime. I’m glad to be of service.
      Meanwhile, all the best to you and much love and healing energy.

  2. I found spiritual nutrition to be very interesting, and I agree with you processed foods are not healthy for our bodies. I eat processed foods in moderation, but my main diet is vegetables, and when I stick to my vegetable diet I have more energy and less anxiety.

    Great guide on spiritual nutrition


    1. Thank you, Jeff. Yes, a mindful and clean diet without unhealthy fats, sugar and by products/preservatives has amazing effects not only on your body but also your psyche. That’s what I’m trying to teach people: they truly become what they eat. If people chose clean foods and activate the correct mindset, they can turn their bodies into self- healing machines. My desire is to deliver this message successfully all over the world, so everyone can live a healthy and fulfilled life. What a great job on your behalf, Jeff, realizing this fact. More power to you!

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