Simple Ways How To Lose Weight – Get (En)lightened With My Tips


Simple ways how to lose weight without sacrificing too much

The decision to lose weight is never an easy one; especially then when you have a busy schedule ahead of you. If you think you need to spend a lot of time losing weight, you’re wrong. You do not require a gym membership, nor do you have to prepare complicated meals, either.

Twenty minutes a day are enough, and if you use this time to stay active and think a little bit about your diet, you will progress very fast. Below, I want to share simple ways how to lose weight with you – and, regardless your age, gender or possible health condition, losing the few unwanted pounds can be easy and is definitely a benefit for your body.

Will I Lose Weight if I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol has calories (about 7 calories per gram), but no nutritional value. Protein, carbohydrates and fat are necessary for a healthy diet, alcohol is not. In addition: Alcohol does not satiate you; on the contrary – it causes hunger attacks.

Thus, it makes sense to omit alcohol if you want to save calories comfortably without starving yourself. It is basically the same principle as omitting sugary sodas: Saving calories without much sacrifice, and drop a few pounds effortless. Here’s our article about this topic:

Alcohol and weight loss -Drink, yet, stay slim!



Alcohol most certainly is not a building block of a healthy diet. If you do not want to do completely without it, however, you should only enjoy alcoholic drinks very seldom and in moderation.

Because a look at the calorie table shows that alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and sweet liquors, are not exactly a slimming product.

How to Lose Weight through Meditation?

With meditation, you can actively reduce stress. Thus, effectively reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for your individual fat-percentage. This hormone follows a daily cycle; it usually rises when you wake up. Upon awakening, you think about the daily stress and the cortisol rises sharply. Especially in people with chronic stress, the level in the morning is at its peak. So, just then we should be careful about what we eat.


The tried and tested solution: Regular meditation. Studies show that eating in a relaxed state causes you to absorb much less energy. The mindful resting within oneself promotes the authentic perception of one’s own needs and feelings.

For example, by detecting emotional stresses and working on them, you prevent hunger attacks. In most cases, these arise only from internal stress or hard-to-discern habit.

Meditation allows you to regenerate and deal with your real needs. By focusing on yourself, you can become clear about whether you really need more sugar at any given moment, or whether you just fancy it.

How to lose weight with Hypothyroidism?

In fact, losing weight when suffering from an underactive thyroid-gland is not easy. The body collects all the calories at its disposal to convert them into fat. Nevertheless, it is possible to lose weight despite a thyroid under function.

Many people with hypothyroidism, who want to lose weight, need to resort to tablets. They make up for the missing thyroid hormones and boost metabolism. Seek advice from a doctor.

He can prescribe you artificial thyroid hormones as a substitute for the lack of body hormones. This way, your metabolism will return to normal and allows a successful weight loss again.


If you want to lose weight despite an underactive thyroid issue, it is important to pay attention to a suitable meal plan. This should consist of calorie-reduced, varied mixed foods.

Mixed foods are a diet made predominantly by plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. On the other hand, you should rarely resort to animal products such as meat and fish.

To control yourself, it is advisable to create a nutrition plan with a weight protocol. Get your help regarding this from a dietitian.

How to Lose Belly Fat naturally?

The human organism needs a lot of energy and therefore burns calories when being active. Those who exercise several times a week and bring more exercise into their everyday life, such as climbing stairs or walking their dog, decrease belly fat permanently.

In sport, no maximum performance has to be achieved. Nordic walking, cycling or water aerobics don’t get “amateur athletes” out of breath, but these exercises boost the metabolism and train the muscles. In addition, you should also incorporate exercises for the abdominal muscles and some strength training.

Although increased activity is vital, it is not the sole component to lose belly fat. The other is diet, as visceral adipose tissue is more sensitive to altered eating habits than subcutaneous fat. So, those people who add fewer calories, encourage their body to tap into the energy stored in the abdomen. Here I have more help for you to fight your belly fat.

How To Lose Stubborn And Dangerous Belly Fat Naturally

Fewer calories mean, above all, less fat. Instead, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which supply vitamins and also contain essential fiber. The healthy substances are also found in wholemeal bread. White bread, on the other hand, contains mainly easily digestible sugars that do not satiate you for long.

How to Lose Double-Chin Fat?

Our neck is also supported by many muscles. Those who regularly engage them in targeted exercise, keep the skin toned for longer. For example, close your lips and press firmly against the palate with your tongue. Now the neck muscles are tightly tense. Keep the tension for a few seconds and repeat the exercise as often as you like.

Experts also recommend the following exercise: Make a fist and hold it under your chin. Then, press against the back of the fist with the lower jaw and hold for a few seconds. This exercise is even meant to help against hanging cheeks. And: Even if you laugh hearty and loud, you do something good for your face and neck muscles.


In order to stimulate the blood circulation in your chin area, you can wash off your neck alternately with warm and cold water while showering.

After that, the skin appears fresher and firmer. In order to ensure that even small wrinkles remain invisible for as long as possible, you should put a firming and hydrating cream your neck after showering.

This is essential, as the chin and neck area doesn’t have so many sweat glands, thus, the skin gets dry faster.

How to Lose Weight in Two Weeks?

Most people associate rapid weight loss by starving themselves and a lot of exercises. The good news is that you can lose weight without any problems in two weeks, even without an elaborate diet and without exercise.

You only need to eat balanced, don’t drink alcohol and also avoid snacking on sweets. Eat a fish fillet instead of a steak and more wild rice instead of white rice.

Replace the white bread with wholemeal bread and enjoy fruit as a snack instead of chocolate or a doughnut. If you change your diet, you can lose weight and don’t even have to limit yourself for it.

The food pyramid gives an important clue as to how eating habits can also be changed in the long term. At the bottom of the foundation are vegetables, fruits, water, tea – all healthy foods that can be consumed in larger quantities daily.

Meat may also be eaten but in moderation. Fish is a good and healthy alternative. The top of the pyramid is sugary products and alcohol. These should be largely avoided in order to lose weight successfully.

How to Lose Weight in 3 Days?                          how-to-lose-weight-in-a-week?

Even without a crash diet, you can lose weight that quickly.
You can rapidly eliminate your extra pounds without your body complaining.

It is possible as long as you supply it with the right food. You can perform a diet in a matter of days, and without cravings, by giving your body all the nutrients it requires.

Start with a whey day, because whey is a very good supplier of minerals and vitamins. On the second day, you can eat as many vegetables as you like, and on the third day, the fruit will help you lose weight. After just three days, you will have lost a few pounds without compromising your health.

Of course, you can extend this diet for a few more days in order to maximize success. After up to two weeks of the diet, you can proudly present yourself on the beach with your favorite bikini.

How to Lose Weight without Dieting or Exercising?

Do you want to take off a few pounds, but don’t have the time or desire to exercise or change your diet magnificently?

You can reduce your weight without diet or exercise by following a few simple tricks. Read on and find out how to quickly reduce your weight.

This requires some adjustments and changes in your daily routine, as explained below.


An overweight person should consume a lot of fluid. Always have a bottle of water ready for you and drink regularly. A lot of water is required to burn carbohydrates and fat.

You also should make it a habit to chew your food thoroughly. Take your time and chew every bite well. With that comes not to get distracted while eating.

Stay away from the TV when eating. Watching TV disturbs your mindfulness, thus, you will tend to overeat.

Get yourself a good night’s rest. During sleep, our body produces hormones that help us lose weight by reducing our hunger. So if you don’t sleep enough, you’re going to feel very hungry upon awakening.

Do yourself a favor and banish stress from your life. Excessive stress is associated with fat deposition in the body. Therefore, banish the stress from your life so that you will reach your desired weight faster.

Trick your mind when serving food. Use smaller plates to give the impression you have lots of food to indulge in when, in fact, you are enjoying smaller portions per meal.

I prefer light meals, such as salads, soups, etc. Heavy meals stay within our stomachs for a long time and do our body not well in the long run.

Note that you put smaller portions on the plate. You can always get a second helping of salad if you are still hungry. Last but not least, Instead of eating a lot of carbohydrates and fats, make sure you eat a lot of proteins. These help with fat burning and support your metabolism.

How to Get Rid of the Beer Belly

Yes, sir! Even guys have their problem zones regarding weight. But, don’t you worry, because I’ve got some solid advice on how to lose your beer gut. Almost one in three men knows the problem: Beer belly!

Since hops contain plant hormones that resemble the female sex hormones, some men even develop breast in addition to the beer belly. If that is not enough reason for you to stop drinking alcohol, then let’s add some tips for you.

To get rid of the beer belly, you don’t have to quit drinking alcohol altogether. Just skip the alcoholic version. Even if it’s just the one beer in the evening – cut it out! Alcohol provides an excess amount of calories, which is visible on the scale in a short time.

The alcohol-free type of beer is actually quite nourishing and can contribute to weight loss – IF combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. To learn more about this unbelievable fact continue reading here.

The Beer Diet - It Truly Can Help You Stay Healthier And Fitter 

How-to-get-rid-of-the-beer-belly-?Change your eating habits. Instead of three meals a day, you should eat five smaller ones.

You shouldn’t be eating food after 10 pm, because the later the evening gets, the slower the digestive system works. If you do have the munchies after ten o’clock, try drinking some relaxing herbal tea.

Opt for fiber and vitamin-rich foods, as high-fat food starts to accumulate first on the abdomen. If you also want to build muscle tissue, you should rely on high-protein food, as well.

Sport, sport, sport! That, too, is a must. You don’t have to do an hour-long workout. It’s already enough to be active for 20 minutes a day. A few sit-ups, some bicycle, crunches, among other targeted belly-fat exercises, and two to three times per week a jogging routine should help you to lose your undesired belly fat soon.

Now that we’ve covered a whole load of questions and answers regarding simple ways how to lose weight, I hope that you found this article useful.

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