How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Loss? Study Proves That Onion Can Really Help With Hair Regrowth

Onion juice for hair loss: does the onion help with hair growth?

In an 8-week study with 38 people, onion juice for hair loss was used successfully, with hair growth being observed in almost all participants.This article will tell you how onion juice can be used to regrow your hair, why it works, and which method and application is best for the juice.

At the end of the article, I’ll show you an onion juice shampoo and hair mask that you can use right away.

NOTE: There is no clear evidence that onion juice causes hair growth in humans. More studies are needed in this area.

The onion and its historical uses

Onion has been used both as a staple food and as a treatment for a wide variety of diseases for over 5000 years. While the exact location of the onion’s original growing is still unclear, this healthy and aromatic vegetable has been grown in one form or another around the world.

And as if the many benefits that onions offer weren’t enough, scientists have now learned how effective they are in treating hair problems and in hair regrowth in people with hair loss.

Can Onion Juice Help With Hair Regrowth?

While onion juice seems like an odd treatment for thinning hair, there are a number of reasons why onion juice is effective at treating and regrowing hair.

Onion juice contains sulfur: Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic compound found in the body. This compound is broken down by the body with the help of its sulfur, which contributes to the growth of bones, hair and nails. While sulfur deficiency may not be the main cause of hair loss, supplementing with sulfur can undoubtedly contribute to hair growth.

This is good news for onion lovers, as onions are high-sulfur vegetables. Nonetheless, if you are not an onion lover, applying onion juice to the scalp can still bring benefits and contribute to hair growth and strengthening.

Onion juice is antimicrobial: Onions have been shown to have antimicrobial properties. This can be helpful in combating the natural build up of oils, chemicals, and DHT on your scalp. Additionally, onion juice can fight infection and leave healthy and strong hair follicles from which healthy hair can grow.

Onion juice is full of antioxidants

Onions are an especially large source of flavonoids and possibly a major contributor to human flavonoid intake. But what are flavonoids and how can they help prevent further hair loss and even contribute to hair growth?

Flavonoids (e.g. quercetin) are versatile compounds and, as such, perform a number of functions in the plants in which they are found. One such plant is the onion, in which it serves as an antioxidant.

For men suffering from hair loss, antioxidants can provide a number of benefits. One such benefit is the neutralization of free radicals, the molecules that are responsible for aging. That’s only one fact why onion for hair loss is so great. But there’s more good news:

In men with androgenetic alopecia, free radicals are in large part responsible for thinning and hair loss. This is because these molecules destroy the hair follicles and make it difficult for hair to grow back.

Onion juice is anti-inflammatory: As you can imagine, free radical damage to hair follicles can be particularly irritating and inflammatory.

This is another reason onion juice for hair loss is an effective treatment. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe inflammation and irritation of the hair follicles and create a healthy environment for hair growth.

What science has to say about onion juice for hair loss

There is no doubt that onion juice has a number of properties that could make it effective in treating thinning hair regardless of the cause. But have scientific studies been done to prove its effectiveness?

While current research is lacking, a study conducted in 2002 and published in the Journal of Dermatology showed the effectiveness of onion juice for treating alopecia.

This particular study focused on patients with alopecia areata (a type of hair loss that is different from baldness in men and will be discussed later).

The study consisted of 38 patients and these patients were divided into two groups.

Group one, which consisted of 23 participants (16 men and 7 women), was instructed to apply onion juice to the scalp twice a day for two months.

Group two, consisting of 15 participants (8 men and 7 women), were instructed to apply tap water to the scalp twice a day for two months.

At the end of the 8-week study, only two patients in the tap water group showed signs of observable hair growth. However, the group that put onion juice on their scalp had an impressive 20 participants with observable hair growth at week 6. That’s 86.9% of the group!

In addition to alopecia areata, can onion juice treat other types of hair loss?

The above study was conducted on people with alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is a form of hair loss caused by the immune system attacking healthy hair follicles. These attacks can change the hair growth cycle, shrink the hair follicle and cause hair growth to stop.

But what about those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, also known as male baldness?

While the reason for miniaturization of the hair follicle is different from those with alopecia areata (DHT vs. immune system attack), the fact remains that miniaturized hair follicles stop hair growth completely.

While onion juice may not reduce the production of DHT in the body, it can help reduce the amount of DHT on the scalp, reduce inflammation of the hair follicles, and reverse the effects of miniaturization of the hair follicles.

This means that onion juice can be effective against hair loss in men and women who also suffer from other forms of alopecia.

Are there any side effects from using onion juice?

As with all dietary supplements, it is important to speak to your doctor if you already have any health problems or concerns if you want to use onion juice for hair loss. .

Onion juice, when applied directly to the skin, can cause temporary irritation and burns (especially the eyes). Before applying to the scalp, apply onion juice to a small area of ​​skin on the wrist. This will give you an idea of ​​how your body will react to its use and if you have any problems using it.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, check with your obstetrician before taking the product. And if you are allergic to onions, avoid using them, even if it is not oral in nature.

How can you add onion juice to your hair care regimen?

Apply directly

If you want to get the most benefit from onion juice, applying it directly to the scalp is the best method.

There are two ways to extract onion juice from onions. A juicer is used on the one hand, and a garlic press on the other.

If using a juicer, cut the onion into quarter-sized pieces and peel them. Place the onion pieces in the juicer one at a time.

Using a garlic press, cut the onion into eighths (or smaller) and peel. Place a piece of onion in the garlic press and squeeze over a cup or bowl until all of the juice is extracted.

Repeat until all of the onion pieces are thoroughly juiced.

After the juice is extracted, pour it into the palm of your hand and massage it between your hands. Rub the juice on your scalp in a slow, circular motion.

Note that juice can flow over your scalp. So avoid applying it directly to the front of the hairline to prevent onion juice from getting into your eyes. Instead, apply it to the top of the scalp and distribute the juice outward.

The onion juice for hair loss should be absorbed, but some residue will remain. Rinse off after at least 15 minutes or leave the onion juice on your scalp overnight, then rinse and shampoo in the morning.

Onion juice shampoo for hair

Add it to your shampoo

While applying onion juice directly to the scalp is the simplest form of treatment for hair thinning and falling out, it is understandable that some people may not be thrilled with the idea.

If you’re such a person, adding onion juice to your shampoo can be an easy way to incorporate the onion into your hair care routine.

While onion juice can be added to store-bought shampoos, some individuals may be more interested in a natural and chemical-free shampoo alternative.

If you want to try chemical-free shampoo, be sure to try one of the base shampoos listed below and add onion juice for an extra boost.

Shampoo for hair growth


Nettle (2-3 bunch)
Coconut oil (1 teaspoon)
Rosemary oil (10 drops)
Powdered turmeric (1 teaspoon)
Apple cider vinegar (1 cup)
Baking powder (1 teaspoon)


Bring water to a boil. Add 2 – 3 bunches of nettles and let them steep. Strain.
Add the remaining ingredients to the nettle tea and mix. Also add a teaspoon of onion juice to the base.
Lather on wet hair and leave on for at least 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
If the onion scent is too strong, shampoo your hair a second time with the above shampoo base, this time without the onion juice in it. Nettle helps cleanse the pores of the scalp, block DHT, and reduce inflammation.

Make an onion juice hair mask

Hair masks are an easy way to add onion juice to your regular hair care routine. You can use them in just 5 minutes.

Onion juice and honey hair mask


2 tablespoons of onion juice
1 tablespoon of honey


Cut a medium to large onion into quarter-sized pieces. Peel one of the quarter-sized pieces.
Then extract the juice from the onion using a garlic press or a juicer.
You may need to use more than a quarter of the onion.
Once you have collected two tablespoons of onion juice, combine with one tablespoon of honey and mix.
Apply the onion juice and honey mixture thinly to the scalp. Leave on for at least 15 minutes, but you can also cover it with a towel or shower cap and leave it on overnight.
Rinse the scalp off, then wash it as you normally would.
This method can be done at least once a month, but not more than once a week.


While there is absolutely no solid evidence that onion juice for hair loss can be used to treat hair loss in men and women, there is good reason to believe that it could be a beneficial addition to your hair care routine to reduce inflammation and DHT. Decrease levels on the scalp.

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