Free spiritual consultation hours

– For general questions on the following topics:

– Transformation and Physical Ascension Symptoms

– Awakening, self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness

– Dimension shift, 5th dimension and ascension process of the earth

– Self inquiry and dissolution of negative and anxious thoughts

you can call me during these spiritual consultation phone hours without prior appointment:

                Mondays 5-6pm PST, and Wednesdays 2-3pm PST, Phone: (310)689-6396


Individual spiritual consultation session – Phone cognition session

In the first getting-to-know session, an inventory of your situation and your topic takes place. We find out together what the next step is for you, what activates your inner guidance and can help you with your next step now.

As a guide or “translator for the spiritual world” I receive impulses and help you to gain insights with the “view from above”. The first session also serves to find out if you would like to work more deeply with me in an ongoing program.

Energy Balancing & Self Inquiry: $80/session (approx. 60 min)
To make an appointment: (310) 6896396 or by mail: alexandranovotny@gmail.com

Would you like to look behind the veils of illusion? Strengthen your connection to divine source?

Do you feel stuck or filled with negative / anxious thoughts and emotions?

Are you eager to find your purpose and meaning in life?

Learning to see through the bubbles and see the truth with your heart?

Would you like to let your light shine and bring your gifts into the world?

Make a contribution to change in the world, follow your task and take your place within the new time?

Do you desire to go further, deepen and practice?

Welcome, because then you are exactly at the right place here with me.

“We can only pass on what we have experienced within ourselves.”

In the new era, it is about developing and unfolding your individual gifts and talents, letting your light shine, in order to then bring your gifts into the world and let others participate in them and thereby achieve fulfillment yourself.

My consulting and coaching therefore primarily serves self-awareness, self-knowledge as well as the integration and stabilization of your awakening consciousness and transformation of your being.

To benefit even more from our spiritual consultation call, you’re invited to join our free Quora space HERE.