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Nine Soul Searching Tips – To Encounter Happiness You Have To Find Yourself First

Whether we struggle with a quarrel, deal with professional problems or even have to cope with a severe blow of fate, these all are difficult phases. To master these crises we need a lot of inner strength. That’s why I want to share with you nine soul searching tips.

In A Healthy Body Dwells A Healthy Mind
~Juvenal, Roman poet~

Chocolate releases happy hormones, and a cozy evening on the sofa provides relaxation. However, we can do far more for ourselves and our well-being, if we live healthily.

Regular exercise reduces stress, strengthens your physique, and lets us go through the day more lightheartedly. Fresh fruits or vegetables nurture us with many vitamins, whole grains make us full and satisfied for a long time.



On the other hand, we should avoid using stimulants – they do not solve any problems, in the worst case, they only create new ones.

Ayurveda Diet – Healthy, Vital and Energetic

The Ayurvedic diet is characterized by its versatility and orientation to the three constitutional types Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Indian nutritional therapy improves health, vitality and performance.

Ayurveda divides into three doshas that define character and body types. This principle is also of great importance in Ayurveda nutrition.

Ayurvedic cuisine is one of the strongest pillars of holistic medicine.

When you eat your right type of diet, you are in harmony with your body-mind level. The right foods in six flavors are essential to health maintenance and cure illnesses.

Ayurveda - Nature's way to heal, soothe and nourish your body, mind & soul 

The Power Lies In The Silence
(Confucius, Chinese philosopher)

Stress weighs heavily on our souls – especially when the agitation is not an exception, but the rule. If we are permanently exposed to high demands, the body releases permanent stress hormones and the physical tension increases.

Headache, tension, sleep disorders, irritability, dissatisfaction – these are just a few consequences. Regular rest is the key. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, progressive muscle relaxation: They all are relaxation methods that give us peace of mind and let us go through the day stronger.

Learn How To Meditate In 6 Ways - Including Wim Hof Breathing Technique

It does not always work as planned. Often we panic and retreat, or we react rashly and aggressively, making things worse. At the same time, we arrive at our destination in a much more relaxed way, if we keep calm and look for a solution when completely at ease.

The question, however, arises: Practicing tranquility – how does that work? Meditation and breathing techniques will help you in the long run to achieve inner serenity.

When The Family Is Together, The Soul Is In Its Place
(Russian proverb)

We are pack animals, social beings. And as such, we need communication with others. We do not want to experience happy moments or difficult times alone. A nice word, a loving hug is like a balm for the soul.

Loneliness and isolation, on the other hand, are not good for us and can even make us sick in the long run. Therefore, we should seek contact with the family and close friends, also, and above all, when we do not really feel like company whatsoever.


The Hobbyhorse Is The Only Horse That Jumps Over Every Abyss
(Christian Friedrich Hebbel, German playwright)

A hobby is more than an occupation for leisure. Whether we like to hike, paint, play music, do sports, make handicrafts, dance or read: we relax, while we are in the here and now.

Time flies, we forget our problems and the world around us. We focus solely on what we do, on the purpose of our activity. When we engage in something pleasing, neither overwhelmed nor overburdened, and completely absorbed in it, we gather much needed and new fuel for everyday life.

A Job Is The Backbone Of Life
(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosopher)

Most of the time we spent at our workplace. Here, we have to fulfill our tasks and goals, to deal with colleagues and supervisors. The time pressure is often immense, as well.


Praise is rare, salary increases or promotions are even more seldom. All of this can depress the mood – especially if we do not find our job meaningful. Furthermore, a tense work climate does not do us any good in the long term.

If the service we provide is just a burden, we should look for something more fulfilling. The decisive factor is not the salary, the position or the number of vacation days, but that we feel at home with our job and in our workplace.

Another valuable soul searching tip is to not let yourself be molded by others. Don’t take the job you dread just because others want to see you in this profession. They will not have to deal with it for the main part of their lives!

So, don’t let yourself get stuck, but go out and find your true vocation!

Whoever Achieved All His Goals, Has Aimed Too Low
(Herbert von Karajan, Austrian conductor)

Often we are dissatisfied without knowing the reason. Nevertheless, we can always strive for a good mood simply by setting ourselves goals! Because just living the same monotone routine, day in, day out, does not make us happy.


When we, however, think about what we want, set ourselves concrete targets, and work hard to reach them, we give ourselves a little bit of pleasure.

The knowledge of having achieved something on our own is great contentment for us and for our soul. This is especially true when we reward ourselves again and again for our efforts.

The True Art Of Living Is To See The Miracles In Everyday Life
(Pearl S. Buck, American writer)

We get up in the morning, have breakfast and go about our tasks. When did we last consciously perceive the first rays of the morning? The feeling of soft sheets on our skin? The smell of freshly baked muffins or the taste of hot coffee?


We take a shower without feeling the temperature of the water. On the way to work, we walk carelessly past flower beds without seeing the gay flowers.

The normal everyday life is a true wonder world of sensual pleasures. We just have to keep that in mind and take the time to be grateful for the little, yet precious, things.


Gratitude that comes from the heart has magical powers – for one’s own personality and social environment.

Thankfulness is the right way to more ‘joie de vivre,’ happiness and success. Appreciation, contentment and mindfulness are the cornerstones of a lifestyle that is characterized by gratitude.

People with this quality are more positive about their environment than ungrateful contemporaries and are more successful in their job, as well as in their private life.

If you want to reach this level of existence, you need to develop a sense for your fellow human beings and for situations and circumstances.

Levels of existence -All IS in the present moment

Mutual Help Makes Even Poor People Rich
(from China)

Whether we hold open the door for someone, take on a colleague’s task, lend our ear to a friend, or engage in volunteering, we simply feel good when we do a favor to others.

Helping other people not only lowers their own stress levels, it lowers our own, too. And not only because focusing on the problems of others distracts us from our concerns. Our conscience and the gratitude we receive for doing good deeds caress the soul. Let’s get involved with others and make ourselves happy.


In A Tidy Room, The Soul Is Tidy
(Ernst von Feuchtersleben, Austrian writer)

Order is important for mental balance. It gives us the feeling of having our life under control when everything in our home has its place. Also, the sorting out and getting rid of junk is good for us.

We say goodbye to disused things, from (unpleasant) memories and open the space for new things and beginnings. Cleaning and clearing out stuff are more than annoying household duties.

While doing so, ee give ourselves a sense of achievement – namely the feeling of creating something essential. The order in our environment calms our inner chaos, our troubled soul.

Ho' Oponopono - Healing the world you live in begins within you

Spring Cleaning And Clearing For Your Home And Soul

Spring is the most common time to clean and sort out, to create order and to throw away. However, the big spring cleaning can be done in any other season, too.


Whenever you feel your soul needs a change start relocating your furniture in different places.

Feng Shui really does make sense, and a little change will get a more positive energy flow going again in no time.

Clearing out not only eliminates chaos in the house but also brings the soul back into harmony.

Thus, as soon as the sun warms up, spring cleaning is on the schedule in millions of households.

The cleaning and revamping of your home, however, has another background, because even the soul benefits from the large clearance project.

When the buds sprout and the colors blossom, a time of farewell begins. The beginning of cleaning up is a torment for many, but if you do not learn to let go, you cannot create something new.

We can master any crisis if we do not consider it a disaster, but an opportunity. Of course, it is often not easy to look forward to the future in the face of difficulties. The more inner power we give ourselves, however, the more optimistic and confident we become.

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Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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