Special Risk Factors Of Type B And C Gastritis & Action Plan


Unique causes and risk factors of type B and C gastritis & Gastritis action plan

Last but not least, we come to our last chapter regarding stomach inflammation. Here, I want to emphasize the unique triggers and risk factors of type B and C gastritis.

In America, an average of 35% of the population is infected with gastritis each year, and only a few develop a stomach ulcer or even stomach cancer from it. However, if it does happen, serious and life-threatening conditions may arise.

To prevent this from happening, you will receive a treatment and action plan today on how to prevent gastritis and how to actively counter an existing stomach inflammation.

Home Remedies & Diet For Gastritis To Protect Your Stomach 

Bile salts

People with a digestion disorder often take bile salts as a dietary supplement. Bile salts unfortunately also damage the gastric mucosa and, thus, promote inflammation. For gastritis, one should, therefore, find an alternative to bile salts.


When stress occurs, exactly what proton pump inhibitors want to prevent happens. The stomach becomes acidic, which also favors inflammation of the mucous membrane.

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Chronic alcohol abuse is also an irritant to the stomach. It is known that alcohol in the stomach can get into the blood. On the way there, alcohol can ignite the gastric mucosa.

Cigarette smoke

While it is not clear how the smoke affects the stomach, smokers are more likely to suffer from gastritis than non-smokers.

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It is more precisely the NSAID’s – pain relievers like aspirin and paracetamol. They are used in the long term for chronic pain and to thin the blood, but they also irritate the stomach.

For gastritis, you should temporarily do without it or consider an alternative such as curcumin. More about effective natural painkillers in the article below.

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For chronic inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases, your doctor does prescribe glucocorticoids, such as cortisone. Similar to stress, these have the side effect of acidifying the stomach and increasing the risk of gastritis.

You see that these causes and risk factors are all man-made. They favor gastritis and it definitely helps to avoid these irritants. Better yet, refrain from them completely if you want to get rid of gastritis as soon as possible.

If you want gastritis not to happen or not to reoccur, then you should change your everyday life over the long term so that you avoid these risk factors altogether.

In the course of the different poss concerning this topic, you learned the most important thing to know about gastritis.

Starting with the symptoms, diagnosis, diet and treatment, to causes and risk factors for gastritis. You will probably have a better overview of gastritis than many biology students now.

In order to implement the most essential practical tips for immediate help with gastritis, I put together our Gastritis protocol for you.

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The gastritis protocol for immediate implementation

1- Reduce everyday stress – at all costs.

2- Avoid coffee, prefer green tea (11 outstanding benefits of green tea) and licorice tea (licorice root benefits).

3- Avoid gluten (cereals) and dairy products. Read – All about gluten intolerance, foods and alternatives.

4- For the duration of the treatment, only eat vegetables when they are cooked.

5- Use the following herbs as tea, salads or for seasoning: sage, chamomile, marigold, yarrow, wormwood, caraway, lavender, butterbur, lemon balm, angelica, wild garlic, ribwort

6- Cook with plenty of ginger and garlic and drink plenty of ginger tea.

7- Sweeten tea and food with honey, preferably with manuka honey*.

8- Eat plenty of ginger, potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes.

9- Consume lots of cabbage vegetables and supplement them with 100 mg of Sulfuraphan daily.

10- Add 500 mg of curcumin to your daily diet. (Turmeric health benefits and recipes)

11- Supplement daily with 2-3 g of pure vitamin C.

12- Drink 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice every day.

13- Exercise enough in the fresh air and in the sun to speed up the healing process.

14- Avoid alcohol, bile salts, cigarette smoke, and pain relievers until the healing process is complete.

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Conclusion regarding gastritis

In the latest couple of articles, you learned what gastritis is, how to recognize gastritis and what is necessary for a diagnosis by a doctor.

You have also read what a common therapy for gastritis looks like and why the combination of drug therapy and nutrition/supplementation is the most effective and sensible solution.

I sincerely hope that this last post and action plan above will be of help to you in the future. I also am positive that you have achieved a greater insight regarding the special risk factors of type B and C gastritis.

Furthermore, it is of the essence to counteract any stomach inflammation as quickly as possible.

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Dear co-creators

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