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Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Definition – What are They and Why Retraining your Brain is Vital?

In this article, I would like to explain to you the self-fulfilling prophecies definition, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, help you to acquire an open mind and hopefully get you to start retraining your brain, so you can reclaim your life and complete happiness.

Every single day, we experience the following: The cashier at the grocery store forgets to pack some of our food, the ordered item didn’t arrive as promised, the hired worker isn’t doing his job as planned.

Our partner accuses us of being selfish. The waiter in the restaurant is rude and even serves the wrong food. Someone dares to go ahead and drive when it was our turn first, and a working college gets a promotion although you’d have been next in line.

The more often we experience such negative situations, the easier we begin to agree that life is tough and all is an endless struggle. We, furthermore, can come to the conclusion that all people are bad, and that we better watch out for them, because the entire world seems to conspire against us.

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Does that sound familiar to you?

It gets even worse when we start feeling trapped within our negative thoughts; when we do not seem fit enough to change something regarding our emotional reactions.

It’s then when we begin to feel helpless and at the complete mercy of other people and life situations alike.

There are, however, the sort of fellow beings who know how to stay calm when others get into a rage or act depressive in their presence. They simply act nonchalant whenever someone is rude to them – nothing seems to get to them. Admirable, right?

They don’t succumb to depression whenever they stumble upon disapproval. They step up with self-confidence and are capable of defending their rights. No one dares to mess around with those types of people.

We all, however, can be part of this enviable group if we utilize the innate skill that allows us to choose and control our attitude.

Our Decisions Are the Key to More Satisfaction and Success

Don’t understand this wrong now – people who live a happy and accomplished life do have their problems as well. The only difference is that those folks handle their issues in another manner than dissatisfied fellow beings.

People who lead a fulfilled life have an attitude which allows them to create their lives positive and joyous despite their lows.

You and I, we all own a sense of freedom which we use far too less in order to grow, find harmony and happiness.

Granted, it’s not written within the constitutional law, yet it belongs rightfully to everyone.

Everybody, regardless if young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, can make use of this law of freedom. It’s something no one can take away from us. Yes, even if you were in chains, you’d still have that kind of freedom.

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Do You Know What Type of Freedom I’m Referring to?

I’m talking about the freedom of decision. It’s our choice how we react towards other people and circumstances. We do have this liberty as we are able to select our thought.

Since we decide through our thoughts how we feel, we also have the power to determine how we react toward people and life situations.

People are not prisoners of their fates; they are prisoners of their thoughts.

~Eleanor Roosevelt~

If I have the inclination that I cannot trust anyone, and that everyone just wants to take advantage of me, then I’ll approach every person with a distrusting attitude, to begin with.

I will suspect only negative and bad intentions behind other’s words; I’ll cloister myself away and act reserved.

The fellow being will definitely sense my aversion, repulsive behavior and interpret it as a lack of interest in him altogether. He will, naturally, back off and I’ll find myself, once more, alone.

This reaction will, of course, confirm my wrong belief that the other one didn’t want anything to do with me.

Please, remember that everything that you are predicting in advance within your mind, may it be something good or something bad, will eventually take place.

Thoughts are creative forces, and its content always turns out to become our reality. Thus, our lives are the product of our thought.

The life of man is that which his thoughts create out of it.

~Marc Aurel~

Just as Dr. Joe Dispenza always explains correctly, what we expect and fear tends to become our reality.

By the way, for those of you who are in search of the spiritual truth and wish to gain access to their personal Vortex, I can only recommend reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book:

*Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are doing the Uncommon.

It will teach you how you can voluntarily change specific chemical processes within your brain through meditation, and, by doing so, initiate profound mystic-transcendent experiences.

Through the direction of our thoughts, we design and destine our lives. Our spiritual stances decide our external circumstances.

That’s why it’s of the essence that we keep pessimistic and negative thought far away from us. It’s, furthermore, vital that we, just like a sculptor, always see ourselves as the initiator of our oeuvre, our life’s work. And, this exactly is the key to a fulfilling and positive life.

Once we recognize ourselves as the sole director of our life, we then understand that we can change your lives to the positive only through inner changes.

We all have the natural power to experience happiness; to give our lives meaning and to point it in the desired direction. All of us carry the seed for a harmonious and positive life within ourselves.

Through our attitude, however, we decide if our experiences in this world and with fellow beings are pleasant or not. We, first and foremost, create our realities within our heads, which then manifest into reality. We call this process “Self-fulfilled Prophecy.”

Here’s a little of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s own explanation on what most of the people do wrong, thus, struggle with finding fulfillment and happiness.

By the way, Dr. Joe Dispenza was also one of the scientists who had his word in the award-winning

(including most thought-provoking) film: “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

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Words are Powerful – Thus, choose them Wisely

Our stance also decides how we experience reality. The pessimist proclaims when looking at a half-filled bottle: “The bottle is already half empty.” This makes him sad. The optimist, on the contrary, rejoices in his perception that the bottle is still half full.

You see, both are right, however, the way they perceived the content of the bottle was different, thus, their emotional reactions differed.

“If half full or half empty is only a game with words,” you might think now. But, it isn’t so!

As I already mentioned above, are both, the optimist and the pessimist, good prophets. The positive thinker who counts on a marvelous outcome is just as right as the naysayer who is sure of a bad ending.

How is that possible? Here’s the riddle’s solution:

Why is it this way? Let’s take a look at an experiment to obtain an answer to your question.

A variety of test persons were shown photos of different people. The subjects should tell which individuals they received as congenial and which they disliked.

Afterward, the test persons were told that they’d now have a phone conversation with the people they found sympathetic.

To another part of the trial group, they said that they’d now be on a phone call with the people they didn’t find likable at all.

The test persons who claimed to find the individual in the photo to be pleasant showed a friendly attitude during their convo. They interacted with their talk partner in a warm, humorous and vibrant manner.

The other trial group who thought that the people in the pictures were disagreeable, behaved cool and reserved.

This means that our expectations influence our behavior. Even if we aren’t aware of that fact, other people, however, react accordingly. Our own social strategy provokes in our fellow human beings that which suits our expectations.

Our anticipations will, thus, be fulfilled, and that’s why this phenomenon carries the psychological term “Self-fulfilling Prophecy.”

In daily life, people tend to say:” I saw it coming” or “I always knew that he had something against me.”  When people say, however, that they had a premonition regarding something, then they simply reconfirm that whatever took place manifested through their behavior.

But that’s not all, because our expectations have even further-reaching effects.

Once you’ve reached a verdict regarding someone or something, you’ll only recognize these specific attributes, as these are the only ones that fit your general view.

If you, for example, consider someone to be unreliable, then the other times when he’s proving to be dependable don’t count for you. You’ll only register the times when his behavior confirms our prejudices.

This is also the case if you acquire a certain life philosophy. Then, you only see what fits into your picture, and the rest will be disregarded. If I ask depressive people, for instance, what they’ve reached and accomplished in life, I most of the times hear “Nothing.”

These persons are convinced that their entire life only consists of misfortune and failure. They even reflect positive happenings from the past as negative and downgrade them into nothing: ”That was merely a coincidence. Others can do that, too. It was nothing special”, etc.

What you should consider, however, is that if you’re having doubts toward your own competence and a negative attitude regarding other people and your future, you will undoubtedly attract the negative and all the bad things which you expect and fear will manifest.

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The Power Of Self-Fulfilled Prophecies

In an experiment, a group of teachers was told that they’ll get a highly intelligent and lively class of students. To yet another number if tutors they said that they’d receive just a regular class of pupils and shouldn’t expect outstanding performances.

In fact, however, all teachers obtained normal classes, such as you find in any other school.

The result was astounding! The achievements of the kids that were praised as intelligent and lively were above average after a few months of education. The pupils that were regarded as regular students, however, was way below.

Here, too, the solution is simple:

The teacher from the supposedly bright and astute scholars interacted differently with them as the other tutor with the regular pupils. He also encouraged, furthered and showed more patience with them.

People who often experience bad luck always imagine vividly what could go wrong and they prepare for the worst to happen. Persons who foresee disasters are suffering twice. Firstly, because they kindle eerie feelings due to their negative thoughts, and secondly because the calamity truly takes place.

Dr, Joe Dispenza said that our brains are designed to reflect everything we know in our lives. It’s the remnant of all we’ve experienced, learned and gone through in our past up until the present moment.

All that we feel and have experienced are the end product of our past, thus it’s simple to clearly remember events because we can associate them with individual feelings as well.



So, every time you’re thinking about an issue, you are thinking about the past. the experience that causes you grief is conjoined with a particular sensation, and here is where it starts to get tricky.

Your unconscious mind cannot make a distinction between an emotion that has been generated by an experience, or an emotion a person just imagines into life by thought.

He also states that thoughts are the idiom of your cerebrum, and the feelings are the language of your body. Thus, it’s quite obvious that how you think and feel does become your state of being.


*In Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza reunites the mystical with science.
 Once you've learned to change your mind's chemistry, you can heal yourself.

Unfortunately, most people wake up already with troubles on their mind, meaning they already are living in the past. That is why retraining your mind becomes essential in order to reach the state of living in the presence.

Every single word has a meaning for us. It’s exactly this bearing that decides how we feel and react.

For example: What comes to mind with the word “Sex?” Does it make you feel good, do you experience enhanced fantasies? Or does it make you feel uneasy and maybe even embarrassed?

What about the words “Spider” or “Snake?” Do you get cold shivers down your back, do you feel disgusted? Or, can you manage to stay calm?

Every word has a positive, neutral or negative implication. The meaning differs from human to human. It always depends on what type of experience one has made with a thing or situation in the past.

Your Spirit Decides. What You Think, You Become.


With positive implications, we experience wholesome feelings, and our body is relaxed and calm. With negative bearings, however, we encounter negative sensations and our body reacts with tension, anxiety and constriction/ narrowing of the blood vessels.

Dear co-creators

What are your thoughts at the moment? What’s your take on t the self-fulfilling prophecies definition? Are you, too, struggling with living in the present moment? Is it hard to let go of the past – to sometimes just surrender to the higher source?

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In Front Of Thy Spirit, I Bow.
~ Namaste ~



  1. I read Dr. Dispenza’s SuperNatural book and the one before that, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. Both excellent books with a lot of science behind what was just once consider mystical.

    I enjoyed your examples of how we make self-fulling prophecies. This was a great reminder to not only guard my thoughts for any negativity.

    1. Thank you, Rasheed. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and, yes, Dr. Dispenza really is a genius, IMHO. He explains the Universal knowledge with such emotional intelligence, you just have to experience a spiritual awakening through his words alone.

      Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you back soon.

      Warm wishes,


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