Solutions For Problems That Can Override Your Worries & 6 Tips


6 Self Proven Solutions for Problems That can Override your Worries.

Regardless of the personal outlook in life, social status and circumstances, even the most successful and happiest people are confronted with issues at times. Sure, they cope and handle them differently than others, which can be mainly attributed to their positive mindset.

However, there are always a variety of solutions for problems available to us. We just don’t see them at the moment because our subconscious mind pulls us into the past where we, then, linger and find similar situations which didn’t work out for us either.

To change this, let’s take a closer look at the topic of problems and worries.

What are the problems and worries? Which effect do they have on your body and mind? How can you stop constantly fretting and brooding over the future, your relationship and your job? In this post, I want to give you answers and solution to all these questions.

Continuously pondering worries can become torture and, in time, greatly compromise your psychological and physical well being.

Many people already awaken each morning with a gloomy and foreboding feeling of impending doom, which accompanies them throughout their entire day.


The more of the following assessments you can agree to, the more are worries presenting a true issue for you.

  • You have troubles falling asleep.
  • You’re tense and suffer from lack of concentration.
  • You always think about the worst to happen.
  • You think: “ I have to worry about my future, or else I’m irresponsible and reckless.”
  • In your thoughts, you always live in the future, and you can’t concentrate and enjoy the present moment.
  • It is hard to relax and fall asleep.
  • You aren’t spontaneous; you want to plan everything ahead.
  • Taking risks is too…risky for you.
  • You are missing self-confidence.
  • Upon awakening, you still feel weak and exhausted.
  • You’d rather not get up in the morning because life seems too dangerous for you.
  • Worries – A Human Habit
  • As opposed to animals, the human has the opportunity to consciously plan the future with his thoughts. At first, this seems like a huge progression, as thinking ahead enables us to make provisions.

We’re going to the doctor for a preventive check-up in order to discover a possible disease in its earlier stage.

We plan our meals ahead for the weekends, our vacations, the number of children, our career and even our retirement.

Insurance and alarm companies thrive – because we’re expecting the worst to happen, we sign an insurance contract and install an alarm system.

Our abilities to visualize something that doesn’t exist can lead us into adventurous worlds.

We are capable to build things and buildings, write a best selling novel, and we can also imagine how we’re surprising a beloved person with a gift.

The imagination of fantasies nurtures us with energy and moves us to manifest the conceived within our reality.

This very same endowment can, however, also rob us our energy and strength, which would lead us to the topic of problems and brooding.

What Are Worries?

Worries are thoughts and fantasies which circle around possible dangers. Our worries consist of the question; “What if?” And this results in disastrous fantasies.

We imagine, for example, that the pension will not suffice, that we will not be able to walk because of too much pain, that we will stand broken-hearted and mourning on the graveside of our partner, that we’ll get laid off or aren’t capable to fulfill our job any longer, etc.

The result of this is that we’re causing agitation and anxiety within our body and are tormenting our soul. Our muscles become tense, our breathing and heartbeat exhilarate and our metabolism changes, too.

Some people suffer from lack of concentration, memory retention, insomnia. They, furthermore, tend to develop stomach pains and headaches. Others lose their appetite, or they begin to overeat.

Worries and problems have such a drastic impact on our overall well being and health because the brain cannot make a difference whether we simply imagine something, or if it’s virtuality.

If we fantasize about a possible catastrophe in the future, our body reacts as if it’s already taken place.

In order to protect, our body prepares us for the fight or to flee just the same manner as our ancestors had to do back in the Stone Age era when they had to guard themselves against danger.

Because the entire scenario is only within our heads, however, we cannot do anything to solve our problem. Meaning, that we’re often maneuvering our bodies into unnecessary alarm situations.

Most people believe that if they don’t worry something bad will happen that they’re not prepared for.

Try to see worrying like a rocking chair

To worry is like sitting in a rocking chair. You’re doing something, but you don’t advance.

For the chair to keep moving, you have to invest lots of energy, and, yet, you remain on the same stagnant spot.

Because of the continuous back and forth rocking motion, you will get more exhausted and enfeebled.

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Don’t We Have to Worry in Certain Situations?

Yes, and no. To worry is a plausible reaction as long as it prepares us to react and we can do something about the problem.

This means that our worries are welcome if they’re helping us to prevent and avoid danger, and if they are self-dissolving because we took precautions.

Worries about happenings that are improbable or we most likely are not able to influence anyway, only rob us off of our precious energy. If we’re exaggerating and telling ourselves that something extremely bad is about to occur, then these worries are damaging as well.



Many people made it their habit to worry whenever they don’t have control over a certain situation.


There’s a type of superstitious belief involved with this: “If I worry enough about something, then I can prevent it altogether. If I worry, then I’m prepared for the worst to happen.”


Unfortunately, most of the time the opposite is the case. The deeper the worries we visualize and gloomy days we create within our fantasy are, the more likely these events will also manifest.

This is what’s in psychology called a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Our Thought regarding worries and problems is odd: It’s as if we’re on a carousel ride. Our worrisome thoughts are spinning in a circle, continuously circling around the putative danger or catastrophe. There’s barely any room left for other thoughts.

To exit the worry carousel, you must learn to consciously stop your worries! You must then question those worries, find out if they’re even warranted and substitute them with positive assertive thoughts.

How this Thought Control works, I will show you in the following Anti-Worry-Tips:

What to Do to Worry Less? Here are 6 Tips for You

It’s not about being without worries and problems, but to ensure that we do everything possible to prevent damage from happening.

There are always worrisome thoughts which torture us and leave us helpless and paralyzed. Point is, that this doesn’t help to solve our issues.

That’s why I’d like to share some tips with you, which have helped me overcome my troublesome thinking patterns in the past With these suggestions you can influence your worries, so just try them out and see which strategies work best for you.

Tip 1

There is an old saying which you should keep in mind:” That the birds of worries and woes will fly above your head, you can’t prevent. That they built a nest within your head, however, you can most certainly circumvent.”

If you’ve been worrying a lot up until now, then it’s not avoidable that worrisome thoughts will enter your head once in a while.

You can, however, decide if you’re making space for them, or not. Simply react as if you’re welcoming your worries. Tell them that it’s okay with you that they stopped by. That you are grateful they came by for a visit to warn you.

Tip 2

Get some overview of how often you worry. Chronic worriers don’t even realize anymore when and how often they are pondering over an issue.



It’s a great idea to use a little diary to write down when you worry and also what lead to the situation.

Bringing these moments to your awareness will aid you in working through the worrying process easier.

Tip 3

Make an end to your worrying phase as soon as possible. Meaning, once you have acknowledged the troublesome thoughts, welcomed them and thanked them, release them. Once they realize that there’s nothing to hold them back, they will, without a doubt, move on and also reoccur less frequently.

Another trick that helped me is to simply clap my hands whenever I feel a worrisome idea trying to gain momentum within my mind.

Of course, you should only do that when you’re alone, but go ahead and clap your hands and say out loud: “Stop!” – And most of the time they actually will.

I guess it’s important to know that the more often you use the above thought stopping method, the better you will get in interrupting them, too.

After you’ve successfully intervened, it is best for you to get active. Distract yourself with something you’d have fun with doing right then.

Perhaps listening to music, filling in crosswords, dancing in your home, taking a walk in the park or the nearby woods, yard work, etc. It’s totally up to you, just occupy your mind with something refreshing and entertaining.

The most helpful pastime for me is meditation. You don’t know how, yet? Don’t worry, as I wrote an article for beginners with a short, yet effective, guided meditation.

Guided Meditation - Tips To A Lighter You

Tip 4

Sometimes our worries just don’t seem to stop bothering us. Whenever that is the case, just sit in your favorite spot and jot down what exactly it is that scares you and provokes those negative thoughts.

Ask yourself: “ What could happen in the worst scenario, and which options do I then still have available?

Don’t rest until you’ve written down a few solutions. Afterward, reflect upon what you can do right this instance to avoid this incidence?

Tip 5

Encourage yourself by saying: “Whatever may come, I am capable of handling it and will find a solution. Become an “I” thinker. Meaning, do some self -love meditation to enhance your self-confidence. I also suggest you engage in reading a couple of books that truly help you retrain and rewire your brain and thought patterns.

You’re not thinking the way you are thinking right now since yesterday, thus, you will need support and patience. The book which has helped me personally the most is from Dr. Joe Dispenza. You can learn more about the book and topic in my article:

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon

Tip 6

Laugh habitually. Laughing truly is the best medicine and also a marvelous potion against worries and woes. Another thing I suggest is that you give up watching horror movies.

I know, some of you might be horror fans, so was I, but I figured that these films attach themselves to our subconscious minds and little by little feed us negativity, including worries and anxiety.

Also, try to stay away from watching the news. The media only feeds you the bad and disastrous happenings. Your mind reacts to it, and you’ll be spiraling down the hole of negatives and worries ever more so often.


Don’t harm yourself – letting your mind being poisoned with horrendous notifications, that’s how they try to control us and keep us brainwashed.

This is part of how the middle class became the slaves of the rich, but that’s another article in progress.


Instead, watch something uplifting or educational. You should avoid spending too much time in front of your TV altogether. It keeps you from being mindful and hinders you to focus on the most essential thing – your spiritual growth.

One more thing, which is vital to raise your vibration, is your food choices. You are what you eat, and, yes, certain food does have negativity attached to it. You see, fitness and health wasn’t my number one reason why I became a plant-based eater.

My conscious couldn’t handle the fact that a being had to leave his life so I could be satiated – and that without even asking its permission. Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep into this topic right here, but you could start with some nourishing smoothie.

We are meant to eat and drink up sunlight – sunkissed foods, such as fruits and vegetables. We are light beings, so there you have the reason why. I wrote an article about green smoothies, and why they’re so good for us. I also included one of our favorite recipes. Feel free to try it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it:

What are green smoothies about? - Benefits, gourmet tips & a detoxing recipe

Personal note

How much are your worries bothering you? Have you used any solutions for problems and worries, and how did they work out for you? Leave a comment for us and for others to help them out, as well. This is a community where sharing is caring, and we always love to hear from you.

Also, please, like, follow and share us with your family and friends on social media, and do not forget to subscribe here in order to get your free ebook.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love, harmony, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Always remember that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on shining.

In Front Of Thy Spirit, I Bow.
~ Namaste ~

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